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Zhou Jingyun held a coffee cup and silently walked to the piano.

He looked at Jiang Tong in shock.

He didnt expect a woman to be able to play such a majestic tune.

Gradually, Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong in a new light.

He had to admit that this woman, Jiang Tong, always went beyond his expectations.

He thought that she was good at scouting information, and gambling.

He also thought that she knew many rules of the underworld and she was a crude woman.

However, in a blink of an eye, she started playing the piano.

She wore a red dress and looked like an arrogant white swan.

She had an elegant aura as she played the piano.

He didnt dare to say that there was anything that Jiang Tong didnt know.

Although Jiang Tong didnt show much, she would always do something amazing at the right time and on the right occasion.

Listening to Jiang Tongs music, Zhou Jingyun felt a surge of excitement in his chest.

He felt like he was invincible.

Was this the influence of the music Just when Zhou Jingyun felt like he couldnt control himself and wanted to vent his agitation, the music stopped abruptly.

Zhou Jingyun was stunned.

He asked, “Why did you suddenly stop”

Jiang Tong casually fiddled with the piano keys and replied, “Its time to tune this piano.”

Zhou Jingyun liked the piano very much, but he had never learned how to play the piano, so he couldnt tell which keys were out of tune.

He touched the tip of his nose and said, “Is that so I guess Mingfei hasnt touched it since he bought it.

Its normal for the keys to be out of tune.”

Jiang Tong nodded.

She took the coffee that Zhou Jingyun put aside and took a sip.

Then, she narrowed her eyes and occasionally tapped on the piano keys to produce a scattered and happy sound.

The wind blew past the window screen, lifting a corner of the white window screen.

The atmosphere was very relaxing.

Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tongs beautiful side profile.

He suddenly said, “You appeared out of nowhere to help me, and you even said that you were an intelligence dealer.

Then you even cooperated with me… And now, you chose my favorite coffee and played the piano music that I like… Jiang Tong, do you like me” Otherwise, he couldnt understand why Jiang Tong would do these things.

Jiang Tong opened her eyes and looked at Zhou Jingyun with a faint smile on her face.

She replied, “Like you No, no, no.

Although your looks, wealth, and family background are not bad, you do not meet my requirements.

I just love my job and am dedicated to it.

You are my boss right now, so isnt it normal to know my bosss taste and make him happy After all, if you are happy, I will be able to earn money.”


Zhou Jingyun raised his eyebrows.

His wealth, looks, and family background hadnt met Jiang Tongs requirements He dared to guarantee that there wouldnt be more than five people in City Z who were richer and better looking than him.

Therefore, Jiang Tongs words… didnt sound like the truth at all.

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At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

The bodyguard was here to deliver the clothes.

Because Jiang Tongs clothes were stained with blood, Zhou Jingyun ordered the bodyguard to buy them earlier when they were in the private room.

Jiang Tong went into the bedroom to change her clothes.

When she came out of the bedroom, Zhou Mingfei had already arrived.

It seemed that Zheng Juns matters had already been settled.

“Its noon.

Lets go eat first.” Zhou Jingyun waved at Jiang Tong.

There was a restaurant in Lihao Ballroom, but they did not plan to eat there.

The food there was exquisite, but the taste could not compare to the restaurant outside.

Finally, the three of them arrived at a French restaurant in the center of the city.

Zhou Jingyun was a member here and had his own private room.


In the private room on the second floor, after the three of them sat down, Zhou Mingfei couldnt wait to ask Jiang Tong, “Sister-in-law, what do you think is a suitable way to deal with Zheng Jun” It was already very easy for him to call herSister-in-law now.

Previously, when Jiang Tong told him not to mess with Zheng Jun in the Lihao Ballroom, Zhou Mingfei obediently let Zheng Jun go.

However, the matter definitely couldnt end like this.

He did not mess with Zheng Jun in the Lihao Ballroom because the Lihao Ballroom had already been targeted by the higher-ups.

Zhou Mingfei was now in a lot of trouble.

If he messed with Zheng Jun again, the situation would be even worse.

“Zheng Jun lost so much money again this time.

His business can no longer continue to operate.

If you add more fuel to the fire, youd force him to death,” Jiang Tong replied without raising her head as she tidied up the tableware.

She was now standing in the Zhou familys camp.

Zheng Jun was the lackey on the Liang familys side, which was also their enemy.

Of course, she could not be merciful to her enemy.

Otherwise, the one who would die in the end would be herself.

“I understand,” Zhou Mingfei nodded.

He had dealt with this kind of thing quite a lot.

This time, it was because of the special situation he was in that he asked Jiang Tong for additional advice to avoid any mistakes.

He said, “I will close the Lihao Ballroom tomorrow, and then deal with Zheng Jun.”

“You dont just close Lihao Ballroom like that.

If you are willing to do it, you should set fire to Lihao Ballroom.” Jiang Tong suddenly raised her head.



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