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Pang Jia was a very interesting person.

He liked to play cards with young people.

He was even willing to lose some money to observe them first.

When they were complacent because they had won money, he would suddenly win a big round.

Not only would he make them pay back the money they had won before, but he would also make them lose all of their chips.

He liked to watch peoples expressions fall from joy to despair.

After playing five rounds in a row, Jiang Tong won three rounds and lost two rounds.

She even folded her cards for one of the rounds.

After betting a simple sum of 500,000, she won some money.

The chips in her hands were neither too much nor too little.

She had ten million dollars worth of chips in her hands at the moment.

“Raise One million” Pang Jia suddenly spoke.

“Sure.” Jiang Tongs fair fingers twirled her hair in boredom.

When she heard this, she looked at Pang Jia with a smile and said, “Just what I wanted.”

Zhou Mingfei watched from the side.

Seeing that Jiang Tong had won a fair number of times, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He teased Zheng Jun, “Boss Zheng, your friends luck doesnt seem to be too good.”

“Hahahaha, maybe hes soft-hearted towards beautiful women.

Its okay, its just a small sum!” Zheng Jun laughed loudly as though he didnt mind whether Pang Jia lost or not.

Zheng Jun didnt mind because before they came to Lihao Ballroom, Pang Jia had explained to him some of his tricks while he played cards.

Therefore, Zheng Jun didnt mind letting Zhou Mingfei be smug for a while.

Towards the end, it would be time for the show to finally begin.

Another five rounds ended.

With Pang Jia deliberately giving into Jiang Tong, she won a little more.

The chips in her hands were now close to 25 million.

The eleventh round began.

Jiang Tong seemed to be bored.

She didnt even look at the

card that was facing down.

She directly put the second card facing up.

It was the Ace of Hearts.

This wasnt the first time Jiang Tong had done this.

Once she lost, she wouldnt look at the cards at the start of the second round.

She seemed to believe in luck.

At this time, Pang Jia also opened his and placed his card facing up.

It was the King of Spades.

Jiang Tongs card was bigger.

She threw the chips first and said, “One million.”

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“Call.” Pang Jia followed.

The dealer continued to deal the cards.

When the fifth card was dealt, Jiang Tong and Pang Jia had four different cards.

Both sides had bad cards.

If the card facing down was the same as the card facing up, it would become a pair and they would win! From the cards, Jiang Tong had a higher chance of winning.

If it was a single card, Jiang Tong had an Ace.

However, Jiang Tong didnt look at her cards.

Everyone was watching the game.

Therefore, they were very sure that Jiang Tong had not looked at her cards until now.

At this moment, Pang Jia pushed the pile of chips next to him and said, “All in.” After saying that, he looked at Jiang Tong with a smile.

The so-calledAll in was gambling all his chips.

However, because Pang Jia chips and Jiang Tong chips were not the same, theAll in was calculated according to the side with lesser chips.

In other words, Pang Jia wanted to take away the remaining 21 million dollars worth of chips in Jiang Tongs hand.

At this moment, Jiang Tong had two choices.

She could either follow or fold.

If she folded, she would directly lose the four million dollars worth of chips she had bet previously.

Jiang Tong looked at Pang Jias confident expression and pressed her card that was facing down with one hand.

She had not looked at it before, but now that she was finally going to see it, she gently lifted a corner of the card.

Then, she pressed down and said, “All in.” She suddenly pushed the chips in her hand out.

Pang Jia observed Jiang Tongs expression and asked with a smile, “Miss Jiang, do you want to raise a little more” He had already fought with Jiang Tong for ten rounds and had communicated with her a couple of times, so he knew Jiang Tongs name.

He smiled and continued, “How about we raise another 50 million”

Before Jiang Tong could say anything, Zhou Mingfei waved his hand.

“Go, bring me another 50 million chips.” Regardless of whether she won or lost, he had to support his sister-in-law.

If she lost, then she would lose with dignity!

“Wait a minute.” Jiang Tong suddenly raised her hand and said to Zhou Mingfei, “50 million is not enough.

Take 100 million.” After saying that, she looked at Pang Jia and smiled, “Ill add 100 million.”

Pang Jias expression instantly turned ugly.

He believed that he had already thoroughly observed Jiang Tong.

He felt that Jiang Tong was a very cautious person.

If her cards were not good, she would directly give up.

This was probably a quirk that women have.

If they were not confident enough, they would just give up.

So… were Jiang Tongs cards very big then Was that why she had enough confidence to say that she would raise 100 million

Thinking of this, Pang Jia looked at his trump card again.

His trump card was a King, and there was a King in the cards facing up.

That meant that he could get a pair of Kings, which was the second biggest card in the entire card.

If Jiang Tong wanted to beat him, her trump card could only be an Ace.

That was the only way she could get a pair of Aces with the Ace card facing up!


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