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“The Liang family…” Zhou Mingfei muttered.

The relationships between the families in City Z were good.

Although they fought openly and covertly, they were harmonious on the surface.

However, the Zhou family and the Liang family were exceptions.

The Liang family had been their enemy for many years, and they had even started an all-out war.

Many people from the two families were sent to prison because of that.

The two families did not stop fighting until their old masters retired from their high positions.

However, in recent years, there were still conflicts between the two families.

Moreover, due to the Zhou familys mismanagement in the past few years, the Liang family had gained the upper hand.

It was also because of this that Old Master Zhou tried to force Zhou Jingyun to marry Shao Ying.

He wanted to join forces with the Shao family to fight against the Liang family!

“I understand.

I will tell my grandfather,” Zhou Mingfei nodded.

Since this matter involved the conflict between the two big families, the problem would definitely not be so simple.

Although the big problem was solved, there would still be a steady stream of small problems.

This could only be solved quickly with the old mans help.

“Also…” Jiang Tong knocked on the table and continued, “When you report to your old man, dont mention me.”

“Huh” Zhou Mingfei was puzzled.

Jiang Tong smiled and hugged Zhou Jingyuns arm.

She said, “Its good enough that you know about your brother and me.

Your grandfather wants Jingyun to marry Shao Ying.

So if he knows about my existence now, it wont be beneficial to your brother and me.”

Zhou Mingfei nodded in understanding.

He replied, “Okay, I understand.

When the time comes, Ill tell Grandfather that I discovered all these myself.” Just as he was about to compliment Jiang Tong, his phone rang.

Zhou Mingfei frowned, he hung up the phone without hesitation.

However, not long after, the other party called again.

Zhou Mingfei could only smile apologetically at Jiang Tong.

Then, he picked up the phone and cursed, “What the h*ll is wrong with you!”

“Boss…” the other party was Zhou Mingfeis trusted aide.

He braced himself and reported.

Within a short period, Zhou Mingfeis expression changed rapidly.

Slowly, he calmed down and asked, “How much did you lose Two hundred million! Alright, Ill be there right away.”

After saying that, Zhou Mingfei hung up the phone.

Then, he said to Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun, “Brother, Sister-in-law, please wait for me for a moment.

Something happened at the casino.

I have to go take a look.

“After saying that, he had an anxious expression on his face as he prepared to head out.

“Is it Boss Zheng from Jingmei Aluminum Company” Jiang Tong suddenly asked.

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Zhou Mingfeis footsteps instantly stopped.

He turned around and looked at Jiang Tong with a face full of shock! ! How did she know!

“Lets go and take a look together.” Jiang Tong swept the nonexistent dust on the hem of her dress and smiled at Zhou Mingfei.

Although Zhou Jingyun did not understand what had happened, he also stood up.

Jiang Tong took the opportunity to hold his arm.

Zhou Mingfei saw their natural movements and no longer doubted Jiang Tongs identity.

This woman was so strong.

Only such a person was worthy to be his sister-in-law!


The three of them went out.

More than ten bodyguards followed behind them and walked towards the stairs.

In terms of size, the Lihao Ballroom might not be the largest in the country, but it was definitely the highest grade.

The entire building had 11 floors.

It was not too high, but it took up a lot of space.

The first floor was the biggest bar and KTV in City Z.

The second to seventh floors were the bathing club, and the eighth floor was the staff area, the ninth and tenth floors were the casinos and the luxury suites.

The 11th floor was the core area.

The casinos were the main source of income for the Lihao Ballroom.

The casinos only received regular customers, and the security was very tight.

They gained their customers through friends who brought along their friends.

More than a dozen people entered the elevator.

After the bodyguard swiped his card, he pressed the elevator button that led to the ninth floor.

“Sister-in-law, how did you know it was Boss Zheng from Jingmei Aluminum Company” Zhou Mingfei finally asked what he was thinking about.

“Boss Zheng arrived in City Z yesterday.

He even specially invited a gambling expert from Las Vegas to come here.

He wants to avenge the humiliation he received in the past.” Jiang Tong raised her head and looked at the elevator floor on the display screen.

She smiled and said, “You arranged for someone to win 300 million dollars from him, and then a problem arose.

Boss Zheng is very close to the Liang family.”

Speaking of which, the reason why Zhou Mingfei was tricked this time was not that the Lihao Ballroom was too ostentatious, nor was it because he arranged for someone to secretly film some important people spending their money here.

It was also not because he had threatened anyone.

The actual reason was the casino.

The business of Zhou Mingfei and Xing Lin was basically Xing Lin, who socialized a lot, would use his connections, and pulled some rich people to the Lihao Ballroom to gamble.

Zhou Mingfei would arrange for these rich people to win first and then lose.

In the end, they would lose everything here.

Of course, Zhou Mingfei would not do things so ruthlessly.

Most of the time, he would just let them lose 50 to 60 million dollars and stop it there.


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