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In fact, Jiang Tong didnt like to expose anyones secrets.

It wasnt like she had nothing better to do.

However, she would never be lenient to people who took the initiative to find fault with her.

After all… Chen Xiuxiu had brought this upon herself.

“Aiyo, why do I suddenly feel that you look a little familiar” Jiang Tong stared at Chen Xiuxiu for a while and suddenly said, “Have you… worked at a bathing center before”

“Youre the one that worked there! You little b*tch, try saying that again!” Chen Xiuxiu was so agitated that her face turned red and she cursed loudly.

She did work in a bathing center before, but that was ten years ago.

Moreover, she did it for a very short period.

After her plastic surgery succeeded, she hooked up with a rich man and married Qian Mang.

This was a shameful past for Chen Xiuxiu.

Although it was not the most shameful thing, it was quite fatal.

“Manners, please mind your manners.

Everyone here is a civilized person.” Jiang Tong knocked on the table.

“No matter what, you are a person of status now.

Its time to change the habit of being a prostitute.”

“You still want to say that! Im going to sue you for defamation! Ill tear your mouth off!” Chen Xiuxiu was so flustered that she wanted to hit Jiang Tong with her bag.

She had been married to Qian Mang for many years.

Logically speaking, she would not lose her cool like this and make a fool of herself in public.

However, what Jiang Tong said was true.

Chen Xiuxiu was too flustered and could only use anger to cover up her panic.

“Bang!” The bag hit someone, but it did not land on Jiang Tong.

Zhou Jingyuns bodyguards rushed over in time.

Zhou Jingyun did not bring as many bodyguards this time as he did during the day.

A few bodyguards were also in the restaurant, but they were only in the corner.

This way, they would not be able to hear Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tongs conversation, they could also arrive in time to protect the two of them in the event of an emergency.

When Chen Xiuxiu shouted for the first time, the bodyguards came over and even used their eyes to ask Zhou Jingyun.

However, Zhou Jingyun didnt say anything because Jiang Tong had spoken at that time.

Zhou Jingyun also wanted to see how Jiang Tong would deal with Chen Xiuxiu.

Chen Xiuxiu herself wasnt worth paying attention to.

However, her husband, Qian Mang, was extremely powerful.

He could be considered a big shot in the local underworld in City Z.

This was also one of the reasons why Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei were on good terms with Qian Mang.

Qian Mangs temperament and personality were one aspect, but the most important thing was that there was not much difference in their statuses.

Being on equal footing was the basis of making friends.

Although Zhou Jingyun had not known Jiang Tong for long, he knew that Jiang Tong was not a reckless person.

She had publicly said that Qian Mangs wife, Chen Xiuxiu, was a prostitute.

How was Qian Mang going to resolve this


Qian, please calm down.” The bodyguard stopped Chen Xiuxiu, but Chen Xiuxiu acted like she had gone crazy.

She was about to hit Jiang Tong, so the bodyguard naturally could not let her.


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A loud slap landed on the bodyguards face.

Chen Xiuxiu glared angrily and shouted, “Get lost!”

The bodyguard, who was nearly 1.9 meters tall, did not move at all.

He said, “Mrs.

Qian, please calm down.”

Zhou Jingyuns expression turned sour.

These bodyguards were all his trusted aides.

They had followed him for several years.

Zhou Jingyun slowly stood up.

At this moment…

“Xiuxiu, why are you fighting” At the entrance of the Taste Pavilion, a tanned middle-aged man in his fifties called out.

Qian Mang, fifty-two years old, vice-president of City Zs Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Iron Power Corporation, was one of the core figures of the business world in City Z and one of the ten richest men in City Z.

Qian Mang had come to the Taste Pavilion today to treat someone to a meal.

Regarding the old city renovation project in the east of the city, Qian Mang was determined to get it.

However, although his company was the largest real estate company in Donghai, it was not ranked in the country.

Currently, there were several real estate companies competing with him, so he had to make some connections in private.

Just now, when he personally welcomed the guests outside the door, he had let his wife, Chen Xiuxiu, enter the restaurant first.

He did not expect that when the guests arrived, he would see Chen Xiuxiu acting crazy and hitting people as he approached the restaurant.

Under normal circumstances, he would always protect Chen Xiuxiu.

No matter what the reason was, if he did not protect Chen Xiuxius pride, it meant that he was not protecting his own pride and reputation.

However… when Qian Mang saw Zhou Jingyun stand up, he instantly understood that it was Chen Xiuxiu who had rushed to find trouble with Zhou Jingyun.

Seeing Qian Mang come over, Chen Xiuxiu instantly calmed down.

With tears in her eyes, she put on an expression that showed she was being bullied.

Qian Mang walked over quickly.

“Brother Qian,” Zhou Jingyun greeted him indifferently.

Qian Mang nodded to Zhou Jingyun with a slightly apologetic smile.

He knew that Chen Xiuxiu was the one who caused the trouble.

If Chen Xiuxiu wasnt his wife, Zhou Jingyun wouldnt have tolerated her until now.

He would have dealt with Chen Xiuxiu long ago.


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