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Jiao Qinglong had been secretly befriending those rich and powerful people for more than ten years.

He liked to make others owe him favors, and he also understood the ways of the world.

Therefore, what he had said to Jiang Tong before, about how there was nothing in City Z that he could not handle… he really was not bragging!

Jiao Qinglong stayed away from his family and pretended to be crazy.

He secretly befriended the powerful people and waited for an opportunity to counterattack.

In the past ten years, Jiao Qinglong had never let go of his disguise.

His life was not easy, so he was very shrewd.

Of course, Jiao Qinglong did not befriend everyone.

For example, Zhou Mingfei.

He did not befriend Zhou Mingfei not because Zhou Mingfei was not strong enough, but because Zhou Mingfei was too ostentatious! On the other hand, Jiao Qinglong had a good relationship with Qian Mang in private.

Qian Mang liked to make friends.

Perhaps among Qian Mangs many friends, Jiao Qinglong was not eye-catching, but he was definitely the one who left the deepest impression on Qian Mang.

Jiao Qinglong liked to befriend important people in private, and he now felt that Jiang Tong was the big shot that he could make friends with! He didnt even know what kind of background Jiang Tong had.

It was Zhou Jingyuns phone call that had given him a wrong picture.

Jiang Tong really hadnt thought of such an outcome before.

After all, it was the first time she met Jiao Qinglong.

It was already good enough that their exchange of interests had achieved her goal.

Now it was Jiao Qinglong who took the initiative and even wanted to become friends with her very urgently.

“Whats wrong with you”Jiao Qinglong saw that Jiang Tong didnt speak for a few seconds, so he asked with a smile.


I just feel that we are fated,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“Haha, of course, of course we are fated!” Jiao Qinglong raised the teacup again.

The two of them drank another cup of tea instead of wine.

Jiang Tong put down the cup and said, “Boss Jiao, theres something…”

“Wait…” Jiao Qinglong interrupted Jiang Tong and said with a smile, “Look, Im a few years older than you.

Its not too much for you to call me a brother, right Dont call me boss, it looks strange.”

How old was he With Jiao Qinglongs age, he could almost be Jiang Tongs father! However… Jiang Tong changed her words easily.

“Big Brother Qinglong.” She understood Jiao Qinglong, so no matter how well Jiao Qinglong hid it, she could feel Jiao Qinglongs eagerness to establish connections with her!

“Okay! Little sister, just say what you want to say!” Jiao Qinglong changed his words very naturally.

“I dont have anything to say.

Just consider it as a reminder.” Jiang Tongs expression became a little more serious.

“Actually, Big Brother Qinglong, when I saw that it was you just now, I already thought that you might agree to find me a spokesperson.

I know Big Brother Qinglongs network status in the entertainment industry.

With your status, finding me a B-list female celebrity is just a matter of a phone call.

In the end, you found Hong Tongfei, a popular actress, to be the spokesperson for my boyfriends company.

I didnt expect that.”

Jiao Qinglong didnt understand what Jiang Tong was trying to say.

He frowned.

“What You dont think its enough Hong Tongfei is already popular enough.

I didnt expect her to be so popular.

Arent you satisfied”

Jiang Tong paused and explained, “If you agree to help me, youll get involved in the conflict between me, Zhou Jingyun, Shao Ying, and even the Zhou family and the Shao family.

If you offend the Zhou family and the Shao family, Hong Tongfei might be fine.

But Shao Ying wont use the same method a second time.

Furthermore, Hong Tongfei is too famous now.

There are countless pairs of eyes watching her.

If something were to happen to her, it would cause a huge commotion.

Public opinion would not be able to suppress it.

Therefore, Hong Tongfei will be fine.

But what about you, Brother Qinglong Shao Ying, that lunatic, is really capable of anything!” Jiang Tong explained the entire situation, it was more of a warning than a reminder to Jiao Qinglong.

Jiang Tong had thought about this point many times before she finally decided to explain it clearly to Jiao Qinglong.

This was because if she did not explain it clearly, Jiao Qinglong would suddenly be involved in the Zhou family and the Shao familys matters.

He had originally been kind enough to help, but in the end, he ended up in trouble.

In the end, his relationship with Jiang Tong would end in a stalemate.

He had originally wanted to befriend her, but in the end, if the two of them became enemies, the gains would not make up for the losses.

Therefore, she wanted to explain the matter clearly.

She wanted to explain the gains and losses clearly and let Jiao Qinglong choose for himself.

Jiao Qinglong held the teacup in his hand and narrowed his eyes.

He understood what Jiang Tong meant.

“The decision is up to you, Big Brother Qinglong.

Actually, I dont want you to get involved in this matter because it has nothing to do with you in the first place.

So, you can give Hong Tongfei a call and ask her not to come back.

Lets change to someone else…” Jiang Tong looked at Jiao Qinglong very calmly, she was giving Jiao Qinglong a chance.

At the same time, she wanted to see how sincere Jiao Qinglong was!

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