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Xie Wenkai sat in the front passenger seat, his body leaning back against the seat, and his feet subconsciously propped up in front.

When he got into the car and sat down, his heartbeat was very rapid.

It was not because he was tired from running, but because he was too nervous and excited.

He had never thought that he would one day run hand in hand with a woman he had only known for less than an hour! It might be normal for many men to have physical contact with girls, but for Xie Wenkai, it was breaking a taboo.

And now, the speeding car was also stimulating Xie Wenkais adrenaline.

His breathing was very heavy, and his heartbeat was even more intense.

“Are you afraid” Jiang Tong, who was driving, glanced at Xie Wenkai and asked with a smile.

“No, Im not afraid.” Xie Wenkais face was pale, but he still claimed that he was not afraid.

Even if there were no cars on the road, it was still very scary to drive like this.

Everything outside the windows on both sides of the car was rapidly retreating like a stream of light.

This kind of speed… one moment of carelessness and the car would be destroyed and they would die.

It was not that Xie Wenkai was not afraid, but he was not particularly afraid either.

More than that, he felt excited.

This was an experience that he had never experienced before!

Xie Wenkai was the kind of person who would explode once he was suppressed for too long.

It was easy for him to go from one extreme to the other because he had stayed in one extreme for too long.

He had been obedient for too long.

If he was given a chance, he would be very rebellious! However, although Xie Wenkai had many thoughts in the past, he didnt dare to cross the line.

Almost everything would make him apprehensive.

The more apprehensive he was, the more depressed he would be.

“Ring ring ring.” Xie Wenkais phone rang.

Although the wind was very loud at this speed, his ringtone could still be heard.

Xie Wenkai picked up his phone and looked at it.

His expression changed drastically.

Jiang Tong did not even need to look to know that it was a call from Xie Wenkais mother.

Xie Wenkai did not dare to pick up.

“Maybe you can consider being yourself for a day,” Jiang Tong said and then slowed down the car.

Xie Wenkai looked at his ringing phone and hesitated for a few seconds before mustering his courage.

He picked up the phone and put it to his ear.


Madam Xies voice was very cold and sharp as she asked, “Xie Wenkai, where are you”

Xie Wenkai replied, “In the car.”

Madam Xie asked, “With who”

“A friend,” Xie Wenkai responded.

Madam Xie could no longer suppress her anger so she shouted, “Xie Wenkai, what did I teach you Friend When did you get to know this friend of yours Dont you know your own identity Is that woman worthy of you I didnt raise you to run away with another woman.

You even ran with her hand in hand! How did we bring you up Xie Wenkai, you disappoint me! Im telling you, come back right now! Right! Now!”

Madam Xies voice was very loud.

Jiang Tong could vaguely hear it.

Xie Wenkais eyes turned red.

It had been a long time since his mother scolded him so loudly because he had always been obedient and outstanding.

Jiang Tong slowed the car again.

Finally, she kept the speed of the car at 60 kilometers per hour.

Then, she raised her hand and pressed the button to lower the window.

The wind suddenly blew into the car, and the sound of the wind also entered the phone.

Xie Wenkai turned his head to look at Jiang Tong, and Jiang Tong also turned her head to look at Xie Wenkai.

“Xie Wenkai, why arent you talking Are you pretending to be dumb with me Dont forget your surname! You did such a thing, dont you have any shame” Jiang Tong could vaguely hear Madam Xies words.

Holding hands with a woman and running away together was considered shameless Was this called shameless Xie Wenkai wasnt a child.

So what if he had more physical contact with women Maybe not.

In Madam Xies eyes, this was shameless! Madam Xie was a woman who came from a traditional family and had a strong desire to control things.

Jiang Tong glanced at Xie Wenkai again.

She didnt say anything.

There were some choices that Xie Wenkai had to make for himself.

Only when he made his own decision could he truly let go.

“Mom, Im a human, a living person, not a puppet for you to control.” After saying that, Xie Wenkai didnt listen to his mothers sharp and crazy voice on the other end of the phone and directly threw the phone out of the window! Because the car was moving forward, the phone fell to the ground a few meters behind the car and shattered into pieces!

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In the car, Jiang Tong pressed a button again and raised the car window.

She suddenly slowed down and opened the car window to let Xie Wenkai throw the phone out.

Xie Wenkai also understood her meaning and also made up his mind.

There were some things… once there was a first time, there would be a second time.

From the moment Xie Wenkai decided to run with Jiang Tong, he had already changed.


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