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Chen Xiuxiu was struck dumb, and so were the others.

Qian Mang was famous for loving his wife these years.

Why did he suddenly hit her in front of everyone And he even slapped her so hard

Zhou Jingyun was also shocked.

Qian Mang had talked to him in private, hoping that he wouldnt make things difficult for Chen Xiuxiu.

Why did he suddenly… Zhou Jingyun glanced at Jiang Tong.

This woman… what exactly did she say to Qian Mang

“Take Madam back first.” Qian Mang was expressionless.

He turned his head and instructed his bodyguards, “Dont let her go out.

Let her self-reflect.”

“Yes, Boss,” the two bodyguards replied.

They walked over and pulled up Chen Xiuxiu, who had been beaten silly, and carried her out.

Qian Mang looked at Jiang Tong and did not say anything.

He took a deep breath, then, he turned around and gave the other guests an apologetic smile.

“Im sorry, everyone.

Ive spoilt my wife.

Shes not sensible and ruined everyones mood for dinner.

Im really sorry.

I apologize for this matter.” He put his hands together and looked around to express his apology.

The others hurriedly said, “Chairman Qian, youre too polite.

You go ahead and do your thing.

Well be fine.”

“Everyone, eat well and drink well.

Todays expenses are all on me.

You can order whatever you want.” After saying that, Qian Mang gestured to the restaurant manager who was standing at the side.

“Send two bottles of Maotai to each table.”

As soon as this was done, the other guests all stood up to express their gratitude.

After dealing with these matters, Qian Mang returned to the guests that he was entertaining.

There were not many people.

There were around five or six people.

Originally, they had come in with Qian Mang but they ended up watching the scene that unfolded before them for a few minutes.

The leader of these people was a bald old man wearing glasses.

He was about 60 years old and looked quite refined and cultured.

“Brother, Im sorry for wasting everyones time.

Ive made a fool of myself,” Qian Mang apologized first.

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“Old Qian, what are you…” the bald old man approached Qian Mang and asked in a low voice.

“Aiyo, dont mention it, its all because my wife is insensible.” Qian Mang waved his hand and didnt say anything else.

In fact, it was very difficult for everyone present to get any useful information from the conversation just now because Qian Mang only asked where Chen Xiuxiu and her cousin, Chen Gang, had gone yesterday.

No one would think that Chen Xiuxiu and her cousin were lovers.

It was also very difficult to guess what happened and it was even more impossible to connect it to the fact that Qian Mangs son wasnt his biological son! This was also the reason why Jiang Tong and Qian Mang whispered in each others ears.

If the same matter was solved in different ways, the effect would be different.

It might even give a completely opposite result!

If Jiang Tong had said these words in public just now, Chen Xiuxiu would definitely have collapsed on the spot and would have no chance of getting back up.

However, if she had done so, she would have offended Qian Mang.

With Qian Mangs status, if she had publically revealed that he was raising a son for someone else and that he was cuckolded right under his nose, not only would he be humiliated in City Z, the entire country would know about his dirty laundry!

Although Jiang Tong was lawless and did not fear offending anyone, Qian Mang was a person worth making friends with, so there was no need for her to humiliate Qian Mang.

“Brothers, you guys go upstairs and order the dishes first.

I still have some private matters to deal with.

Sorry, Ill be right there.” After saying that, Qian Mang waved at his assistant.

“Come, take care of everyone.

You must accompany them well.

Ill be up in a moment.”

“Dont worry, Boss,” the assistant replied and led the guests upstairs.

Qian Mang sent them to the stairs and whispered to the bald old man along the way.

Zhou Jingyun sat down again.

He held the wine glass in his hand and stared at Jiang Tong with a deep gaze.

“What You cant control yourself because Im too pretty” Jiang Tong took a sip of wine and asked with a smile.

Zhou Jingyun didnt finish his sentence.

He stared straight at Jiang Tong as if he wanted to see something from her face.

“Brother Jingyun, Im sorry.

Im so sorry.” Qian Mang returned after sending the clients upstairs.

Qian Mang said to Zhou Jingyun apologetically, “Ive told Chen Xiuxiu many times not to bother you because of her company matters.

I didnt expect her to forget what Ive told her every time.”

Qian Mangs words were not meant for Zhou Jingyun to hear, but for others around them to hear.

Although beating his wife because of this matter did not sound very pleasant, it was still better than letting others know that his wife cheated on him.

At the same time, Qian Mang was not sure if Zhou Jingyun knew about what Jiang Tong had whispered into his ears.

“Youre too polite, Brother Qian,” Zhou Jingyun replied.

Qian Mang looked at Jiang Tong again.

This time, Jiang Tong did not wait for Qian Mang to speak.

She held her chin with one hand and raised her eyebrows slightly.

She took the initiative to ask, “Chairman Qian, lets go out and talk”


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