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It was as though a bad person who had done a lot of bad things suddenly started doing good things.

The people around him would say that he had turned around and was a good person.

However, if a good person who had done too many good things suddenly did a bad thing that could not be accepted by the people around him, then others would say that he was a bad person.

They would say that his previous good deeds were all faked.

They would say that he had finally revealed his true colors.

Xie Wenkai had always been burdened by the pressure of being a “Good person”.

The burden he was carrying was too heavy.

It was so heavy that he could not breathe.

He had long had enough of it!

“Hiss!” Jiang Tong suddenly sucked in a breath of cold air.

She pushed Xie Wenkai away and raised her hand to touch the corner of her mouth.

Then, she looked at her fingertips.

There were drops of blood.

Xie Wenkai, who had been pushed back, looked straight at Jiang Tong.

He was breathing very heavily.

He suddenly came over and enveloped Jiang Tongs neck, wanting to kiss her again.

“Wait, wait for a while…” Jiang Tong pushed Xie Wenkai away, but Xie Wenkai kept pouncing on her and was pushed away again.

Jiang Tong took a deep breath and said, “Calm down!” She slapped Xie Wenkais face.

She didnt use too much strength.

After all, Xie Wenkai still had to show his face to others.

However, in the enclosed environment of the car, this slap sounded really loud!

Xie Wenkai covered his face.

Jiang Tong had only slapped Xie Wenkais left cheek, but his entire face was red.

It was bright red, and his breathing was very fast.

He moved his body unnaturally, then turned his head to look at Jiang Tong.

His gaze was very unique, there was no anger, no anger, and no embarrassment.

Instead, there was a hint of anticipation.

“Are you sick” Jiang Tong rolled her eyes and pinched Xie Wenkais arm.

Xie Wenkai shrank back in pain.

He covered the spot where he was pinched and stared straight at Jiang Tong.

His face seemed to have turned even redder, his eyes seemed to be dripping with tears.

Jiang Tong didnt hit Xie Wenkai on purpose, nor did she pinch him on purpose.

She wasnt the kind of woman who would hit a man when she was angry.

However, if this man wanted to be hit, that was another matter, and this was Xie Wenkais most unspeakable secret! He was a person who liked to be abused! Of course, this abuse was not violent, but masochism.

Xie Wenkai was a masochist! Jiang Tong knew this secret, and Xie Wenkai found out that he had this side to him three years ago.

There was once he was busy with work to relieve the pressure brought by his family, social life, and work.

So he went to the gym at home to hit a punching bag.

At that time, the bodyguard following behind him casually gave him a few pointers and even talked about some punching techniques.

His interest was piqued and he directly wanted to fight with the bodyguard.

When the fight really started, the bodyguard gave in to Xie Wenkai.

However, the bodyguard accidentally missed and hit Xie Wenkai.

That was the first time Xie Wenkai was hit, and he felt a certain pleasure when he was punched! It felt good, very good! This was what Xie Wenkai said, and it was the reason why Jiang Tong knew so clearly and knew how Xie Wenkai discovered these details of his masochism.

It was because Xie Wenkai told her personally! That was what Xie Wenkai had told Jiang Tong when she slept with him over the past 500 years!

After Xie Wenkai discovered his masochism, he never fought with anyone again, nor did he hit a punching bag again.

Because after he was accidentally hit by a bodyguard, his mother found out and did not allow him to practice boxing anymore.

She also did not allow him to hit a punching bag.

After that incident, Xie Wenkai used many methods to verify his masochistic tendencies.

He pinched himself, used needles to prick his fingers, and even bought a candle to drip hot wax oil on his arm.

That was when he confirmed that he did indeed have a masochistic tendency!

Perhaps it was because Xie Wenkai was too restrained, or perhaps it was because he had suppressed himself for too long.

When things went too far, they would always go to the other extreme.

He found a sense of belonging in the pain.

It could relieve his stress and release his emotions, it could let him relax and even enjoy himself! After confirming his masochistic tendencies, Xie Wenkai had been afraid.

He was very afraid and felt that he was a pervert.

He had also looked up a lot of information about this on the internet and watched a lot of videos, including some films related to this.

It was only then that he gradually lay his fears to rest.

When he was looking up information on it, he accidentally found a forum.

The people on the forum were either masochistic or sadistic.

They were all people like him.


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