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Pang Jias eyes widened instantly.

Although Jiang Tong didnt say it clearly, he understood what she meant! Jiang Tongs seemingly funny action when she twisted the cards was actually the moment when she looked at what the downward-facing card was!

“I dont really believe in luck.” Jiang Tong walked over and stood in front of Pang Jia, while Zhou Jingyun followed behind Jiang Tong.

Pang Jias eyes were as wide as a cows.

His eyes were bloodshot and his body was trembling.

To a gambler, losing once was not scary, but the way he lost this time was too scary.

He was led by Jiang Tong the entire time!

“Do you really think that the flaws you thought you saw in me are really flaws Are my habitual small actions really my habit of playing cards Or do you think that after I bluffed you once, I will use the same trick on you again” Jiang Tong looked at Pang Jia with ridicule in her eyes.

“Do you think that just because I am young and a woman, I am definitely not as good as you”

Ever since Jiang Tong came to the table, she had been setting up a game.

On the surface, she seemed as though she did not look at her downward-facing cards.

The fact that she believed in luck, as well as her habitual little tricks, was also fake! All of her radical methods were fake.

These were all just to pave the way for the last hand! It was laughable that Pang Jia thought that he had seen through all of Jiang Tongs little tricks.

Without knowing anything, he stepped into the trap that Jiang Tong had set up beforehand and could not escape from it!

Pang Jia only had regret in his heart now.

He regretted that he followed for the last hand! He now completely understood that Jiang Tong was not lucky, she never had been! This last card was prepared by Jiang Tong! The previous twenty rounds were all prepared by Jiang Tong.

She was waiting for an opportunity to kill Pang Jia in one strike!

This time, not only did Jiang Tong win Zheng Juns money, but she also destroyed Pang Jias confidence as a gambling expert! Initially, she didnt want to be so ruthless, but Pang Jia broke the rules.

Jiang Tong stood in front of Pang Jia, and Zheng Jun was just one step away from him.

Zheng Juns expression was terrible and his forehead was full of sweat because he had no money and still owed people a lot of money.

Last time, he had lost all of the companys working capital, and this time, he had borrowed some money to mess things up in Lihao Ballroom.

He had borrowed 150 million but lost 130 million, leaving only 20 million.

His remaining 20 million was practically useless! Even Pang Jia was no match for Jiang Tong, and he could not rely on this 20 million to make a comeback.

This 20 million was not enough to pay back the debt either… Zheng Jun was in big trouble!

“Boss Zheng, I…” Pang Jia slowly turned around and looked at Zheng Jun.

he did not know what to say anymore.

Zheng Jun had used a lot of money to hire him, but he lost in the end.

He even lost big time!

Zheng Juns face slowly turned dark.

He knew that he had been tricked by Zhou Mingfei again, but he was now in Zhou Mingfeis territory.

It was not good for him to lose his temper, and he did not dare to say anything harsh.

Although he knew that Zhou Mingfei would be finished soon, right now Zhou Mingfei was still doing fine.

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“Lets go.

Lets go back first,” Zheng Jun said in a deep voice.

Before he left, he even glared at Jiang Tong.

Pang Jia followed behind Zheng Jun and was about to leave when Jiang Tong stopped him.

She said, “Wait a moment.

The matter has not been settled yet.”

The bodyguards blocked the door the moment Jiang Tong spoke.

“What do you mean” Zheng Jun, who was already suppressing his anger, instantly exploded.

He glanced at Jiang Tong.

However, he shouted angrily at Zhou Mingfei, “Young Master Zhou, you still wont let us leave after losing money You want me to lose the rest of my money to you! The Zhou family is too arrogant!”

Zhou Mingfei didnt know what was going on either, so he turned to look at Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong didnt say anything.

Instead, she took a few steps forward and grabbed Zheng Juns left forearm.

She said in a low voice, “Dont move!”


Pang Jia was stunned for a moment, then he struggled furiously.

He exclaimed, “What are you doing Let go of me!”

Unfortunately, no matter how Pang Jia struggled, he couldnt break free from Jiang Tongs grip.

Jiang Tong grabbed Pang Jias arm and swung it forcefully.

A poker card fell out of Pang Jias sleeve and landed on the ground.

The card fell face up and it was an Ace of Spades.

Seeing this scene, everyones expression changed.

The way they looked at Pang Jia was very strange.

“Before the cards were dealt in the fifteenth round, you asked the dealer to examine the cards.

Then, you took the opportunity to steal the Ace of Spades and hid it in your sleeve.

Do you think no one saw it Do you think Im blind” Jiang Tong stared at Pang Jia and sneered, “I didnt expose you on the spot because I havent won all the chips in your hand at that point.

As a gambling expert, you broke the rules and cheated on the gambling table.

Do you know the consequences for that”



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