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Lihao Ballroom, in the private room on the top floor.

“Shes really not one of your people Thats strange.

That woman actually dared to use your name and even knew my phone number.

Shes really too bold!” A middle-aged man wearing a Chinese tunic suit and donning a pair of glasses looked refined.

He spoke respectfully to a handsome young man in a white shirt.

Behind the middle-aged man stood a man with a strong build who had his hands wrapped in bandages.

This middle-aged man who looked refined in a Chinese tunic suit was the famous Liu Da in City Z, also known as Boss Liu.

The handsome young man in front of him was the legendary “Young Master Zhou”.

Behind Liu Da was Liu Laoer, who had his finger cut off yesterday.

After receiving the phone call last night, Liu Da was so scared that he did not sleep the whole night.

Thus, he came to apologize to Young Master Zhou early in the morning.

He thought that Liu Laoer had offended Young Master Zhous people last night.

But he did not expect that Young Master Zhou actually didnt know anything about this! He even said that he hadnt arranged for anyone to contact Guan Sandao.

There were no women among his trusted aides either.

As for his lovers, they also would not dare to mess around with other men behind his back.


“She dared to use my name to scare people Liu Da, what did that woman say yesterday” Young Master Zhou sneered and looked at Liu Da.

“She…” Liu Da was about to say something when he was interrupted.

“Ring, ring, ring.” Young Master Zhous phone rang.

He raised his hand and gestured for Liu Da to stop.

He took out his phone to take a look and immediately answered the call.

The serious-looking Young Master Zhou hollered with a smile, “Brother, youve got some free time to give me a call Whats up”

Zhou Jingyun: “Where are you”

Young Master Zhou: “In the shop.”

Zhou Jingyun: “Come over… forget it, Ill go look for you.

Wait for me in the shop.”

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Zhou Jingyun was puzzled.

He asked, “Brother, are you looking for me for something Then I…”

“Cut the crap.” After Zhou Jingyun said that, he directly hung up the phone.

Young Master Zhou listened to the ringing of the disconnected line on the phone and smiled helplessly.

He looked at Liu Da and said, “My older brother will be coming over in a bit.”

“Then you should go ahead and do whatever you need to do.

We will…” said Liu Da.

He was about to get up and leave when Young Master Zhou stopped him.

“No need, just wait for my brother to arrive before you leave.” Young Master Zhou waved his hand.

“Tell me more about that woman.

Damn it, how dare she use my name to scare people Ill kill her myself!”

In the Huanyu buildings Jingyun Fashion office, Zhou Jingyun hung up the phone and walked to the side to get his coat.

At the same time, he said, “Lets go, follow me to see my brother and tell him about this face to face.”

“Okay.” Jiang Tong stood up.

“Oh, right.” Zhou Jingyun had just put on his coat when he suddenly turned around to look at Jiang Tongs outfit and frowned.

Jiang Tongs face was quite stunning, but this outfit… Zhou Jingyun ordered the bodyguard outside the door, “Bring a clean dress over.” Jingyun Fashion sold perfume and gowns, so they do not lack clothes at all.

Jiang Tong understood what Zhou Jingyun meant.

He disliked her dress and thought it was too shabby.

She didnt look like his girlfriend with this kind of outfit.

After the bodyguard brought the clothes over, Jiang Tong quickly went to the lounge to change.

The bodyguard chose a black one-piece dress.

The deep V-neck dress revealed the curves of Jiang Tongs chest.

Her loose hair was shifted to her chest area, and her fair skin shone even more under the contrast of the black cloth.


Zhou Jingyun looked at Jiang Tong who came out of the lounge, and a glint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

“Your bodyguard has good taste.” Jiang Tong was also very satisfied with her outfit.

After all, no woman did not like to be beautiful, especially a woman like Jiang Tong who had a unique advantage.

Zhou Jingyun grunted and went forward to hold Jiang Tongs waist.

He said, “When you see my brother, no matter how much he asks you, dont reveal that youre my fake girlfriend.

Even if he threatens you, youre still my girlfriend.

Do you understand”

“I understand.” Jiang Tong snapped her fingers in understanding.

She knew that Zhou Jingyun did not want to repeat the same mistake.

His previous three fake girlfriends all had terrible endings.

The problem was that everyone knew that his girlfriend was fake.

Shao Ying knew, the Zhou family knew, and even Zhou Jingyuns younger brother, Zhou Mingfei, knew.

Because it was fake, no one cared about the lives of those women.

It was difficult for Zhou Jingyun to protect anyone by himself.

However, when it came to protecting people, Zhou Mingfei was the one with the real strength and power to do so.

His power and influence in the underworld were not inferior to Shao Ying.

Zhou Mingfei was 26 years old this year.

He was the youngest child of the Zhou family.

He had been pampered since he was young, so he could use most of the Zhou familys power.

He was different from the rebellious Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Mingfei was used to the Zhou familys way of thinking, he also adopted the Zhou familys habits in his way of life.

Therefore, although he was younger than Zhou Jingyun, his status in the Zhou family was much higher than Zhou Jingyuns.


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