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However, there were always those who were disobedient.

For example, Boss Zheng of Jingmei Aluminum Company.

After he lost 200 million dollars in the Lihao Ballroom, he refused to listen to their advice and continued to gamble.

In the end, he lost another 100 million dollars.

Fortunately, there was no money left in his accounts, otherwise, he would not have stopped.

Boss Zheng lost 300 million dollars in the Lihao Ballroom.

That was almost all the cash in his company.

The company had no money on the books, so the companys operations had problems.

Boss Zheng did not dare to look for trouble with Zhou Mingfei.

In order to maintain the companys operations, he had to raise money from all over the place.

Only when he tried to raise the money did he realize that he was not the only one who had lost so much money in Lihao Ballroom!

This matter was finally found out by the Liang family.

At first, the Liang family only thought that Zhou Mingfei wanted to scam some rich people of their money.

However, they did not expect that after sending people to investigate this, they found out that this matter was a big issue in the Lihao Ballroom! Zhou Mingfei was very smart.

He wouldnt provoke a real top-tier rich person.

Those who would be scammed by him were all nouveau riche people with a little money.

He wouldnt provoke a real big shot.

Therefore, the big problem that the Liang family found was in the bathing club area.

Zhou Mingfei secretly took pictures of some big shots and massage technicians fooling around in the rooms, and these pictures were something he could use against them… If these pictures were used well, it would make these people protect the Zhou family.

But if it was not used properly… it would offend more than just one or two people!

The people of the Liang family instantly realized that this was an opportunity.

It was a chance to ally with various big forces and directly send Zhou Mingfei to prison.

They could even use this opportunity to make the Zhou family fall into turmoil! Therefore, the Liang family made their move secretly.

They contacted many people, including some who had been threatened by Zhou Mingfei.

In the past five hundred years, Jiang Tong had investigated Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei in detail because she was bored.

Therefore, by finding out more about this situation, she managed to gain a better understanding of everything that was happening in City Z.


Zhou Mingfei swallowed his saliva.

He felt that Jiang Tong was simply amazing.

How could she know everything!

Ding! The elevator door opened.

Zhou Mingfei bowed and said in a flattering manner, “Sister-in-law, please go first.”

Li Tu, who was waiting for Zhou Mingfei at the elevator door, was anxiously wiping his sweat.

When the elevator doors finally opened, the first person to come out was actually a very beautiful woman! This elevator was the internal elevator of Lihao Ballroom.

Only the insiders could use it.

Where did this woman come from Just as Li Tu was about to fly into a rage, he saw Zhou Mingfei follow the woman out.

The eldest son of the Zhou family, Zhou Jingyun, was standing beside him.

Li Tu was shocked and quickly greeted, “Eldest Young Master, Boss, and…” his gaze fell on Jiang Tong, and he looked bewildered.

“My sister-in-law.

You all should get to know her.

From now on, shes part of the family.” Zhou Mingfei pointed at Jiang Tong and introduced her to Li Tu.

When Li Tu heard this, he quickly lowered his head and greeted, “Hello, Young Madam!”

Jiang Tong raised her eyebrows, but she did not correct how Li Tu addressed her.

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After Li Tu finished his greetings, Zhou Mingfei began to ask about serious matters at hand.

Li Tu led the way and said, “Boss, they are in box 9999.

Ill take you there.”

The group quickly arrived at the door of the box.

Zhou Mingfei opened the door and entered first.

Then, his hearty laughter rang out from inside, “Hahaha, Boss Zheng, long time no see.

You look really good today.”

Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun entered and saw Zhou Mingfei shaking hands with a bald middle-aged man.

This person was Boss Zheng, also known as Zheng Jun.

“Long time no see.

Young Master Zhou, you still look elegant.” Although Zheng Jun was shaking hands with Zhou Mingfei, he had a fake smile on his face.

If it was in the past, he would not dare to treat Zhou Mingfei with such an attitude.

Jiang Tongs gaze swept over them.

Without looking much, her gaze fell on the gambling table.

She saw a mountain of chips piled up on the left side of the gambling table.

Beside it stood a refined middle-aged man wearing rimless glasses.

This man was the gambling expert that Zheng Jun had brought, the one he had invited from Las Vegas.

On the right side of the gambling table, there was only a few million dollars worth of chips left.

The other gambler was a thin middle-aged man who was not very tall.

His gambling skills were the strongest in Lihao Ballroom! From the looks of it, all the gambling experts in Lihao Ballroom had taken turns.

Even the strongest ones had taken the stage, but they still could not turn the situation around.

The thin middle-aged mans hands trembled as he flipped through the cards.

After he saw the cards, he suddenly placed the cards on the table.

Cold sweat flowed down his back.

It was over.

He had lost big this time!

Jiang Tong glanced at the situation and directly walked over with her long fair legs.

She said, “Move aside.

Let me do it.”

The thin middle-aged man was stunned.

He did not know Jiang Tong, but he knew Zhou Jingyun who had followed her.

He hesitated and then moved aside.

He even instinctively glanced at Zhou Mingfei.


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