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Pang Jias expression flickered.

According to the rules of the casino, this was already the final round.

Pang Jia still had nearly 200 million chips in his hands.

Even if he followed, he would still win.

While he was thinking about this, Zhou Mingfei had already gotten someone to send the chips over.

The shiny golden chips were placed on the table, causing ones eyes to hurt.

Jiang Tong directly pushed the 100 million chips over and smiled.

She said, “Raise.”

Pang Jias expression was a little stiff.

Based on his observations of Jiang Tong over the past few rounds, he knew that if Jiang Tong didnt have a good card, she definitely wouldnt dare to play like this! After a long while, Pang Jia smiled and said, “Miss Jiang, youre too impatient.

You just played a big card and you want to win back the money your boss lost previously.

If you dont raise this 100 million and only raise 50 million according to what I said, then youll win 50 million more in this round.” After he finished speaking, he revealed his card that was facing down.

It was a King card, and there was also a King card facing upwards.

Therefore, he now had a pair of Kings.

Pang Jia threw the cards in his hand to the middle of the table and smiled.

He said, “This hand… I dont want to play it.” He would only lose about 20 million when he abandoned these cards.

He had won 200 million previously, so this was only a small sum of money.

Spending this bit of money to understand Jiang Tongs impatient nature was very worth it.

Jiang Tong smiled and did not respond to Pang Jias words.

“Your trump card is an Ace” Zhou Jingyun was a little curious.

Previously, Jiang Tong looked at the card too quickly, so he did not see anything.

Although he did not gamble, he still understood the rules of the card game.

If Jiang Tong wanted to win Pang Jias card, her trump card could only be an Ace.

Jiang Tong had just dared to raise 100 million, so Zhou Jingyun was very sure that her trump card was an Ace.

Unfortunately… Jiang Tong smiled as she flipped open the card facing down in her hand.

She smiled carelessly as she replied, “No, my trump card is the Two of Hearts.”

The room instantly fell silent!

Two of Hearts! That meant that Pang Jias trump card was even bigger! If he dared to raise 100 million earlier, he would have won! But he assumed that he had thoroughly understood Jiang Tongs gambling habits and thought that Jiang Tongs trump card was very big.

That was why he gave up on betting! Jiang Tong successfully used her small cards to win Pang Jias 20 million!

“Hahahahahaha!” Zhou Mingfei suddenly laughed loudly after he came back to his senses.

He patted Zheng Juns shoulder and said, “Boss Zheng, this friend of yours doesnt have the guts, hahaha!”

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Zheng Juns words had always been laced with malice, so Zhou Mingfei finally had a chance to retort fiercely! Although she had only won back 20 million, he acted so happily as though she had won back 200 million.

Zheng Juns expression was not very good, and he held back his words.

At the same time, Pang Jia stared at the cards on the table, and then looked at Jiang Tong.

“You bluffed me”

Jiang Tong wagged her finger and replied, “No, youre just too timid.”

“Heh,” Pang Jia sneered and quickly adjusted his state of mind.

He adjusted his glasses.

He had a resolute glint in his eyes as he was now determined to win.

He believed that he had mastered Jiang Tongs habit of playing cards again!

“Take it away.” Jiang Tong pointed to the 100 million gold chips beside her.

These were the chips that Zhou Mingfei had brought over at the last minute.

She didnt need these chips.

Now Jiang Tong had 50 million chips, and Pang Jia still had 190 million chips.

After deducting his 30 million capital, the remaining 160 million was gained by his winnings.

Both sides continued… After more than 20 rounds, Pang Jia was shocked to find that even if he didnt go easy on her, it would be difficult to win against Jiang Tong.

This made Pang Jia understand that Jiang Tong was actually a gambling expert, but Pang Jia wasnt in a hurry.

He didnt think that Jiang Tong, a woman, could beat him in gambling.

The two of them fought for twenty-seven rounds consecutively.

Jiang Tongs beautiful eyes were slightly impatient.

She yawned and then pointed at the cards in her hand.

She said to Pang Jia, “Its getting late.

I want to go and eat.

Lets decide the winner in one round.”

At this time, Jiang Tongs chips had reached 150 million, and Pang Jia only had 90 million left.

Pang Jia didnt want to waste any more chips with Jiang Tong.

Just as he was about to nod and agree, he heard Jiang Tong say, “Since its the last round, lets play it big.

Other than all the chips in the game right now, Ill add another 100 million.

What do you think”

“Playing so big Trying to trick and bluff me again” Pang Jia laughed.

He would not fall for the same trick again.

Jiang Tong knocked on the table.

“The cards have all been dealt.

Winning or losing depends on luck.

How can this be considered tricking you” She raised her eyebrows.

She asked, “Or do you think the bet is too big and you dont dare to do it”

Another 100 million would require Zheng Juns investment.

Pang Jia turned to look at Zheng Jun.

Zheng Jun asked him, “Are you confident”

Pang Jia nodded, “Boss Zheng, dont worry.

Although this woman, Jiang Tong, has some ability, she is still not good enough to beat me.” Zheng Jun heard him and patted his shoulder.

“Alright, then well follow.

You should add 100 million then!”


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