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Zhou Jingyun was indeed hairless down there, but he was the only one who knew about it.

When he was in puberty, he realized that he was different from other boys.

Men felt that they were manly only if they had a lot of hair, which was why Zhou Jingyun kept a tight lid on his hairless body.

He didnt want to be judged because of it.

He hadnt been to a public bathhouse ever since he began to go through puberty.

Therefore, Jiang Tongs words made Zhou Jingyun drop his chopsticks.

It was because Jiang Tong had not only told him the most private thing, but it was also something that others couldnt possibly know!

After pausing for a moment, Zhou Jingyun silently picked up the chopsticks on the table and raised his head to look at Jiang Tong again.

His gaze was filled with a sense of danger.

Jiang Tong felt that Zhou Jingyuns gaze on her was like he was looking at a peeping tom, a pervert… As expected, the next second, Zhou Jingyun asked, “How long have you been following me”

In Zhou Jingyuns heart, Jiang Tong was a female devil, a stalker.

He even guessed that Jiang Tong had once snuck into his house and squatted in a corner to stare at him for several nights.

Jiang Tong smiled and replied, “I dont have that much time to stare at you.

I have my professional abilities and methods that are beyond your imagination to obtain the information I want.

The things you said about squatting, stalking, and peeping, those are all things that paparazzi do.”

Zhou Jingyun pursed his lips.

He wanted to ask Jiang Tong how she had obtained the information, but he knew that he would probably get a statement that this was a trade secret and could not be told to others.

In addition, he had to admit that what Jiang Tong said made sense.

Jiang Tong could keep an eye on him and investigate his matter in detail, but did Jiang Tong have the time to keep an eye on everyone She was a human, not a god, so she must have a higher level and more effective method.


“You are getting more and more interesting to me,” Zhou Jingyun suddenly smiled, and a strange light flashed in his eyes.

Jiang Tong smiled and didnt say anything.

Zhou Jingyun was a man who refused to admit defeat.

Now that she knew Zhou Jingyuns most private secret, and Zhou Jingyun didnt know anything about her, it would make Zhou Jingyun hire more people after today to investigate Jiang Tong in greater depth.

He would also try his best to personally find out Jiang Tongs secrets.

This was what Jiang Tong wanted to see.

A woman who could capture a man would usually begin when the man begins to be interested in the woman.

For ordinary men, the so-calledbecoming interested in a woman was basically due to her good looks and good figure.

However, Zhou Jingyun wasnt interested in these things.

He had seen too many beautiful women, and there were countless women who wanted to climb into his bed.

Therefore, Jiang Tong wanted to use another method to conquer Zhou Jingyun.

Making Zhou Jingyun interested in her was the first step.

“Cheers” Jiang Tong raised her wine glass and signaled to Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong with a smile and also raised his wine glass to toast with her.

Jiang Tong guessed that Zhou Jingyun was thinking of a big plan against her at this moment, but she was not afraid of it.

She welcomed Zhou Jingyun to test her and get to know her.

Their first date came to an end amid all kinds of waves.

They did not need to pay the bill because Qian Mang had already paid for it.

All the guests on the first floor had their meals paid for by Qian Mang.

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Jiang Tong held Zhou Jingyuns hand and left Taste Pavillion under the watchful eyes of many people.

As soon as they got into the car, Zhou Jingyun said, “Ill send you home.”

Jiang Tong didnt refuse.

On the way back, she briefly told Zhou Jingyun about Qian Mang, mainly about Chen Xiuxiu and Chen Gang.

As for Qian Mangs first love and the fact that he had a son outside, she temporarily didnt say anything about it.

Whether Qian Mang could get Wu Hui back and whether Wu Junsheng would acknowledge him as his father was uncertain.

Before the result came out, Jiang Tong felt that it was better for her to keep it a secret.

An hour later, Zhou Jingyuns car slowly stopped at the alley entrance of Jiang Tongs house.

Jiang Tong knew why Zhou Jingyun had sent her back.

It was all an act.

If Zhou Jingyun had not sent his girlfriend home, then the relationship between them would have seemed too fake.

Secondly, Zhou Jingyun wanted to see if she really lived here.

Zhou Jingyun had just stopped the car when his phone rang.

He held the steering wheel with one hand and picked up the phone to take a look.

Then, he answered the call.


The call came from the bodyguard behind him.

“Boss, someone is following us.”

“Okay.” Zhou Jingyun frowned and hung up the phone impatiently.

He said to Jiang Tong, “Someone is following us.

Its probably Shao Yings people.” He had guessed that it was Shao Ying because only a stubborn woman like Shao Ying would keep an eye on him and follow him.


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