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“Hahaha,” Xiao Xiwang laughed and casually asked, “May I know where youre working at, Miss Jiang”

“I just graduated from college and am working for Zhou Jingyuns company,” said Jiang Tong.

If someone else had said this, people would think that Jiang Tong, a fresh graduate, didnt have her own career and was working for her boyfriends company.

However, who was Zhou Jingyun Therefore, when Jiang Tong said that she had just graduated and was working in Zhou Jingyuns company, Xiao Xiwangs first thought was… which big family in City Z had the surnameJiang Zhou Jingyun would not find an ordinary person to fall in love with.

Judging from Zhou Jingyuns character, talent, knowledge, and family background, it was impossible for an ordinary person to catch his eye!

“Boss… our guest is here, you…” behind Xiao Xiwang, his assistant stepped forward and whispered a few words.

“Hahaha, Im sorry to interrupt your date,” Xiao Xiwang hurriedly said, “CEO Zhou, I wish you a prosperous business.

Since my client is here, Ill go and greet him first.”

“Please go ahead,” Zhou Jingyun said.

Xiao Xiwang hurried upstairs, but after he walked further away from them, he turned back and glanced at Zhou Jingyuns table.

He was still guessing which family Jiang Tong was from.

“Xiao Xiwang is a nice person.

He is warm and cheerful, likes to make friends, and is also a manager of the Z Citys Chamber of Commerce…” Seeing Xiao Xiwang go upstairs, Zhou Jingyun briefly told Jiang Tong about Xiao Xiwang.

In fact, the two of them came here today to let people know about Jiang Tong.

As Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend, if a friend came to greet him, Zhou Jingyun would definitely introduce her to his friend.

Jiang Tong nodded with a smile and casually tidied up the dishes on the table.

After Zhou Jingyun finished speaking, she raised her head and said, “I know Xiao Xiwang better than you.”

Zhou Jingyun paused for a moment, and the corners of his mouth twitched indifferently.

He replied, “Yes, I forgot you are an intelligence dealer.”

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Not long after, the second person who greeted them came over.

“CEO Zhou, long time no see.” It was a slightly plump man in his forties with a beautiful female companion, but it was not his wife.

Wang Chenguang was the general manager of Chenguang Industrial Corporation, which was his family business.

The chairman was his father, and it was already confirmed that he would take over the family business in the future.

Wang Chenguang was a divorcee with a son and was currently single.

He had many lovers outside.

For now, he currently had three lovers who were intimately linked with him…

“Hello, Boss Wang.” After Zhou Jingyun greeted him, it was almost the same procedure as before.

When Wang Chenguang found out that Jiang Tong was Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend, he almost had the word “shocked” written all over his face.

After that, another two wealthy businessmen came to greet Zhou Jingyun.

Speaking of which, the people who came to eat at the restaurant might not be the boss, but those who didnt have enough status couldnt possibly know Zhou Jingyun.

Even if they knew Zhou Jingyun, they didnt dare to come and greet him due to the great difference in their statuses.

Therefore, anyone who came to greet him had an extraordinary status!

When the dishes were all served, Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong ate while murmuring to each other.

Zhou Jingyun rarely showed his face publically in private.

Unless it was necessary for him to make a public appearance, he was usually very low-key.

Many people knew Zhou Jingyuns style of doing things.

Therefore, when they saw Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong in the hall, they were very surprised and would come over to chat with them.

Even so, Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong did not see too many people.

However, news spread like wildfire.

They believed that in a few days, City Zs business circle would know that Zhou Jingyun, the eldest son of the Zhou family, was in a relationship.

“Hey, isnt this the Eldest Young Master of the Zhou family What a coincidence.” At this moment, a strange female voice was heard.

In City Z, it was not that no one dared to provoke Zhou Jingyun.

Although the Zhou family was wealthy, they were not the top family.

In addition, Zhou Jingyun always kept a low profile and did not take the initiative to talk about his family background.

Those who did not have a high enough status naturally did not know how powerful the Zhou family was.

Those who had enough status did not need Zhou Jingyun to say much, so they would naturally be polite.

Of course, there were also some people who did not know Zhou Jingyuns background and had a grudge against him, so they naturally dared to offend Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun did not like to be called theEldest Young Master of the Zhou family, because the Zhou family only gave him restrictions.

And now, the person who came to greet him addressed Zhou Jingyun as theEldest Young Master of the Zhou family.

From the tone of her voice, it was obvious that she did it on purpose.

Zhou Jingyun frowned and raised his head.

Jiang Tong also glanced at her.

The person who came was a rich lady wearing an expensive custom-made dress, holding a limited-edition bag, and wearing a huge diamond ring.

She was about 30 years old, had straight long hair, and her face was quite exquisite.

However, her makeup was a little thick.

Jiang Tong knew who she was the moment she saw her.

Chen Xiuxiu.

Chen Xiuxiu was 32 years old this year and was from the Chen family in City Z.

Her husband was Qian Mang, the chairman of the Iron Power Corporation in City Z.



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