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It was worth mentioning that other than their respective cards that were faced down, the two of them had the same cards facing upwards.

The only difference was that Pang Jia had a Seven of Hearts while Jiang Tong had a Seven of Clubs.

Pang Jia had seen his card that was placed downwards a long time ago.

It was a Seven of Diamonds.

In other words, if Jiang Tong wanted to beat him in this game, her downward-facing card had to be a Seven of Spades! However, the possibility of all four sevens in one round was too small.

Pang Jia smiled with the confidence of a winner.

He said, “Luck seems to be on my side this time.”

Pang Jia pushed all the chips on the table to the center.

Then, he stared at Jiang Tong and asked, “Miss Jiang, dont tell me youre regretting your decision now”

Jiang Tong smiled and shook her head.

She replied, “I always keep my word.” She didnt even look at her downward-facing card.

She directly pushed the chips in her hand onto the center of the table.

Seeing Jiang Tongs action, Pang Jia laughed out loud.

He flipped his downward-facing card and slammed it on the table.

He said, “Seven of Diamonds.

I have a pair of sevens.

Although the cards arent big, we have the same upward-facing cards.

If you want to beat me, there is only one card that would make it possible, and that is the Seven of Spades.

Youngsters are so impulsive.

You dont even look at your downward-facing cards and dare to go all in.” He placed his hands on the table and leaned forward.

He gave her a very oppressive stare as he said, “I do not believe your downward-facing card will be the Seven of Spades.

So for this gamble, its my win!”

The moment everyone saw Pang Jias downward-facing card, everyones expressions in the box changed.

In the game of Stud Poker, when comparing card sizes, they would first compare the card type.

If the card type is the same, then they would compare the magnitude of the numbers.

If the magnitude of the numbers is the same, then they would compare the color and shape of the cards.

The biggest to smallest were Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds respectively.

Pang Jias cards were Seven of Diamonds, Seven of Hearts, Six of Diamonds, Five of Clubs, and Three of Clubs.

He had a pair of matching cards and that was a pair of sevens! And Jiang Tong also had cards with seven, six, five, three! Under such circumstances, if Jiang Tong wanted to win, she could only get a pair of sevens.

But only Seven of Spades was left!

This was also the reason why Pang Jia was so confident.

In the entire deck, there was only one card that could let Jiang Tong win.

It was her only chance of winning! However, when two people played cards, the probability of four sevens appearing in one game was too low! Or it could be said that it was absolutely impossible! Everyone present realized that the probability of Jiang Tong winning was even lower than the probability of winning 50 million dollars in the lottery!


Zhou Mingfeis expression instantly turned ugly.

He was not blaming Jiang Tong for being rash.

Even if Jiang Tong lost this time, Jiang Tong would not actually lose much.

It was only 40 million dollars.

After all, she had been winning all this time! Zhou Mingfei was only lamenting the fact that he did not stop Jiang Tong earlier when she wanted to end the game quickly and went all in for this round! What kind of luck would she need to gamble so big in the last round!

“Hahaha, Young Master Zhou, your Zhou family is a big family.

This small sum of money wouldnt be much to you, right Please dont get angry and implicate the innocent.” Zheng Jun saw that his side was guaranteed to win, so he laughed loudly as he patted Zhou Mingfeis shoulder.

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Zhou Mingfei shook his shoulder and shook Zheng Juns hand away.

“Are you done” Jiang Tong, who had been leaning against the chair, finally spoke.

“Reveal your cards,” Pang Jia calmly gestured to her.

“Then… Im sorry about that.” Jiang Tong sat up straight and pressed her arm on the table.

Her slender fingers picked up her hidden card and said to Pang Jia, “I bet that luck is on my side.

Seven of Spades!”

Bang! Jiang Tong threw the card onto the gambling table.

The dazzling Seven of Spades made peoples eyes hurt!

“You!” Pang Jias pupils contracted violently, and his face instantly turned pale.

Everyone in the room was stunned.

Only then did Jiang Tong slowly get up from the chair and her red lips curved slightly.

She said, “It seems that Lady Luck is really on my side.”

Everyone present knew that under the circumstances where she did not even look at her downward-facing card and the fact that she could only win the game with one card… The probability of being lucky and getting the card she needed to win was very small!

“No, its impossible!” Pang Jia did not believe that Jiang Tong had such good luck.

“Yes, its indeed impossible.

If I dont look at the cards, how would I dare to bet so much with you” Jiang Tong said with a smile, “You people who claim to be gambling experts think that you have an abundance of experience and can understand other peoples playing styles through some simple observation.

After that, you would think you are able to achieve your goal of winning the bet.

But the thing is… Do you really understand me Did you think I was relying on luck if I dont look at the cards But who told you that I wasnt looking at the cards”

As Jiang Tong spoke, she moved her chair and walked out.

She said, “Why do you think I started correcting my cards from the beginning of the first round What was it for”


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