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“This female celebrity needs to be well-known,” Jiang Tong reminded him.

“Dont worry.

Im not boasting to you, and Ill definitely find someone youre satisfied with.” Jiao Qinglong flipped through his phone.

“Just you wait, Ill give it to you right now…” Jiao Qinglongs voice suddenly faltered, and he suddenly raised his head to look at Jiang Tong.

“Whats wrong” Jiang Tong smiled.

“If Boss Jiao feels that its inconvenient, then forget it.

After all, weve only just met by chance.”

“No.” Jiao Qinglong immediately shook his head.

He stared at Jiang Tong and asked, “Whats your boyfriends company called again”

Jiang Tong: “Jingyun fashion.


Jiao Qinglong: “Your boyfriends surname is Zhou Zhou Jingyun”

Jiang Tong: “Thats right, whats wrong”

Jiao Qinglongs Adams apple bobbed.

“Are you saying that Zhou Jingyun is your boyfriend”

Jiang Tong was even more puzzled.

“Thats right, whats wrong Boss Jiao, whats the matter”

“Hahaha.” Jiao Qinglong laughed loudly.

“You should have said earlier that youre from the Zhou family.

Why did you hide it from me I thought you were from someone elses family.”

“You know Zhou Jingyun” Jiang Tong asked despite knowing the answer.

Jiao Qinglong shook his head.

Jiang Tong asked again, “Then you know Zhou Jingyuns younger brother, Zhou Mingfei” Jiao Qinglong shook his head again.

Jiang Tong had no idea what to say.

“Then why are you laughing, Boss Jiao”

“Im laughing because I know which family youre from,” Jiao Qinglong said with a smile.

In fact, he had lied to Jiang Tong.

The Jiao family had no relationship with the Zhou family.

They might only have some contact with people on the lower hierarchy, however, the decision-makers at the top did not have any contact with each other, so the two families had no relationship.

The temperaments of the two families were also different.

The Zhou family was a noble family, rich and powerful, and their family members were all people in high positions.

The Jiao family was purely a business family, with a lot of money.

In terms of money, the Jiao family was much more powerful than the Zhou family.

Of course, Jiao Qinglong was not smiling about this, but over the fact that the Zhou family had no relationship with the Jiao family! Anyone who had anything to do with the Jiao family would eventually become Jiao Qinglongs big brother Jiao Yous connections, and not his.

The conflict between Jiao Qinglong and Jiao You was very deep, therefore, only those who had nothing to do with the Jiao family could become Jiao Qinglongs people!

“Actually, Im not considered a member of the Zhou family.

You should have heard that Zhou Jingyun doesnt have a good relationship with his family, so Ive been helping him…” Jiang Tong was explaining when her phone suddenly rang.

She looked at the caller ID and then picked up the call.

“Im busy here.” The call was from Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun asked from the other end, “You used my money to book a place to play games”

Jiang Tong was momentarily stunned.

Actually, it was not surprising that Zhou Jingyun knew about her playing games, because Guan Sandao worked for Zhou Mingfei.

He had suddenly mobilized so many people to play games with her.

Zhou Mingfei would definitely know, and he would also have told Zhou Jingyun if he knew about it.

After being stunned for a moment, Jiang Tong suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

This call came at the right time! Zhou Jingyuns call was simply a godly assist!

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“Raise your bet, Zhou Jingyun.

Im not going to explain anything to you now.

Lets directly raise the bet.

If you lose, you can kneel on the washboard.

How about that”

Zhou Jingyun originally wanted to question Jiang Tong.

Now that he heard Jiang Tongs arrogant tone, he simply did not ask.

He simply said, “Fine!” And then hung up the phone!

“He just needs to be taught a lesson,” Jiang Tong muttered and put away the phone.

“You talk to Zhou Jingyun like that” Jiao Qinglongs eyes widened.

Although he didnt know Zhou Jingyun personally, it didnt mean that he hadnt heard of Zhou Jingyuns personality.

Even if that kind of man was with him, he still had to bow and scrape, he would listen to everything that was said, but Jiang Tong… still dared him to kneel on the washboard What kind of background did Jiang Tong have to speak to Zhou Jingyun like that He had already begun to guess that not only did Jiang Tong have a terrifying background, but she also had an extremely strong personal ability and unique charisma.

“Whats wrong Is there a problem with me talking to Zhou Jingyun” Jiang Tong looked at Jiao Qinglong in confusion.

“You…” Jiao Qinglong didnt know how to respond.

He had already directly asked about Jiang Tongs background, but Jiang Tong had been hiding it from him and wouldnt tell him.

He simply raised his teacup.

“Its nothing.

Come, lets drink tea.”

“Please.” Jiang Tong also raised her teacup.

After drinking the tea, Jiao Qinglong wiped his mouth and asked in a relaxed tone, “What did you just say to Zhou Jingyun about raising the stakes Is it convenient for you to tell me”

“Theres nothing that I cant tell you.

Its just that it has something to do with Zhou Jingyuns company.

Didnt his company get screwed by someone I said that I should help him do it.

You might have heard of his personality.

Hes stubborn, so we had a fight.

Actually, I know that he also wants to protect me and doesnt want me to get involved…” Jiang Tong paused for a moment, then asked Jiao Qinglong: “Boss Jiao, you know Shao Ying”


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