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Qian Mang had many women and made many efforts, but none of them succeeded in conceiving until he met Chen Xiuxiu.

Chen Xiuxiu was one of Qian Mangs many mistresses, but after three months of knowing him, she got pregnant.

Under his care, she gave birth to a boy.

Qian Mang also did a paternity test, and the son was indeed his.

Qian Mangs life was completely fulfilled.

This was also the reason why he doted on Chen Xiuxiu so much.

Because of this, Chen Xiuxiu developed an arrogant temper and dared to offend anyone.

However… during the five hundred years that she had lived, Jiang Tong found out that Qian Mangs son was not his biological son at all.

This was a trap, a trap to seize the assets of a billionaire! A trap to murder people for money! Before he married Chen Xiuxiu, everyone in City Z knew that Qian Mang was unable to have children.

A super rich man had no children and no one to inherit his family assets.

This would attract a lot of attention.

Therefore, Chen Xiuxiu and her cousin set up this trap.

Chen Xiuxius older cousin was called Chen Gang.

He was born in the same village as Chen Xiuxiu.

However, in reality, Chen Gang was not Chen Xiuxius cousin.

The two of them were not related by blood.

Chen Gang was five years older than Chen Xiuxiu.

Back then, Chen Gang was the one who brought Chen Xiuxiu out and sent her to the bathing center to be a prostitute.

After Chen Xiuxius plastic surgery was successful, Chen Gang started to do more high-end business.

Under Chen Gangs arrangement, Chen Xiuxiu had been the mistress of several big bosses until Chen Gang got into a relationship with one of Qian Mangs trusted aides.

Chen Gang had spent a lot of money back then to get into a relationship with that trusted aide and successfully sent Chen Xiuxiu to Qian Mangs side.

At that time, Qian Mang was in a hurry to have a child.

He was desperate to seek medical help and changed women every day.

Just like that, Chen Xiuxiu took the initiative to approach Qian Mang and successfully got pregnant.

However, the child was not Qian Mangs, but Chen Gangs!

Up until today, Chen Gang was Chen Xiuxius cousin on the surface.

He worked under Qian Mang and was highly valued.

However, in private, Chen Xiuxiu and Chen Gang were lovers.

Jiang Tong also knew that Chen Gang had long planned to kill Qian Mang.

This way, Chen Xiuxiu and her son could successfully inherit the inheritance.

However, Chen Xiuxiu stopped Chen Gang.

Chen Xiuxiu did not find it in her conscience to do so.

It was because her son was too young and her position was not that stable.

She would not be able to suppress the directors of the company.

The reason why Jiang Tong knew this was because she had kidnapped Chen Xiuxiu and Chen Gang together in a certain cycle… and then… she used some tricks to get everything out.

“Your son is Chen Gangs.

He is not related to Chen Xiuxiu by blood.

Your son looks less and less like you.

You have also noticed that, right” This was what Jiang Tong said into Qian Mangs ear.

Qian Mang was not a fool to be able to achieve and get where he was today.

The child did not look like him, nor did it look like Chen Xiuxiu.

However, because he had done a paternity test before, he could only keep his suspicions to himself.

Rumors had been spreading all these years.

Qian Mang and Chen Xiuxiu were an old married couple.

In addition, he had not been able to have children for many years.

Suddenly, he had a son, but his son did not look like him.

Rumors were inevitable.

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“Chen Xiuxiu and Chen Gang came from the same village.

It is also true that Chen Xiuxiu was a prostitute in the bathing center in the early years.

It was Chen Gang who deliberately arranged for her to appear by your side.

Everyone in City Z knows that you are unable to have children, so they deliberately set up a trap.

I know that you dont believe my words, but its the truth.

You should know who your son looks like.

If you dont believe me, you can ask Chen Xiuxiu later.

Ask her where she was yesterday afternoon.

She went out with Chen Gang yesterday afternoon.

You should know what a man and a woman do when they go out, right This matter is very easy to investigate.

You can arrange for someone to get the surveillance footage of Chen Xiuxius company to see if they went out by the stairs.

You can also ask Chen Xiuxiu directly, but I dont think she will tell the truth.

She will say that she was at the company the whole day yesterday, and Chen Gang will testify for her to prove that there was no one else in the office.

Someone as smart as you, Mr.

Qian, should have noticed that something was wrong a long time ago, right But Chen Gang and Chen Xiuxiu are too cunning.

Labeling their relationship as cousins, you wouldnt think of them as lovers.

So when they lie, they can corroborate each other and trick you into believing them.” This was what Jiang Tong said into Qian Mangs ear.

“Ive done a paternity test,” Qian Mang tilted his head and said into Jiang Tongs ear.

He was expressionless and it was difficult to decipher his emotions.

“The paternity test can also be faked.

This is a trap.

Do you understand They planned it in advance,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.


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