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Previously, at the bar, Jiang Tong had talked to Ji Lanzhou about Xie Wenkai.

Because of the jewelry robbery at the Six Blessings Corporations store, Ji Lanzhou didnt believe Jiang Tongs words about a 500-year cycle, nor did he believe that Jiang Tong knew a lot of people in City Z.

At that time, Jiang Tong had said that Xie Wenkai had a fatal weakness, but Jiang Tong didnt say tell Ji Lanzhou what it was.

That so-called fatal weakness was actually the forum and Xie Wenkais masochism!

Therefore, it was really not that difficult to deal with Xie Wenkai.

As long as one understood Xie Wenkai well enough, they could take him down in a day without having to make any complicated arrangements!

“Do you have a problem Why are you kissing me without even looking at your surroundings What if a passing car sees you getting intimate with me in the car Are you that shameless” Jiang Tong began to reprimand Xie Wenkai, who was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Xie Wenkais gaze looked a little aggrieved, but it was more of an unconventional kind of gaze.

Masochism was not just physical.

Verbal abuse could also make them feel good.

Today, Jiang Tong had dug out Xie Wenkais hidden side.

Jiang Tong had given him the courage to bring him to this step.

This might not be a bad thing for him, at least that was what Xie Wenkai thought.

Xie Wenkais problem was formed over time.

If he wasnt properly guided and appropriately set himself free, he might do something in the future.

He might even commit suicide by jumping off a building.

“Sit up straight.” Jiang Tong saw Xie Wenkai sitting in the passenger seat.

She frowned and said in a very aggressive tone, “Dont you have any bones”

Xie Wenkai blinked his eyes and sat up obediently.

Jiang Tong shouted again, “Seatbelt.” Xie Wenkai put on the seatbelt again.

He liked Jiang Tongs commanding tone, it made him feel comfortable.

Of course, he couldnt accept all the commanding words.

For example, his mothers various restrictions and arrangements made him feel particularly uncomfortable.

“Lets go somewhere else.” After Jiang Tong said that, she started the Lamborghini again.

“Where are we going” Xie Wenkai asked in a soft voice.

His tone was especially soft.

He was now in an enigmatic state of being abused and ordered around.

“Where do you want to go” Jiang Tong asked Xie Wenkai.

Xie Wenkai glanced at Jiang Tong.

There was a different emotion in his eyes.

He replied in a soft voice, “Ill go wherever you go.”

Jiang Tong nodded.

“Okay, then lets go to my house.” Xie Wenkai paused for a moment and then replied in a low voice, “Okay.”

Jiang Tong stepped on the accelerator and drove home very quickly.

When they got home, they would be able to get some things done.

Although Xie Wenkai had watched a lot of pornographic films, he had not really done it yet.

He was still a virgin.

Most men in their twenties were full of lust, but Xie Wenkai had always been suppressed by his family.

The more he had been suppressed, the more he thought about all these privately.

Jiang Tong wanted to bring Xie Wenkai home now and do something that she often did during her 500-year cycle!

Half an hour later, the Lamborghini entered the main city district.

By this time, they should have already reached home, but Jiang Tong did not return to the villa in South Washington.

Zhou Mingfei had already given the villa to her and registered it under her name.

Therefore, she had to return to the old house in the alley.

The old house was under her parents name.

The Xie family was looking for her and would investigate her.

Therefore, going to the house under her name was not safe.

Someone might suddenly visit that house, so she wanted to return to the old house.

In this way, no one would disturb her for the whole day!

Soon, the Lamborghini stopped in the alley.

Jiang Tong was very careful when she brought Xie Wenkai back.

She got out of the car first and bought a mask before returning to the car.

She was not afraid of being seen by the neighbors, but Xie Wenkai could not afford to be seen by outsiders.

Xie Wenkai was the successor of the Six Blessings Corporation, a famously handsome man in City Z.

He was extremely popular and he was frequently on the news.

In addition to the recent Six Blessings jewelry robbery, he had even more public appearances.

Therefore, he could not be seen by others.

Thus, Jiang Tong went down to buy two masks to avoid being seen by others.

It was already two oclock in the afternoon.

Jiang Tong brought Xie Wenkai back at sometime after ten oclock in the morning.

A full four hours had passed.

Upstairs, in Jiang Tongs bedroom, Jiang Tong was wearing a white silk halter dress, exposing her sexy long legs.

She bent down and used a small shovel to shovel the wax oil that was on the small cabinet.

She bought the candles when she bought the mask.

More than half of the candles had been burned, and a lot of the wax oil had dripped onto the table.


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