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Zhou Jingyun even suspected that Jiang Tong had found a man who looked like Xie Wenkai or a man who had plastic surgery to look like Xie Wenkai to trick him! However, he quickly dismissed this idea because the man could have plastic surgery on his face, but he could not change his temperament and vibe.

Especially his temperament, which had to be cultivated over the years.

Xie Wenkais temperament, even though he was wearing an apron, and holding a big spoon in his hand, still gave people a feeling of being high and mighty as well as unworldly.

Therefore, Xie Wenkai could not be fake, but because he was real, it was even more terrifying! What on Earth was going on!

“Nothing much.

My real boyfriend.” Jiang Tong smiled and pointed at Xie Wenkai who was busy in the kitchen.

“Your boyfriend How did Xie Wenkai become your boyfriend When did this happen” Zhou Jingyun frowned.

“Didnt the Xie family investigate you before You never said that you were very close to Xie Wenkai.”

“It happened today,” Jiang Tong shrugged.

“I only became familiar with him today.”

“Only became familiar with him today!” Zhou Jingyuns mind was a mess.

He pulled Jiang Tong and asked in a low voice, speaking very quickly to her.

At this moment, Xie Wenkais voice came from the kitchen, “Babe, help me flip the vegetables.

Im busy here and cant spare the time.”

“Coming,” Jiang Tong answered and signaled to Zhou Jingyun, “Ill go over first.”

Jiang Tong went into the kitchen, but Zhou Jingyun didnt follow her.

He took a few steps and sat on the sofa.

Then, he raised his hand to cover his forehead.

He suspected that he was sick and was hallucinating.


“The kitchen is so hot.” At this time, Xie Wenkais voice came from the kitchen again.

“Its a little stuffy for me to wear this.

Do you have any larger clothes here that I can wear”

“Yes, there are also some old clothes.

They are all clean and are bigger in size.

They are in the cabinet in the bedroom.

Go and have a look.

Pick one out.” Jiang Tong replied.

“Alright, then you keep an eye on the dishes in the pot.

Ill go and change.” After Xie Wenkai finished speaking, he came out of the kitchen and saw Zhou Jingyun sitting on the sofa.

He nodded and smiled as he greeted, “Director Zhou, please wait for a while.

The dishes will be ready soon.

It wont take long.” After saying that, he walked into the bedroom and closed the bedroom door.

Zhou Jingyun sat expressionlessly.

He felt that he needed to calm down.

Two minutes later, Xie Wenkai came out of the bedroom and changed into Jiang Tongs t-shirt.

The t-shirt was a loose-fitting version, so it didnt look out of place on him.

Xie Wenkai was still holding an apron in his hand.

As he walked out, he put on the apron and tied the strings behind his back.

At this moment, the sound of washing was heard in the bathroom.

The clothes had been washed and could be taken out to dry.

Xie Wenkai glanced at the bathroom and then asked Jiang Tong in the kitchen, “Babe, do we dry the clothes on the balcony The bed sheets too It wont dry, right”

Zhou Jingyun stood up from the sofa.

Xie Wenkai washed the clothes too Zhou Jingyun, who had just calmed down, exploded again! Crazy, it must be crazy.

The world had gone crazy! Zhou Jingyun now felt that the world in front of him was very unreal.

It was as if he was watching a very strange movie.

He saw Xie Wenkai come out of the bathroom with a basin in his arms, the basin was filled with washed clothes and bed sheets that needed to be dried! He also saw Xie Wenkai walk to the balcony and use the clothes drying rack to dry the clothes one by one.

He even used his hand to pull the clothes to make them more even.

Then, Xie Wenkai hollered in the direction of the kitchen, “Babe, the balcony really cant be used to dry the clothes.

What should we do”

Then, Zhou Jingyun saw Jiang Tong come out of the kitchen and go to another room first.

She quickly walked out again with a folded clothes drying rack in her hand.

She arranged the clothes drying rack in the living room and Xie Wenkai carried the basin to Jiang Tongs side.

The two of them pulled the washed bed sheets apart and then pulled them open to put them on the folding clothes drying rack.

“Babe, have you taken a look at the pot” Xie Wenkai suddenly remembered the pot in the kitchen and quickly walked toward the kitchen.

“The stove has been turned off.

Dont worry.” Jiang Tong turned back to look at Xie Wenkai and then walked toward the kitchen.

She and Xie Wenkai entered the kitchen one after another.

Soon, they came out with plates and served the dishes on the table.

Zhou Jingyun had been confused the whole time he was here.

When he heard that Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai wanted him to go to the dining hall to eat, he got up and went to the dining hall in a daze.


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