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“Can you not call meBig Brother” Zhou Jingyun finally replied.

He looked at Xie Wenkai from the corner of his eyes.

He didnt want to hear the wordBig Brother anymore.

He was terrified.

“Oh, okay.

Then Ill continue to call you Director Zhou.” Xie Wenkai immediately changed the way he addressed Zhou Jingyun.

In fact, he didnt really want to call Zhou JingyunBig Brother.

He just felt that Zhou Jingyun got together with Jiang Tong first, so he had to behave himself and address Zhou Jingyun accordingly.

However, now that Zhou Jingyun didnt allow Xie Wenkai to call himBig Brother, it was even better.

“Xie Wenkai, dont forget to apply the medicine.” Jiang Tong suddenly spoke.

Xie Wenkais hand had been scalded when he was cooking just now, so she reminded him to apply medicine to his wound.

“Ah, right.

Babe, do you have ointment for burns at home” Xie Wenkai asked.

Jiang Tong shook her head and replied, “No, you can go down and buy it yourself.”

“Okay,” Xie Wenkai nodded.

As he spoke, he stood up and immediately took off his clothes.

Zhou Jingyun, who was at the side, looked as if he had seen a ghost.

His eyes quickly widened.

Although he was also a man, Xie Wenkai just took off his clothes in front of him… was it really not a problem Zhou Jingyun watched helplessly as Xie Wenkai threw the T-shirt to the side.

His upper body was bare without clothes.

The wounds on his body were completely exposed in front of Zhou Jingyun.

As Jiang Tong did not hit him too hard, most of the marks on Xie Wenkais body had almost disappeared, and it was impossible to tell what Jiang Tong had done to Xie Wenkai.

Only through the remaining marks could Zhou Jingyun tell that Xie Wenkai and Jiang Tong were having a crazy time together.

Xie Wenkai quickly put on his clothes and then put on his cap and mask.

Then, he said to Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong, “You guys continue.

Ill be right back.” With that, he rushed out of the door.

He knew where the pharmacy was.

Nowadays, pharmacies were everywhere.

When he and Jiang Tong came back, they noticed that there was a pharmacy at the right corner of the alley.

The door opened and closed.

Zhou Jingyun, who was sitting at the back of Jiang Tongs waist, slowly stood up when he heard the sound of the door closing.

He jumped out of the bed and rolled up his sleeves.

He looked straight at Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong also sat up and tidied up her clothes.

She knew that Zhou Jingyun wouldnt be in the mood to continue massaging her at this time.

“Arent you going to explain” Zhou Jingyun crossed his arms and stared at Jiang Tong.

“Why dont you give me 100 million and Ill tell you the truth and the whole story” Jiang Tong smiled and raised her head.

“Is it interesting” Zhou Jingyun narrowed his eyes.

Of course, he wouldnt give Jiang Tong 100 million for such gossip-like information.

After all, the matter between Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai had nothing to do with him.

He had lost the bet with Jiang Tong, but that didnt mean that he had to know how he had lost.

It didnt mean that he had to know how Jiang Tong had done it.

In any case, he had already lost.

How had Jiang Tong dealt with Xie Wenkai What had happened between Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai Although Zhou Jingyun was so curious that his thoughts had become a mess, he wouldnt be a sucker to give Jiang Tong 100 million dollars.


Of course, its interesting.

Its very interesting,” Jiang Tong laughed again.

“Its okay if you dont tell me.

Ill find out on my own.” Zhou Jingyun narrowed his eyes.

“Whatever.” Jiang Tong didnt care because Zhou Jingyun wouldnt be able to find out.

Zhou Jingyun took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Okay, I wont ask what happened between you and Xie Wenkai.

But the Xie family investigated you because of your relationship with Xie Wenkai, right”

There was no need to hide this matter.

Jiang Tong said casually, “I took Xie Wenkai to escape from the control of the Xie family.”

Zhou Jingyun took a deep breath and looked at Jiang Tong.

Then, he asked, “Then what do you plan to do now Marry Xie Wenkai Marry into the Xie family”

Jiang Tong looked at Zhou Jingyun and asked, “Do you think I look like Im going to get married”

Zhou Jingyun asked, “Then what are you going to do Do you plan to break up with Xie Wenkai Do you want to never see him again Even if you break up with Xie Wenkai, the Xie family wont let you off.” The Xie familys desire to control Xie Wenkai had reached an abnormal level.

Jiang Tong clicked her tongue.

“Cant I do something else” After saying that, Jiang Tong smiled at Zhou Jingyuns puzzled gaze.

Then, she confidently said, “For example… dealing with the Xie family.”

“Dealing with the Xie family” Zhou Jingyun smiled and laughed mockingly, “Youre really daydreaming.” After saying that, he pressed his temples and walked to the window to look outside.

He was a little irritated.

It was not only because Jiang Tong had Xie Wenkai by her side, but also because he was forced to get involved in the Xie familys matters.


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