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Zheng Juns forehead was covered in sweat.

In the end, he knelt down to Zhou Mingfei with a thump.

He begged, “Young Master Zhou, please say something.

You know my character.

Although I like to gamble, I have never cheated in card games.

This matter really has nothing to do with me!”

Zheng Jun grabbed Zhou Mingfeis pants and begged bitterly.

He did not dare to beg Jiang Tong because he felt that Jiang Tong was even more terrifying than Zhou Mingfei!

Jiang Tong was not interested in these things.

She waved her hand at Zhou Mingfei and said, “You take care of the rest.

Ill be leaving first.” After saying that, she began walking out.

When she passed by Zhou Mingfei, she tilted her head and whispered into Zhou Mingfeis ear, “Dont deal with Zheng Jun here.

Let him go first.”

Zhou Mingfei nodded his head in understanding.

He didnt know why he had to listen to Jiang Tong so much.

Perhaps he subconsciously regarded Jiang Tong as an expert and couldnt help but believe her.

Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun left the private room.

Zhou Jingyuns bodyguards followed behind them.

On the way to the elevator, Jiang Tong naturally held onto Zhou Jingyuns arm.

“You know a lot about the casino” Zhou Jingyun still couldnt believe it when he thought of the scene where Jiang Tong and Zhou Mingfei asked for Pang Jias hand to be chopped off.

It was normal for Zhou Mingfei to know these rules.

This was his line of business after all.

But what about Jiang Tong How did a beautiful woman like her know so much

“These trivial things are not worth mentioning,” Jiang Tong said carelessly.

To her, gambling skills were indeed childs play.

There was nothing exciting about it.

Zhou Jingyun had a profound gaze in his eyes as he looked at her.

At this moment, he couldnt help but feel curious about Jiang Tong.

He couldnt figure out how such a young and beautiful woman like Jiang Tong could be so knowledgeable about so many things She called herself an intelligence dealer and knew many things that others could not possibly know.

She also knew how to gamble.

She defeated a gambling expert who came from Las Vegas and even watched Zhou Mingfei chop off someones hand without batting an eyelid.

Even though blood splashed on her body, she only frowned in disgust as if she was very used to the bloody scene.

Zhou Jingyuns intuition told him that this woman, Jiang Tong, had seen blood before.

She might even have killed someone before…


Jiang Tong and Zhou Jing Yun returned to the 11th floor, but they did not go to the room where they had met Zhou Ming Fei and Guan Sandao.

Instead, they entered a large suite.

The room was very big, but the decoration was very elegant.

Whether it was the cups on the coffee table or the mural on the wall, the details and exquisiteness of the suite could be seen everywhere.

Jiang Tong saw a bamboo leaf diagram on the wall of the entrance and stopped in her tracks.

She laughed, “Your brother has pretty good taste.

This is Master Weis bamboo leaf diagram.”

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“Hes just a boorish man.

What kind of taste could he have Everything in this room is for outsiders to see.” Zhou Jingyun knew Zhou Mingfei very well.

After ridiculing Zhou Ming Fei, Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong and asked, “You know about paintings Have you studied them before”

“I understand a little.” Jiang Tong pointed at the picture of a bamboo leaf on the wall.

She said, “This is a fake.

The real one is in a collectors house in Jiangnan.” After saying that, she walked inside the suite and casually walked around the living room.

She took a look around the suite.

The decoration of the suite was indeed not bad, but it was toofake and was filled with a strong sense of pretentiousness.

There was a piano placed near the window in the living room.

It did not look cheap.

Jiang Tong thought of the murderous look that Zhou Mingfei always wears on his face… No matter how she looked at it, he did not look like a person who could play the piano.

This piano was probably just a decoration.

“I have asked the bodyguard to get you some clothes.

They will be delivered in a while.

Do you want to drink something” Zhou Jingyun asked as he opened the refrigerator.

Jiang Tong replied, “Coffee with no milk and sugar.

Thank you.”

Zhou Jingyuns hand that was about to open the refrigerator stopped.

The smile on his face turned into one of surprise.

This woman had the same taste as him

Zhou Jingyun did not have the habit of serving others.

He had always been served by others.

However, Jiang Tongs performance today was too good.

He felt that it was not a big deal to get her a cup of coffee.

It could be considered a reward.


Just as Zhou Jingyun was making coffee, Jiang Tong sat in front of the piano and opened the piano cover.

Her fingers slid casually on the black and white keys and she began to play! The passionate music of the piano flowed out.

The crisscrossing of her fingers produced beautiful and pleasant notes.

It was different from the usual soothing piano music.

The music she played was majestic, like a heroic declaration before the start of the war.

The sound of the piano went from soft to loud, from passionate to tragic and dull.

It was like the end of a great war, and the ground was filled with devastation.

Jiang Tongs fingers kept stroking the piano keys.

Her body swayed along with the rhythm, and her back was straight, like a general who was about to lead her troops into battle.


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