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Qian Mang frowned.

Jiang Tong continued, “Chen Gang and Chen Xiuxiu also know that you would do a paternity test.

When Chen Xiuxiu was pregnant, you gave Chen Xiuxiu a reward of 10 million dollars.

Do you remember that Chen Gang gave all that money to the doctor who did the paternity test for you.

If you dont believe me, you can check if that doctor left after he did the paternity test for you.”

Jiang Tong had told Qian Mang a lot.

If she had only said it unilaterally, it would not have been very effective.

However, the situation was different now because Qian Mang had long felt that something was wrong.

It was only because Chen Xiuxiu and Chen Gang were cousins, as well as the paternity test report back then, that he could not figure out what the problem was.

Everyone looked at Jiang Tong and Qian Mang whispering to each other.

Everyone was still confused.

Zhou Jingyun also did not understand why Jiang Tong and Qian Mang would suddenly start chatting in such an atmosphere

Jiang Tong finished what she had to say and patted Qian Mangs back.

Then, she walked back to the dining table and sat down.

She raised her glass and watched the show with a smile.

Qian Mang slowly turned around and looked at Chen Xiuxiu expressionlessly.

After all, they had been husband and wife for several years.

Chen Xiuxiu knew Qian Mang well.

Every time Qian Mang was expressionless, it meant that he was trying hard to suppress his anger.

“What… Whats wrong, honey” Chen Xiuxiu asked uneasily.

She did not know what that b*tch, Jiang Tong, had said to Qian Mang.

The others did not know either.

Everyone was curious.

“Where did you go yesterday afternoon” Qian Mang asked Chen Xiuxiu expressionlessly.

“I was at the company yesterday.” Chen Xiuxius expression was obviously a little unnatural.

“I have been in the office with my cousin.

We discussed the promotion plan for the whole afternoon.

Honey, why are you suddenly asking this”

When Qian Mang heard Chen Xiuxius words, he pursed his lips even tighter.

Under normal circumstances, a person who did not have anything to hide would give a simple answer to such a question, they wouldnt say so much.

Chen Xiuxiu had a guilty conscience and was trying to explain and elaborate in her answer!

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“You and your cousin have been at the office the whole time” Qian Mang held back his temper and asked again.

“Yes, weve been at the office the whole time until we got off work.

If you dont believe me, you can ask my cousin,” Chen Xiuxiu said.

“Ive already asked Chen Gang.

I asked him when I met him this morning.” Qian Mangs words made Chen Xiuxius expression change drastically.

“He told me that the two of you went out to talk about a client yesterday afternoon and were not at the company.”

In fact, Qian Mang did not meet Chen Gang and did not ask him about those things.

However, Jiang Tong told him that he could trick Chen Xiuxiu to see if she was lying.

A person at Qian Mangs level had a brain and could think, so he naturally knew how to trick her.

In fact, Qian Mang didnt want to believe Jiang Tongs words, nor was he willing to believe them.

He didnt know where Jiang Tong came from or how she knew about Chen Xiuxius matter, but now was not the time to dwell on these things.

The things that Jiang Tong said were too important to him.

He had long suspected that there was something wrong between Chen Xiuxiu and Chen Gang, but he had never found the crux of the problem.

He could only guess that Chen Xiuxiu was secretly helping Chen Gang to get money, and Qian Mang didnt lack money.

Therefore, he did not think it was a big deal and turned a blind eye to it.

However, there was always a thorn in his heart, a thorn that he could not figure out and could not find the crux of the problem! Therefore, he was willing to test out what Jiang Tong said.

“Ah Is that so is that what my cousin said Did he remember it wrong” Chen Xiuxiu was clearly panicking.

She had secretly slept with Chen Gang too many times so they would not agree on what to say every time she was asked.

In addition, their relationship had not been discovered by Qian Mang for so many years, so they were somewhat unscrupulous.

“Chen Gang remembered wrongly Then Ill call him to confirm it.” After saying that, Qian Mang took out his cell phone.

“Ah Maybe… Oh right, I remember now.

We did go out to talk to our clients yesterday afternoon, but we came back around two or three oclock in the afternoon.

After that, we have been talking about the promotion in the office.” Chen Xiuxiu was so anxious that her forehead was full of sweat as she changed what she had said.

The veins on Qian Mangs forehead were throbbing.

“Hubby, why are you suddenly asking me these things That b*tch scolded me.

Its fine if you dont help me get revenge, but you still dare to question me Dont you love me Didnt you say that you love me and our son the most” Chen Xiuxiu suddenly became agitated, she pointed at Jiang Tong and shouted loudly, trying to change the topic.


A clear and loud slap sounded.

Chen Xiuxiu was directly thrown out and was hit more than two meters away.

She crashed into the flower rack in the restaurant.

Blood was dripping from her forehead and the corner of her mouth and her face immediately swelled up.



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