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Xie Wenkai had once secretly lurked on the forum for a long time.

He only read the messages on the forums and did not upload any posts.

He had only made a few comments, but it was all to encourage people who were as confused as he was in the past year.

It wasnt until two years ago that Xie Wenkai finally posted his first and only post.

It had a total of 3,000 words! Xie Wenkai expressed his confusion in the forum post.

He mentioned his family, but he didnt mention his family background.

Instead, he talked about how his family treated him.

There were a lot of unscrupulous complaints about the people around him, he even expressed his despair about life, saying that he was a well-dressed puppet.

He also emphasized his mothers character.

Traditional, stubborn, bossy, and had a strong desire to control everything! Of course, he also mentioned his masochism.

The purpose of his post was to vent, so he had said everything that he shouldnt have said.

When facing strangers on the Internet, he didnt need to sit and tell them face to face.

No one knew each other, and the other party didnt know who he was, so he dared to say anything.

Xie Wenkai said that he wanted to fall in love.

He hoped that the people around him wouldnt be so cautious and put him on such a high pedestal.

He said that he wanted to rebel against his mother and do all the things that his mother wouldnt let him do, the more outrageous, the better.

This post was essentially a venting post.

Although Xie Wenkai said everything, he didnt say anything about finding a partner in the post.

The main point was to vent his emotions.

However, on that forum, no one cared about why he had become a masochist.

After the post was posted, Xie Wenkai was shocked.

His post had not only become a hot topic on the forum, but it had also received countless comments.

He even received thousands of private messages overnight.

They were all asking to sleep with him.

Xie Wenkai was really frightened! He was very regretful.

He felt that he was not the same as the people on the forum.

The people on the forum were a bunch of lunatics!

Xie Wenkai regretted posting this post, but he could not delete it.

He had looked for the administrator of the forum, but the administrator would not delete it.

The forums server was overseas, so it was very difficult for him to use his connections to block it.

Or rather, he did not dare to use his connections to delete this post! Because he did not dare to let anyone know of his involvement with this forum! For many days after that, Xie Wenkai kept reading the forum posts to see when his popularity would drop.

Later, when the popularity of his post finally dropped, he rarely went to that forum.

He decided to forget all of this and let his masochism be a secret in his heart forever.

Two years had passed, and Xie Wenkai would no longer take the initiative to think about this matter until he met Jiang Tong.

When Jiang Tong sent a text message to Xie Wenkai, Xie Wenkai was very flustered and scared.

His secret was that he was a masochist.

Although he didnt do anything out of the ordinary and didnt act recklessly, his masochism was already out of the ordinary! Especially when Jiang Tong knew about the post he posted on the forum two years ago.

If it wasnt for the fact that the post couldnt be deleted, Xie Wenkai might not have been so scared because Jiang Tong had no way to prove it.

Furthermore, Xie Wenkais public reputation was very good, so no one would believe Jiang Tongs words.

However, Jiang Tong knew that the post could prove his masochism!

Speaking of which, it was also a coincidence that Jiang Tong found out about Xie Wenkais hidden side.

She had investigated the Xie family in the previous 500 years, focusing on Xie Wenkai.

In the end, she found out that Xie Wenkai was really perfect from the inside out! Perfect to the point of being unassailable! Perfect to the point where she had to admit that there really was someone as perfect as Xie Wenkai in this world! It wasnt until she found Xie Wenkais personal computer during one of her investigations that she discovered a very deep-hidden mysterious folder in Xie Wenkais computer! It was a folder with a lock that couldnt be opened without a password, so Jiang Tong forcibly used hacking methods to look at the hidden files in the computer!

A normal man would have some pornographic movies on his computer.

Some of them had it out of curiosity, and of course, there were also those who liked to watch these things.

This was nothing, and there was no need to hide it.

However, Xie Wenkais hidden pornographic films were masochistic ones! And it was the kind of film where the man was abused by a woman or a man.

This was very unconventional! After Jiang Tong realized how strange it was, she found Xie Wenkais browsing history on the forum in the browser of his personal computer.

She even used the automatically saved account password to log in to Xie Wenkais account on the forum! Thus, that was how Jiang Tong found out about everything.


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