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Dragon Slaying Warrior didnt know the owner of this private game, but he was a super rich man with over 10 million dollars in cash.

The game owner would probably treat him very respectfully as they would to their ancestor.

Jiang Tong turned off the computer and left.

About half an hour later, Jiang Tong arrived at the teahouse in the Western District that the Dragon Slaying Warrior had mentioned.

The entire street was the teahouse.

It looked antique and was considered an invisible high-end social place.

Jiang Tong walked towards the teahouse.

As soon as she walked in, a well-dressed and beautiful waiter came up to her with a professional smile on his face.

He greeted, “Miss, do you have a reservation” His voice was very gentle.

“Im here to meet a friend.” Jiang Tong showed the name of the private room that the Dragon Slaying Warrior had sent to the waiter.

The waiter brought Jiang Tong to the door of the private room.

“This way please,” he gestured.

“Thank you.” After thanking the waiter, Jiang Tong pushed open the door of the private room.

The private room was very spacious and looked like it could seat more than ten people.

There was only a table in the middle of the private room, four wooden chairs, and some decorations such as vases and screens.

A man in his early forties was wearing a simple shirt and shorts, sitting at the table and drinking tea.

He was not too tall and a little chubby, but he was not too fat.

His hair had not been washed for a few days, and his face was full of stubble.

He looked very sloppy and greasy.

At first glance, no one would think that he was a rich and powerful person.

But in fact, he was not just rich, he was especially rich! One thing that was worth noting was that there was a very light scar on the right side of his neck.

This was also his most prominent feature.

According to Jiang Tongs knowledge, this scar was caused by a car accident many years ago.

When Jiang Tong came in, the middle-aged man also looked at Jiang Tong.

He was stunned because Jiang Tong was too young and too beautiful! He knew that Jiang Tong was a woman.

Furthermore, she said that she helps her boyfriend deal with the companys matters.

He thought that Jiang Tong was the kind of unattractive rich woman in her 30s or 40s who kept young boys.

But now…

“Boss Jiao” Jiang Tong spoke first with a very surprised look.

She deliberately wanted the other party to think that the two of them were really fated.

“Jiang Tong” Jiao Qinglong looked at Jiang Tong and said hesitantly.

“Yes, its me.” Jiang Tong nodded and walked into the private room.

The waiter closed the door from outside.

“You know me” Jiao Qinglongs gaze followed Jiang Tongs movements.


“Of course, I know you.

Youre the second young master of the Jiao family of Hongyuan Industries.

Youre very well-known.

I guess were really fated.” When Jiang Tong said that it was fated for them to meet, she sounded very quick-witted.

Jiao Qinglong also noticed the subtlety in Jiang Tongs tone.

This was something that Jiang Tong deliberately let him notice.

Jiang Tong sat down on the chair opposite Jiao Qinglong.

Hongyuan Industries was a company that mainly focused on manufacturing.

It mainly did OEM processing.

In the OEM field, Hongyuan Industries could be ranked in the top ten in the country, its total assets exceeded 60 billion.

The current Chairman of Hongyuan Industries was almost 70 years old and was already in a semi-retired state.

The person who actually ran Hongyuan Industries was Jiao Qinglongs brother, Jiao You.

Although Jiao Qinglong also had shares in Hongyuan Industries and his own business, it could not be compared to Hongyuan Industries.

“My reputation…” Jiao Qinglong laughed self-deprecatingly and shook his head.

Then, he asked Jiang Tong, “Which family are you from”

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“Family” Jiang Tong did not seem to understand.

Jiao Qinglong frowned.

He felt that Jiang Tong must be from a big family.

Otherwise, he could not explain why she was so rich at such a young age, spending tens of millions of dollars in the game without even blinking.

“Forget it.

If you dont want to talk about it, then I wont ask.

But youre so young and youre a girl to boot.

How can you play such an old game Youre ten years younger than I had expected.” Jiao Qinglong poured himself and Jiang Tong a cup of tea as he asked.

“I was just casually playing.

Recently, Ive been under a lot of pressure.

I just want to find a game to vent some of my stress,” Jiang Tong shrugged.

Although she was beautiful, her tone was generous and didnt seem to be stingy at all.

“What pressure” Jiao Qinglong took a sip of tea and said with a sigh, “Nowadays, you young people are much more extravagant than us.”

“Its alright.” While Jiang Tong was drinking tea, she heard the sound of footsteps outside the door.

Judging from the sound, it was a martial artist.

She laughed softly, “What You even brought a bodyguard out Are you guarding against me or your brother Are you afraid that your brother will kill you”

Jiao Qinglong stared at the teacup that was about to reach his mouth.

His gaze towards Jiang Tong turned sharp.

The words “Afraid that your brother will kill you” made Jiao Qinglong tense up.

He stared at Jiang Tong without moving, it was as though he wanted to see through Jiang Tong.


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