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Jiang Tong stood up and poured herself a glass of wine, she took a sip in satisfaction.

Then, she said unhurriedly, “Xie Wenkai is one of the best-looking people in Z City.

He has very high academic qualifications and a high IQ.

He graduated from Harvard Business School and owns his own jewelry design company.

His position in the corporation is Vice President in name, but he is actually more of a domineering CEO.”

Ji Lanzhou raised his eyebrows and asked, “Thats it What you just said… anyone in Z City would know about it.”

“Of course its more than that.” Jiang Tong raised her head and drank up the red wine in her glass.

She licked her lips as if she wanted more.

She continued, “Xie Wenkai has a fatal weakness…”

Ji Lanzhou asked, “What weakness does he have”

Jiang Tong replied, “Take a guess.”

“Ha, youre deliberately mystifying things.” Ji Lanzhou lost the desire to continue talking to Jiang Tong.

To Ji Lanzhou, Jiang Tong was simply a lunatic.

The reason why he talked to her so much was because he was bored.

At this moment, there was a commotion at the entrance of the bar.

Well-trained black-shirted bodyguards entered one after another.

The customers who did not know what was happening were scared out of their wits, thinking that those bodyguards were going to barge in and cause trouble.

Ji Lanzhou recognized his own bodyguards.

He reflexively got up and wanted to leave, but was held down by a fair and tender hand.

Jiang Tong looked at him with a smile.

She asked, “Arent you going to check the time”

Ji Lanzhou paused and turned on his phone.

The time showed that it was 10:25 pm.

His phones time setting was not accurate to the second, so he could not tell if Jiang Tongs 15 minutes and 30 seconds guess was right or not.

However, it had indeed taken 15 minutes for the bodyguards to find him.

“You…” Ji Lanzhou was surprised for a moment.

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“Do you believe me now” Jiang Tong asked with a smile.

The bodyguards not far away were looking for Ji Lanzhou.

Jiang Tong glanced at their progress and slowly stepped forward to block Ji Lanzhou.

Then, she lowered her head and asked, “Now, Ill give you a choice.

Do you want to go with them or me”

The two of them were very close to each other, and their breaths intertwined.

Ji Lanzhou licked his lips, and his usually indifferent peach blossom eyes showed a rare bit of interest.

He asked, “Dont you know me very well Then guess what Ill choose.”

“I understand you very well” Jiang Tong smiled, “Of course, I will guess that you will come with me.”

After saying that, without waiting for Ji Lanzhous reaction, she grabbed his thin wrist and pulled him toward the back door of the bar without hesitation.

Ji Lanzhou stared at her hand that was holding his wrist and clicked his tongue.

The two of them avoided being seen by the bodyguards behind them and walked toward the back door.

Just as they were about to reach the door, someone suddenly called out to them, “Yo, why are you two walking so fast Lets have some fun together.”

Jiang Tong turned around and saw a group of people surrounding them from behind.

They were all rowdy and obviously a group of local hooligans.

The hooligans gaze circled around Jiang Tong twice before they quickly looked away with disinterest.

Jiang Tongs makeup was too thick and she was still wearing her unique camouflage overalls, which did not conform to their taste.

“Hey babe, come over and have a few drinks with us Lets be friends.” As one of the hooligans said that, he reached out to pull Ji Lanzhou.

Before Ji Lanzhou could react, he heard a loud bang that startled everyone.

The hooligan who was about to reach out to pull Ji Lanzhou crouched down with his head covered in blood.

“You dare to touch my person Did you get my permission” Jiang Tong stood in front of Ji Lanzhou with a bottle of wine in her hand.

Her actions were fast and ruthless.

The other hooligans only reacted after she finished hitting him.


“F*ck, how dare you hit my buddy! Kill her!” After one of the hooligans said that, the rest of the hooligans came up and planned to gang up on Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong raised her hand, and the broken bottle pierced into the eyes of the hooligan that approached her first.

Jiang Tong was holding half of the wine bottle in her hand.

The broken bottle was very sharp.

With her swing earlier, the hooligans right eye was blinded, and blood spurted out.

She swung her hand again and sliced the neck of the hooligan who came from the side.

The man reacted quickly and shrank back in fear, dodging the fatal blow.

However, his neck was still cold and covered in blood.

The hooligans were instantly stunned by Jiang Tongs brutal methods.

They had encountered many tough people in the underworld, but they had never seen such a ruthless person as her.

In the underworld, no matter how ruthless ones attacks were, they would not go after peoples lives! Injuring people was a small matter since it could be solved with money.

However, killing people was a serious matter!

However, to Jiang Tong, she did not care whether she killed people or not.

She could not remember how many people she had killed in the past 500 years.

Time would rewind anyway, so it did not matter.

She took a step forward with the blood-stained wine bottle.

The moment she moved, the hooligans in front of her took a step back in fear.


Jiang Tong: “”

‘Are we going to fight or not


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