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Qian Mang paused for a moment and then replied, “Okay.”

Jiang Tong stood up and walked out of the door with Qian Mang.

Zhou Jingyun looked in the direction the two of them had gone and frowned.

When did Jiang Tong and Qian Mang reach the point where they could have a private conversation What exactly did Jiang Tong say just now What did she say to make someone like Qian Mang agree to have a private conversation with her! Also, what were they going to say behind his back!

Zhou Jingyun was not a curious person, but this time, his curiosity was piqued! Zhou Jingyun was not the only one who was curious.

The other customers were also curious.

They did not take their eyes off Jiang Tong and Qian Mang until they disappeared in front of the restaurants door.

There were many luxury cars outside the restaurant.

Jiang Tong and Qian Mang did not stop until they reached the flower bed.

Jiang Tong brushed her long hair and asked with a smile, “Chairman Qian, do you believe what I said to you”

It was already evening.

There were many cars on the street, and the lights were dreamy.

“Not all of them.

But youre right about one thing.

Chen Xiuxiu did lie to me.

She has something going on with Chen Gang, but Ill investigate what exactly is going on between the two of them.” Although Qian Mang said he didnt believe it all, he believed at least 80% of what she had told him.

However, no man was willing to admit that he had been cuckolded.

Moreover, this matter couldnt be described as a cuckold.

He had been deceived by a group of people, cheated of his money, and cheated of his life!

After a pause, Qian Mang looked at Jiang Tong and asked, “How do you know about these things Who told you”

“Chairman Qian, theres something you need to understand.

If your personal relationship with Zhou Jingyun isnt that good and youre not that close with Jingyuns younger brother, Zhou Mingfei, I wouldnt have said anything.” Jiang Tong curled the corners of her mouth wickedly.

“Its a coincidence that I bumped into you today.

Ill remind you on account of your relationship with Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei.

I dont want anything from you, so you dont need to find out why I know this.” After saying that, she put her hands in her pockets and looked at the heavy traffic on the street.

The night wind blew her hair, revealing her exquisite side profile.

She said, “In this world, we cant always let the good people suffer while the bad people gain power, right”

Qian Mang was silent.

He couldnt see through Jiang Tong.

He had seen a lot of people, but he couldnt see through Jiang Tong, a young lady in her early twenties.

Jiang Tong gave him a very special feeling.

No one had dared to talk to him like that for many years.

She dared to say that she was not helping him in exchange for anything, but for Zhou Jingyuns sake… At this moment, Qian Mang had confirmed that Jiang Tong was indeed Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend.

Qian Mang had seen Zhou Jingyuns previous three fake girlfriends, but he had never looked at them directly.

They were just some unpresentable shields.

But Jiang Tong was different.

Jiang Tongs behavior made Qian Mang feel that there was equality in her relationship with Zhou Jingyun.

She dared to leave Zhou Jingyun alone in the restaurant to talk to him, and this meant a lot.

And Zhou Jingyuns behavior earlier made Qian Mang understand Jiang Tongs position in Zhou Jingyuns heart.

Qian Mang guessed that Jiang Tong either came from a big family, had a special identity, or had a terrifying talent.

However, these were not the focus of Qian Mangs attention.

He did not care about who Jiang Tong was, he cared more about his own matters.

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“Thank you.” Qian Mang cupped his hands as he thanked Jiang Tong.

Thisthank you was separate from their status and all the other factors.

It was just a simplethank you.

After a pause, he asked Jiang Tong, “Have you told anyone else about this”

“No,” Jiang Tong shrugged, “But I guess Zhou Jingyun will ask me what I told you later.”

Qian Mang scratched his hair and looked into the distance.

His heart was filled with unspeakable sadness and sorrow.

“It doesnt matter.

No wall in this world is impervious to wind.

This matter will be known sooner or later.” After saying that, his expression was silent.

Jiang Tong asked, “Then what do you plan to do with Chen Xiuxiu, Chen Gang, and that child”

Qian Mang paused for a moment and looked at Jiang Tong.

He asked, “Is that child really not mine” He did not know why he trusted Jiang Tong so much.

It was probably because Jiang Tongs words had solved the years of puzzlement in his heart.

All kinds of guesses and doubts had been cleared up after Jiang Tong said that Chen Xiuxiu and Chen Gang were not cousins.

However, Qian Mang still had a weak delusion in his heart.

He hoped that his son would be his.

At his age, he still kept his traditional way of thinking.

He hoped that he could have a son to inherit the family business after he died.

“Hes not your child,” Jiang Tong said with certainty, “Chen Xiuxiu calculated the time and appeared by your side.

When you slept with her, she was ovulating.

After you slept with her, she went to sleep with Chen Gang… Actually, you probably know the condition of your body.

Unless there is a miracle, you will never be able to have children in your life.”


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