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“I know, thats the crazy woman from the Shao family.” Jiao Qinglong nodded, not surprised at all.

Because from the moment he knew that Jiang Tongs boyfriend was Zhou Jingyun, he knew who was looking for trouble with Zhou Jingyun.

He did not know about the bet between Zhou Jingyun and Shao Ying because it was too private.

But he knew that Shao Ying had been looking for trouble with Zhou Jingyun for the past few years, hindering Zhou Jingyuns career development.

She had also warned many people not to cooperate with Zhou Jingyun.

It seemed that she did not want Zhou Jingyun to succeed.

Moreover, she had even spread the word that Zhou Jingyun was her man.

She would kill any woman who was close to Zhou Jingyun! Therefore, Shao Yings intention was very obvious.

She wanted to force Zhou Jingyun to marry her!

“This time, Shao Ying was the one who caused the spokespersons car accident, right” Jiao Qinglong asked.

“Yes, it was Shao Ying.” Jiang Tong nodded.

“Boss Jiao probably knows about this woman, Shao Ying.

She is very stubborn and lawless.

She will do anything to achieve her goals.

Thats how much of a vicious person she is.

This is also the reason why Zhou Jingyun didnt want me to participate in his companys matters.” Jiang Tong spread her hands.

“Ive been with Zhou Jingyun for a while now.

Hes always afraid that Shao Ying will attack me regardless of the consequences after she finds out about my existence.”

“But…” Jiang Tong sat up straight, looked at Jiao Qinglong, and said, “Boss Jiao, tell me.

If I, as a woman, know that another woman has been coveting my boyfriend for a long time, can I just turn a blind eye If I dont care and dont ask, then how can I continue to be with Zhou Jingyun I might as well just break up with Zhou Jingyun directly! Therefore, I have to interfere in this matter! I have to teach that crazy woman a lesson.

I have to let Shao Ying know that my man is not someone she can touch!”

Bang! Jiao Qinglong slammed the table.

“Yes! Thats right, what you said is right.

Come, let me offer you a cup of tea as a toast! Your temperament matches too well with mine.

When you meet a tough guy, you have to go up! You cant be a coward!”

Jiang Tong picked up the teacup and clinked it with Jiao Qinglong.

Jiao Qinglong drank all the tea in the teacup as if he was taking a shot of alcohol.

Of course, Jiang Tong also drank all the tea.

“Come, Ill pour you some tea.

Continue…” Jiao Qinglong was completely hooked by Jiang Tongs story.

After all, Jiang Tong had not told him about the bet she had with Zhou Jingyun.

“Its about the spokesperson.

As you know, Zhou Jingyun and I had a fight.

Seeing him looking for a spokesperson in a hurry, I definitely wouldnt agree.

I just wanted to help him.

He was also angry at that time.

He said that he could help, but if Shao Ying attacked me, dont blame him.

I said that if I was killed by Shao Ying, then it was because I, Jiang Tong, wasnt capable.

I cant blame anyone!” Jiang Tong said, and her words slowly slowed down.

“Then he regretted saying that.

He was afraid that something would happen to me, so he coaxed me to stop.

In the end, we made a bet.

It could be considered an experiment.

He handed the companys new product launch to me to handle.

There was less than half a month left.

I knew that Shao Ying would definitely sabotage the launch and prevent it from going smoothly.

So my task was to solve the spokespersons matter and let the launch go smoothly.

If the press conference was held successfully, then I would have won.

If something went wrong, then Zhou Jingyun would have won.

I promised Zhou Jingyun that if I didnt solve anything, then I would be incompetent and overconfident.

And from then on, I would listen to Zhou Jingyun and do whatever he said.

So Ive been dealing with these things recently.

Yesterday, I helped Zhou Jingyun capture a traitor from the company.

That traitor was arranged by Shao Ying to enter the company to monitor Zhou Jingyun for several years.”

After Jiao Qinglong heard this, he sighed as if he finally understood.

“No wonder you spent so much money in the game today.

So its because of this matter that youre troubled.”

“Right.” Jiang Tong nodded.

“Money isnt important.

I dont even care if I lose a bet because Zhou Jingyun pampers me.

He wont make me listen to everything he says just because of a bet.

But if the companys press conference really cant be held smoothly, Im afraid that something will happen to Zhou Jingyun.

He has been under too much pressure before he met me.

He cant have any more problems.”

“Youre such a great girlfriend!” Jiao Qinglong gave Jiang Tong a thumbs up.

Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, he said, “Oh right, I can help you with this matter.

I can also help you with the matter of the spokesperson.”

“Ah” Jiang Tong was stunned.

“Boss Jiao, is what you said true”


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