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Jiang Tong knew why Jiao Qinglong had such a big reaction.

It was because he had received the message about the owner of the phone number.

It was probably a photo, because he had said that he wanted a photo first… Jiao Qinglong could recognize the owner of the phone number just by looking at the photo.

It was the person who drove the truck into Jiao Qinglongs car ten years ago, the murderer who had killed three people and seriously injured one of them, the one who had killed Jiao Qinglongs wife!

Jiao Qinglong would never forget that night from ten years ago.

That huge truck that roared towards him with blinding lights.

At that time, the accident happened very suddenly.

Jiao Qinglongs Mercedes-Benz was knocked over ten meters by the huge truck, crashed into the mountain, and exploded more than ten seconds later.

At that time, Jiao Qinglong and his wife were sitting in the back seat while the driver and assistant were sitting in the front seat.

Out of the four people in the car, three people died on the spot.

Jiao Qinglong did not die because he was too lucky.

While the car was rolling, he was thrown out of the car because he was not wearing his seatbelt.

He then fell into the bushes by the roadside.

He sustained more than ten fractures on his body and his neck was pierced by a tree branch, and when the ambulance arrived, he had already lost too much blood and fainted.

However, he did not die in the end.

After lying in the intensive care unit for three months, he came back to life.

While Jiao Qinglong was in the hospital, Hongyuan Industries had been in constant turmoil and personnel unrest.

Before the car accident, Jiao Qinglong had already had some public conflicts with Jiao You.

The fight for power had already been going on for half a year, it was just that they had not completely fallen out with each other yet.

Therefore, at that time, the company said that Jiao You was the culprit behind Jiao Qinglongs car accident.

Jiao Qinglong had cooperated with the police to make many statements during his hospitalization.

He was also aware of the progress of the police investigation.

His trusted aides would also report to him regularly.

Therefore, he knew that no one obstructed the investigation, or even dared to obstruct the investigation! Because whoever obstructed the investigation would be the most suspicious! But in the end, they still could not find out who did it.

The truck driver fled after the accident.

The truck was found on the night of the incident.

It was a stolen vehicle.

The original owner of the truck was interrogated overnight, but in the end, he was eliminated as a suspect and was acquitted.

The person driving the truck was indeed not him, but at that time, the person who really drove the truck could not be found!

The only clue the police had on the driver of the van was the footage captured by the traffic cameras along the road before the accident.

It showed the appearance of the driver of the van.

He was a man, wearing a black leather jacket, a black cap, and a black mask.

Although the face was captured, the surveillance footage was relatively blurry.

In addition, the man had disguised himself too well.

Only a pair of eyes could be seen.

It was impossible to tell who it was!

Jiao Qinglong was sure that the mastermind was his big brother, Jiao You, but he had no evidence.

However, he could not think of anyone else who wanted to kill him other than Jiao You! The company was not in his hands now, so it was impossible for his competitors to lay their hands on him.

The others did not have any deep enmity with him either, so a small conflict would not be enough to kill him! Most importantly… Jiao Qinglong remembered that just a few days before the car accident, he had once had an intense argument with his brother, Jiao You, in the office.

The two of them had said harsh words when they were angry, and Jiao Qinglong remembered the way Jiao You looked at him when he left.

It was as if he wished he could die immediately.

Jiao Qinglong had many violent actions after he was discharged from the hospital, but they were all stopped.

In the end, he personally investigated the truth of the matter.

Not only did he investigate all of Jiao Yous confidants, but he also investigated all of the people in the company who were close to Jiao You or wanted to curry favor with him.

He knew his big brother, Jiao You, very well.

He knew that Jiao You only trusted people who had been with him for a long time and knew him well.

Therefore, he likely had not hired an outsider or a professional killer, because that would be too risky!

Jiao Qinglong had a clear direction of investigation at the time, but after a month of hard work, he could not find anything.

He could only say that he had some clues, but after investigating, they all led to a dead end! In the end, there was really no other way.

He could only use a very stupid but useful method to compare the photos and only look at the eyes! He used the traffic surveillance footage provided by the police to compare the companys personnel files.

As long as the eyes were similar, he would be listed as a suspect! After comparing the key points with a few people who had been transferred and resigned after the car accident, he finally found out! The person was Xiong Jun, who was the Deputy Director of Hongyuans security department at the time of the car accident!

Xiong Jun was suddenly transferred to a small company to be a security manager on the fifth day after the car accident.

This was a demotion, and on the tenth day after the demotion, Xiong Jun suddenly submitted his resignation application, and the reason given was that he was not satisfied with the personnel transfer in the company.


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