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Four months after the car accident, the Jiao family had completely calmed down.

Jiao You was completely fine because there was not enough evidence to prove that he was the mastermind behind the car accident.

It was just that everyone had said so.

However, there were some things that did not require evidence.

Everyone just knew!

Jiao Qinglongs father was still partial to Jiao You, but in fact, he was not biased to that extent.

He was mainly thinking about the company.

At that time, Jiao You had already been the vice president of the company for ten years, and Jiao Qinglong had just entered the company not long ago.

Furthermore, he did not know how long his health would permit him to stay in the company.

His position would eventually be handed over to his son.

Would it be to his  wasnt something he said he would do for a small favor… so why did Jiao Qinglong do it Because he wanted to befriend Jiang Tong!


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