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Jiang Tong was really annoyed.

The other party didnt tread a fine line.

“Ah” The person on the other end of the phone was obviously stunned for a moment.

Then, he realized who was calling this unfamiliar phone number, and his tone was a little flustered, “Um… Miss Jiang, you might have some misunderstanding.

Im not…”

“Its already late.

I need to rest.

If theres anything, you can call me directly.

Dont send anyone else to follow me.” Jiang Tong didnt want to listen to his excuses and hung up the phone.

She held her phone and looked out of the alley.

Then, she closed the curtains.

In fact, Jiang Tong knew that the other party wouldnt do any harm to her because the person who sent someone to follow her could be said to be one of her people.

This person was Guan Sandao! Jiang Tong drove Guan Sandaos beloved car off yesterday, and she saw him at Zhou Mingfeis place this morning.

She also returned the car keys to him.

From Guan Sandaos point of view, he couldnt be considered to know Jiang Tong at all.

It could only be said that they had met before, but he still sent people to follow her.

Jiang Tong could figure out why Guan Sandao did this was because she was now Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend, and Zhou Mingfeis sister-in-law! Moreover, she already had Zhou Jingyuns “child” in her womb.

Currently, there were a total of four big shots in the underworld of City Z.

Other than Guan Sandao and Liu Da, there were also Yan Baohua and Liao Langkun.

These four people controlled more than 90% of the entertainment and leisure businesses in City Z.

Moreover, they were involved in many other businesses such as quarries and logistics.

In the 1990s of the last century, City Z had a situation where only a family dominated the underworld.

There was a role of “Godfather” because the society was more chaotic at that time.

However, after the new century, the older generation either died, went to jail, or whitewashed for those who survived.

In addition, the law became perfect and strict.

It was very difficult for City Z to have such a lawless character like a “Godfather”, who had absolute power.

The more developed a city was, the harder it was for such a person to appear! Although City Z had developed in the past few years, it still could not be compared to the top-tier cities in the country.

However, City Z was still a big city with a population of more than ten million.

In the city, as long as it was a bar, KTV, bath, sauna, and other businesses, it was inevitable that it would involve connections and things related to the underworld.

So now there were these four people: Guan Sandao, Liu Da, Yan Baohua, and Liao Langkun.

Among them, Yan Baohua was the oldest and the most experienced.

He was already over 50 this year, followed by Liu Da and Liao Langkun.

Both of them were not even 50 years old.

However, Guan Sandao was different.

He was only 33 years old this year!

If one looked closely at the changes in the City Zs businesses over the past twenty years, one would discover a shocking fact.

Guan Sandao was a very scary person! His rise was astonishing! He was a true self-made man.

He used twelve years to catch up with the old forces that Yan Baohua, Liu Da, Liao Lang Kun, and others represented.

He was twenty to thirty years younger than them but was sitting on the same level as them! He had no money, no background, and no connections.

But he did it! How could he do it This had to be said about his ambition.

Not only was he extremely smart, but he was also very, very good at playing games.

Six years ago, Zhou Mingfei, who was only twenty years old and still studying in university, brought an astronomical amount of money and his familys terrifying connections to select a site in City Z to build a building.

According to the plan at that time, it would take at least two years for the building to be completed, regardless of the cost and speed of construction.

Two years later, Zhou Mingfei had just graduated from university.

In the first two years, although Zhou Mingfei was still in the university, he would often come out to meet some people.

The Zhou familys connections were very terrifying.

Most people were unwilling to offend him.

Zhou Mingfei quickly established his own connections, opened the Lihao Ballroom, and laid the foundation for the Zhou familys expansion.

It was during this period of time that Guan Sandao got to know Zhou Mingfei before Liu Da and the others! At that time, Guan Sandao was already influencing, but he still couldnt compare to the other three.

However, Liu Da and the others didnt dare to do anything to Guan Sandao rashly because even if they killed him, they would suffer a big loss too.

After Guan Sandao got to know Zhou Mingfei, he had helped Guan Sandao.

Four years ago, Guan Sandao had reached the same level as Liu Da and the others, and successfully changed the number of big bosses of the underworld in City Z from three to four!

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