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“Unfortunately, I still didnt die.

I woke up at seven oclock in the morning on the 4th of April, and the cycle continued.” Jiang Tong supported her chin with one hand, the light in her eyes with thick black eyeliner slowly dimmed.

“Its too long, and its too boring.”

It was mainly because she was lonely.

Jiang Tong would just befriend someone today, but when she saw them the next day, they would not recognize her anymore.

The man who she slept with was obviously so passionate in bed, but when he woke up, he acted like a stranger.


The bar had changed to a different dance song at some point.

The intense drumming was so loud that it was hard to hear.

The center of the stage was full of people.

Their corner was eerily quiet in comparison.

Ji Lanzhou looked at Jiang Tong.

She was in the liveliest place, but she seemed to be isolated from the bustle, like a pitiful person who was abandoned by the whole world.

“What about the remaining five-sixths of the time you spent repeating this day” Ji Lanzhou suddenly asked.

“Ah” Jiang Tong was stunned for a moment and then smiled.

She replied, “Learning, doing all kinds of things, not letting myself rest.

Only when there is something for me to do can I effectively prevent myself from going crazy.

After all, being trapped in the same day for 500 years is very boring.”

Ji Lanzhou coughed again.

He bent his back, covered his mouth and nose, and coughed continuously.

His brows were slightly furrowed.

The hair on his forehead was slightly messy, which made him look even more sickly.

His physical condition was indeed not very good.

Jiang Tongs gaze fell on the hand that was covering his mouth and nose.

Ji Lanzhous hand was very beautiful.

His fingers were long and slender.

His skin was sickly pale, and one could clearly see the blue and purple blood vessels on the back of his hand.

His skin was like a top-quality glazed jade.

After a short while, Ji Lanzhou stopped coughing.

He looked at Jiang Tong and asked, “Then how did you seduce me before Thirty thousand days… Did you not manage to seduce me even once Or…” his glossy peach blossom eyes looked at Jiang Tong with a half-smile.

“After you successfully seduced me, you got addicted to me.

So you keep coming back to look for me”

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Jiang Tong was shocked by the charm that Ji Lanzhou exuded at that moment, her eyes stared at him without any restraint.

She replied, “I can guarantee that no matter who seduces you, they will feel addicted to you.

Its just a pity… that I didnt manage to seduce you even after thirty thousand days.” Her tone was a little defeated.

She had seduced many men in the endless cycle of time because she was bored.

The longest time she had used was only thirty days.

However, with Ji Lanzhou, she had used thirty thousand days to seduce him and she still hadnt managed to seduce him yet!


Of course, Jiang Tong was also very grateful to Ji Lanzhou.

In this endless repeating cycle, Ji Lanzhou had given her a great challenge and gave her a goal.

“You are very brave,” Ji Lanzhou chuckled.

As the most honorable young master of the Ji family, it had been a long time since someone dared to talk to him like that.

“Because I dont care.

Even if I offended you today, I can restart again tomorrow,” Jiang Tong shrugged.

Ji Lanzhou chuckled again, “You are so skilled.

It seems that you have said a lot of such things.”

Jiang Tong imitated Ji Lanzhou and lazily leaned against the sofa.

She said, “Lets put it this way.

I have managed to seduce all the top-class handsome men in Z City.”


There were over ten million people in City Z, and there were around ten thousand people who could catch Jiang Tongs eye.

Of course, Ji Lanzhou was at the top of the pyramid among these handsome men.

Ji Lanzhou asked, “You mean, they all know you”

Jiang Tong shook her head and replied, “No, they dont.

Im the only one who recognizes and understands them.”

Just as Ji Lanzhou was about to say something, his phone vibrated twice.

He opened it and saw a notification about the news.

His peach blossom eyes scanned his phone for a moment before he extended his phone to Jiang Tong.

He asked, “Want to take a look”

This was a piece of news about a gold store robbery.

At 10 am this morning, the “Six Blessings Gold Store” located in the business street of City Z was robbed.

Gold, silver, and jewelry worth 10 million dollars were stolen, and two employees were injured.

The robbery had been solved by the police.

One of the robbers was on the run, and three robbers were caught.

“Hmm Whats wrong” Jiang Tong took a look at the news.

“Look at the last photo.” Ji Lanzhou leaned over and pointed at her.

As he got closer, a fresh pine fragrance lingered at the tip of her nose.

Jiang Tong couldnt help but take a few more sniffs of the scent.

Ji Lanzhou was indeed a man who stood at the top of Z Citys beauty pyramid.

His whole body was fragrant, tempting people to take a bite.

The last photo on the news was of the owner of Six Blessings Jewelry, Xie Guofu, shaking hands to thank the police for the photo.

Standing beside Xie Guofu was a man with short hair and an icy expression on his face.

He was Xie Guofus son and the current Vice President of Six Blessings Corporation, Xie Wenkai.

“With Xie Wenkais looks and wealth, he can be considered a top-notch handsome man.

Tell me what you know about him.” Ji Lanzhou noticed Jiang Tong sniffing his fragrance and frowned unhappily.

Then, he returned to the spot where he was seated earlier.



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