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Take Hong Tongfei for example.

Hong Tongfei was only 28 years old this year.

In the past few years, she had not been very popular and could only be considered as a B-list actress.

However, with the movie she starred in last year, not only had she won all the major awards at various film festivals and awards ceremonies, but she also gained international fame with her explosive acting skills.

She was a mainland actress who was about to cross the international list of famous movie stars.

Hong Tongfei was a female celebrity who far exceeded Zhou Jingyuns standards.

Other than Hong Tongfei, there were also a few other female celebrities who had become very popular in the past few years.

However, when they became so popular, they probably would not even meet Zhou Jingyun once.

After their agents hear Zhou Jingyun mention the size of the company and the companys brand, they would probably immediately hang up.

They could forget about meeting to have a talk.

“Youre going to look for a spokesperson How long will it take” Zhou Jingyun didnt raise his head and talked to Jiang Tong very casually.

In his heart, he didnt think that Jiang Tong could handle this matter.

“It depends on who youre looking for.” Jiang Tong didnt care about Zhou Jingyuns attitude.

“How about Hong Tongfei for example” Zhou Jingyun still didnt raise his head and was just casually dealing with Jiang Tong.

He said Hong Tongfeis name not because he was deliberately making things difficult or making a joke of Jiang Tong, but because Jiang Tong had just mentioned her name, so he just casually said it as well.

“Oh, her.

Thats simple.

It can be done in a day.” Jiang Tong thought for a while and said.

Zhou Jingyun paused when he read the information.

He raised his head to look at Jiang Tong and asked with narrowed eyes, “A day”

“Yes,” Jiang Tong nodded.

Zhou Jingyun frowned and asked, “Youre acquainted with Hong Tongfei”

Jiang Tong shook her head.

Zhou Jingyun frowned even more as he said, “If youre not acquainted with her then why do you say that”

“Not acquainted with her doesnt mean I cant get to know her.

One day is enough for me to get to know Hong Tongfei,” Jiang Tong smiled matter-of-factly.


Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong with a pitiful gaze.

“As far as I know, Hong Tongfei is currently filming overseas and has been away for three to four months.

Shes overseas.

No matter how good your intelligence is, you cant even see her.

Whats the use And what, you just need one day” Zhou Jingyun rolled his eyes.

This was the first time he felt that Jiang Tong was so good at bragging!

“I didnt say that I was going to look for Hong Tongfei directly.

Cant I look for someone related to her” Jiang Tong was still smiling.

Zhou Jingyuns lips twitched.

“One day Im not talking about the time.

Hong Tongfei has a cosmetics endorsement.

Its impossible for her to take on another brand.

So thisone day youre talking about, youre really…” Zhou Jingyun didnt continue, it seemed that he didnt want to talk to Jiang Tong for a while.

The office was quiet again.

Jiang Tong looked at Zhou Jingyun who was flipping through the documents.

She knew that Zhou Jingyun was very upset now, and she understood that Zhou Jingyun didnt believe her.

It would be strange if Zhou Jingyun believed what she just said!

It sounded impossible for Jiang Tong to get to know Hong Tongfei in one day and make Hong Tongfei sign a contract with Jingyun Fashion, but Jiang Tong was the person who could make the impossible possible! If she didnt do something that shocked Zhou Jingyun, Zhou Jingyun wouldnt believe her.

“20 million.

Give me 20 million, and Ill have Hong Tongfei appear in your office tomorrow morning.” Jiang Tong directly made an offer.

Zhou Jingyun didnt answer.

He didnt want to talk to Jiang Tong now.

“You dont believe me Then lets make a bet” Jiang Tong spoke again.

‘Betting was a very sensitive word for Zhou Jingyun, because he was now a person who had a bet that would determine his fate.

He raised his head and looked at Jiang Tong expressionlessly.

“Bet when will you shut up and stop bothering me” He regretted calling Jiang Tong over.

Not only could she not help, but she had also been annoying!

“Bet on whether I can make Hong Tongfei appear in your office tomorrow morning and have her sign a contract with you.

If I lose, not only will I not take your money, but I will also give you 20 million.” Jiang Tong raised two fingers.

“What if you win” Zhou Jingyun asked casually.

He did not think that Jiang Tong could win, but the bet was only fair if the bet was clear.

“If I win, you have to give me 20 million first.

Its the fee for hiring me to find a spokesperson, not for winning the bet,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“As for what I get when I win the bet, then that would be you will have to believe me in the future.”

“Believe in you” Zhou Jingyun frowned.

“Yes, you never believed in me.

This makes me very troubled.” Jiang Tong supported her chin with one hand.

“No matter what, we are still a couple.

You dont believe anything I say.

This makes me very sad.”


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