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Zhou Mingfei was shocked, and so was Zhou Jingyun.

The two brothers looked at Jiang Tong.

Burn it down! The Lihao Ballroom had cost him 500 million dollars just to renovate.

How could he burn it down so casually!

“You dont have to burn it all down.

Just a small fire will do.

It will be best if the fire is big enough for it to be published in the newspapers.

This way, you can reasonably close it down and renovate it.

No one will suspect you,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“After all, those people are not fools.

If you close the business for no reason, they will think that youve caught wind of the news and want to avoid it.”

Zhou Mingfei understood.

He nodded, “Alright, Ill listen to you, Sister-in-law!”

When the food was served, Jiang Tong stood up and said, “You guys talk first.

Im going to the bathroom.”

Zhou Jingyun asked, “Do you know where it is Do you need me to accompany you”

Jiang Tong held him down and replied, “No need, I know where it is.” With that, she got up and left the room.

Not long after Jiang Tong left, Zhou Mingfei came to Zhou Jingyuns side and asked in a low voice, “Brother, where did you find this girlfriend of yours Isnt she too amazing” He was now very impressed with Jiang Tong.

Zhou Jingyun might not understand the twists and turns in this situation, but Zhou Mingfei knew very well how big his problem was.

Therefore, he understood that the evidence Jiang Tong mentioned would not only lead to his immediate imprisonment, but it was also very likely that he would die in prison!

“Thats your sister-in-law youre talking about.” Zhou Jingyun hit Zhou Mingfei on the head.

Zhou Mingfei held his head and hurriedly nodded, “Yes, yes, yes.

Shes my sister-in-law.

I was just casually asking.

After all, Sister-in-law is not old, and she doesnt look like those women who were greedy for your money.

So Im just curious.

Brother, how did you manage to get together with such a powerful woman”

“Stop it.

You should mind your own business.

Ive already told you numerous times before to stop interacting with Xing Lin.

If it wasnt for your sister-in-law this time, you would have been screwed over.

Do you understand” Zhou Jingyun lectured.

“Yes, yes, yes.

Its my fault.

I believed that b*stard Xing Lins words.

But dont change the topic.

Im asking about Sister-in-law.” Zhou Mingfei was still very curious about Jiang Tong.

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Zhou Jingyun said, “Your sister-in-law is very good and treats me very well.

What else do you want to ask”

Zhou Mingfei was anxious.

He said, “You know thats not what Im asking about.

I just want to ask who exactly is Sister-in-law She…”

“Its not good for me to tell you the details about your sister-in-law and me.

You just need to know that shes your sister-in-law.” Zhou Jingyun did not want to explain the deal between him and Jiang Tong in detail.

Hearing Zhou Jingyuns words, Zhou Mingfei knew that he couldnt get anything out of him.

He sighed and rested his chin on the table.

Zhou Mingfei said, “Im just afraid that you wont be able to control Sister-in-law since shes so powerful.

When she doesnt like you anymore and leaves, where can I find such a good sister-in-law” He paused for a while, then he suddenly straightened up as if he remembered something.

He continued, “Wait a minute.

Brother… Sister-in-law is… is she really pregnant”

Zhou Jingyun paused and didnt say anything.

He didnt know what Jiang Tong was planning to do with thepregnancy, so he didnt dare to say anything.

Seeing Zhou Jingyuns expression, Zhou Mingfei chuckled.

He said, “Dont worry.

Ill definitely help you hide this matter from Grandpa and not let him know.

When everything is settled in stone between you and Sister-in-law and the baby is born, Ill be at ease!”

After saying this, Zhou Mingfei thought of something.

He asked, “Big Brother, do you think I should give Sister-in-law a sum of money”

Zhou Jingyun didnt react and asked, “Why are you giving her money”

“The money was won back by Sister-in-law.” Zhou Mingfei scratched his head.

“Apart from the money, Sister-in-law also won more than 130 million for the casino.

Although the money used to gamble belonged to the casino, as a younger brother, if I dont express my gratitude, wouldnt I be too stingy When that time comes, you wont have a good reputation, Big Brother.”

Zhou Jingyun always felt that his younger brother was too impulsive and irritable, and what he did was also testing the boundaries of the law.

Therefore, he didnt agree with most of Zhou Mingfeis actions.

But this time, he felt that his younger brothers idea was a good one.

Zhou Jingyun had to admit that in some ways, his younger brother was much better than him.

Logically speaking, there was nothing wrong with whether or not Zhou Mingfei would give the money to Jiang Tong.

The money that Jiang Tong used was from the casino.

The casino should be the one that won and lost, not Jiang Tong.

Moreover, Jiang Tong was technically Zhou Mingfeis sister-in-law.

There was no need for him to pay her for helping her family.

However, whether Jiang Tong wanted this sum of money and whether Zhou Mingfei gave her this sum of money were two separate matters.


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