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However, Zhou Jingyun and Zhou Mingfei were only one year apart.

The two of them grew up together.

They were together in primary school, middle school, and high school.

In school, Zhou Jingyun took care of his younger brother in every way possible.

This resulted in a very good relationship between the two brothers.

Zhou Mingfei was against the familys decision to sacrifice Zhou Jingyuns marriage and make him marry that crazy woman, Shao Ying.

However, it was useless for a junior like him to oppose it.

He also did not have Zhou Jingyuns courage to challenge his grandfather.

Later, when he found out that Zhou Jingyun had found a fake girlfriend to trick his family, Zhou Mingfei did not care about it.

He just treated the fake girlfriend as a tool.

He did not care about the fake girlfriend, so Zhou Jingyun lacked someone to help him.

Therefore, this time, Zhou Jingyun hoped that Jiang Tong, the fourth fake girlfriend, could be a little more real.

After all, Jiang Tong was too special compared to his previous three girlfriends.

Not only was she good-looking, but she was also very brave.

Most importantly, she knew everything about the underlying situation.

She knew about the bet as well as Shao Yings ruthless methods.

However, his previous three fake girlfriends did not know about it.

They even foolishly thought that Zhou Jingyun had fallen in love with them because they were lucky.

Although Zhou Jingyun was not intimate with them in private and had not even held their hands, those women were still enjoying themselves.

They thought that one day, they would be recognized by Zhou Jingyun and become the wife of a wealthy family.

They were really daydreaming!

Zhou Jingyun had failed too many times.

He had to succeed this time.

He had to make it so that no one could see through this fake girlfriend act.

He needed to let everyone believe that he had really gotten a girlfriend! As long as Zhou Mingfei believed that Zhou Jingyun was serious about Jiang Tong, Zhou Mingfei would do his best to help him and not be restricted by the family.

When Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong went downstairs, all the employees on the five floors of the Jingyun Fashion office saw that their icy CEO holding a beautiful womans waist as he went downstairs.

Although their boss had gotten a girlfriend before, the boss always acted as if he didnt have any interest in them.

He didnt even hold hands with his previous girlfriends!

But what was happening right now

Jiang Tong, Zhou Jingyun, and a few bodyguards went downstairs together.

They took the elevator to the underground parking lot.

Three cars drove over to them.

They were all famous luxury cars.

Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun went to the Maybach in the middle, and the whole group set off grandly.

In the Lihao Ballroom.

“You said that the person made you cut off your finger” Zhou Mingfeis face was already starting to look ferocious.

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“Yes, that person was very arrogant.

It doesnt seem to be the first time that she and the gigolo beside her used your name to swindle people.

They seemed quite proficient and seasoned,” Liu Laoer said in a well-behaved manner.

Because Liu Laoer was the person involved in that situation, Liu Da let Liu Laoer recount the situation he had experienced last night.

Liu Laoer told Young Master Zhou everything that happened yesterday, he did not hide anything at all.


The veins on Zhou Mingfeis forehead bulged.

He was very angry.

There was actually someone in City Z who was so audacious that she dared to use his name to swindle others! If this news spread, he would be humiliated!

“That person was in Guan Sandaos bar” Zhou Mingfei asked with a dark face.

“Yes,” Liu Laoer nodded.

Zhou Mingfei took out his phone and dialed Guan Sandaos number.

He said into the phone, “Old Guan, come to my shop.”

Ten minutes later, Guan Sandao rushed over with his men.

After he passed the security check, he nodded to Zhou Mingfei first.

When his gaze landed on Liu Da and Liu Laoer, his expression suddenly darkened.

He said, “Wow, the Liu brothers are here too.

I was just about to look for you.

Your men stole my car.

I didnt expect to see you here.”

“What do you mean my men stole your car” Liu Das expression changed drastically.

He stood up agitatedly and scolded, “What the f*ck are you talking about When did my men steal your car!”

Liu Da would never admit that he stole a car.

In front of Zhou Mingfei, he did not dare to do anything that would “destroy the peace”.

He could not bear the responsibility of breaking the peace!

Guan Sandao spoke so confidently because Zhou Mingfei was present.

He said, “Yesterday in my bar, wasnt that man and woman your friends”

“Those two people yesterday” Liu Da knew Guan Sandao had misunderstood the moment he heard him.

“Old Guan, sit down first.

Theres a misunderstanding here.

I called you here to ask you if you know those two from last night.

Are they your regular customers” Zhou Mingfei asked.

“Misunderstanding” Guan Sandao was stunned.

Seeing that Zhou Mingfei also knew about those two, he was inwardly wary.

After sitting down, he told Zhou Mingfei everything that happened yesterday.

When he brought his men back to the bar in the middle of the night yesterday, he found Liu Laoer and his men waiting for him.

Liu Laoer even cut off a finger, and it was dripping with blood.

He thought that they were going to fight each other, but he didnt expect Liu Laoer and his men to apologize first.

Liu Laoer was very polite, and he even called Guan SandaoBrother Guan.

Liu Laoer said that he would compensate the bar for all the losses.


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