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“Bang!” Jiao Qinglong suddenly placed the teacup heavily on the table.

He said angrily, “Little sister, are you looking down on me Do you think I would be afraid of that crazy woman Shao Ying Fuck it, Hong Tongfei will come! Ill have Hong Tongfei report to your company early tomorrow morning! She must be the spokesperson for Jingyun fashion! If Shao Ying dares to cause trouble for me, Ill tear her apart!”

Anger, impulsiveness, mania, and recklessness.

This was the image Jiao Qinglong had disguised for so many years.

It had to be said that his disguise was very good.

He had already made a decision.

He had decided to join Jiang Tong, Zhou Jingyun, and even Zhou Mingfeis network to confront Shao Ying head-on!

“Big Brother Qinglong, calm down, calm down.

I didnt look down on you.

Look at how angry you are…” Jiang Tong comforted Jiao Qinglong.

“Alright, since you dont care about Shao Ying, I wont continue to persuade you.” She looked at Jiao Qinglong and smiled.

“I promise that being friends with me is the best decision you will make in your life.

We are really fated.”

This was not the first time Jiang Tong had said this.

Jiao Qinglong had a feeling that something was wrong, and he had a feeling that Jiang Tongs tone and expression were hinting at something.

“Little sister, when you say fated, you mean…” although Jiao Qinglong was the one who first mentioned the word fated, Jiang Tong had also mentioned it too many times.

Jiang Tong did not reply.

Instead, she took out her phone and sent a message to Jiao Qinglong.

After sending the message, she looked at Jiao Qinglong and said, “Big Brother Qinglong, take a look at your phone.”

Jiao Qinglong picked up his phone and took a look at the message that Jiang Tong had sent.

The content of the message was a string of phone numbers and a line of words.

“Find the owner of this phone number and capture him.

He will tell you the truth about the car accident ten years ago.”

After Jiao Qinglong finished reading, he stood up with a whoosh.

He looked at Jiang Tong.

Previously, Jiang Tong had mentioned that he was afraid of being assassinated by his big brother, Jiao You.

Jiao Qinglong had guessed at that time that Jiang Tong was a core member of a large family, otherwise, it would be impossible for her to know about this.

This incident happened within the family, and only a small number of people knew about it.

The outside world only knew a few details, but even those who knew only a few details were not ordinary people.

Later, Zhou Jingyun called, and this made Jiao Qinglong even more certain that Jiang Tong was from a big family.

After that, they stopped talking about the Jiao family.

Jiao Qinglongs impression of Jiang Tong had always been that of a powerful young lady with an influential backing.

He didnt think that Jiang Tong had any deep understanding of his familys affairs.

At most, she may have heard some things from the elders in her family, but now, Jiang Tong had given him a cell phone number and said that as long as he caught the owner of this cell phone number, he would know the truth about his car accident ten years ago! This made Jiao Qinglong unable to calm down! The car accident ten years ago was the thing that could stir up Jiao Qinglongs nerves the most!

“Ive said it before, the two of us are really fated…” facing Jiao Qinglongs gaze, Jiang Tong was very calm and once again mentioned the wordfated.

Jiao Qinglongs eyes flickered.

He didnt say anything and slowly sat down again.

Only at this moment did he finally understand what Jiang Tong meant by repeating the wordfated.

The two of them were able to meet because they played the same game.

This was what he felt was fate.

And Jiang Tongs fate referred to her knowing Jiao Qinglong.

Not only did she know Jiao Qinglong, but she also knew some things about the Jiao family and could even help Jiao Qinglong.

This was really fate! With this thought in mind, Jiao Qinglong lowered his head and looked at the phone number on the screen.

“Actually, I dont want to get involved in the Jiao familys affairs.” Jiang Tong picked up the teacup but didnt bring it to her mouth.

She raised the teacup and said faintly, “Even if outsiders know about your familys affairs, its not easy for us to interfere.

But Big Brother Qinglong, what youve done today makes me feel that God is unfair to you! Youre such a good person, you shouldnt have ended up like this.

Your wife died tragically, your brother acted against you, and your father was wavering…” She shook her head and sighed.

It seemed like she really felt indignant for Jiao Qinglong.

After a pause, she took a sip of tea and said, “You helped me today.

We met by chance and didnt have any interaction.

If you could still help me so much after that, then of course I have to return the favor…” Jiang Tongs intention was that she was originally going to use that cell phone number to make a deal with Jiao Qinglong.

But now, it had become Jiao Qinglongs reward for taking the initiative to help her.

In this way, Jiao Qinglong owed Jiang Tong a favor!


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