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Jiang Tong held Xie Wenkai and swung the golf club.

Pa! This time, the golf ball flew nearly 400 meters.

Xie Wenkais previous best result was only 200 meters.

Jiang Tong watched the golf ball fall to the ground and turned to Xie Wenkai.

She said, “Okay, Im done playing.”

“Are you going back Do you have an emergency” Xie Wenkai asked.

“Its not an emergency.” Jiang Tong looked at her watch and said to Xie Wenkai, “I think your mother may have already brought people to come and catch me.” After saying that, Jiang Tong glanced into the distance.

She said in a low voice, “I noticed your bodyguard talking on the phone earlier.”

Xie Wenkais expression changed drastically.

He looked in the direction where Jiang Tong glanced and suddenly understood that the bodyguard had betrayed him! His mother probably already knew that he was hitting golf balls with a woman here and had intimate physical contact with her.

His mother would definitely come over to check on him!

“Then what should we do now” Xie Wenkai was a little nervous, which was rare.


Dont let anyone stop us first.” Jiang Tong smiled as if she found this matter very interesting.

She then asked in a low voice, “Do you want to run away with me”

“Run with you” Xie Wenkai was dumbfounded.

He looked at Jiang Tong in disbelief.

All of his emotions were written on his face, and his expression was even more nervous than before.

He was not only nervous but he could even be said to be afraid.

To the outside world, he was the senior vice president of the Six Blessings Corporation.

He was a young president with courage and ability.

He was the successor of the Six Blessings Corporation which everyone thought highly of.

He was almost perfect.

Whether it was his appearance, family background, ability, and upbringing, all of them were impeccable! However, Xie Wenkai was afraid of his family, his parents, and especially his mother.

This kind of fear was the same as the children in large families who were afraid of their elders.

For example, in the Zhou family, other than Zhou Jingyun, everyone else was afraid of Elder Zhou, including Zhou Mingfei.

However, even if it was Zhou Mingfei, he had been afraid of Elder Zhou since he was young.

He did not want to disappoint his grandfather, but there was a limit.

However, Xie Wenkai was different.

He had been controlled too much since he was young.

As a result, he tended to try and please others.

It was not that Zhou Mingfei had never made a mistake.

He had even made many mistakes.

When he made a mistake, he thought that at worst, he would be scolded and apologized.

However, Xie Wenkai absolutely would not allow himself to make a mistake!

The reason why Xie Wenkai would not allow himself to make a mistake was usually that he was afraid of the death of the people around him.

In the company, Xie Wenkai was afraid of disappointing the shareholders.

At home, he was afraid that his parents would be disappointed in him.

He had been too outstanding since he was young, so outstanding that he was not allowed to have any flaws.

When Jiang Tong said that his mother was coming over to capture Jiang Tong or both of them even, Xie Wenkai instantly thought of all kinds of terrible consequences.

Xie Wenkais mother did not allow Xie Wenkai to freely fall in love.

She did not allow him to get too close to women his age.

As the successor of the Six Blessings Corporation, his future wife had to go through the familys approval before the family would be satisfied.

Only then could he make a choice.

His partner needed to be screened by the family and they would pick out a few women that were worthy of Xie Wenkai.

After that, they would allow Xie Wenkai to choose from women who were shortlisted.

He did not have any other choice in this aspect.

As for Xie Wenkai and Jiang Tongs various actions on the golf course today, there was no doubt that once Jiang Tong was caught by the Xie family, they would definitely interrogate her with threats and inducements.

This was not a big deal since the two of them werent in a relationship.

However, the problem was that the truth was scarier than people thinking that they were in a relationship! Xie Wenkai was worried that Jiang Tong would reveal the reason why she was here under his mothers interrogation and reveal his secret.

This would be a devastating blow to Xie Wenkai.

At the very least, he thought that this blow would be disastrous.

A person who grew up with all sorts of expectations, a perfect and flawless man, actually turned out to be that kind of man.

Then, he would fall as hard as he soared!

Xie Wenkai really didnt know how he would face the people around him after the secret was revealed.

Jiang Tong said that she wanted to run, but he was still afraid because he felt that running away wouldnt solve any problems.

He had already used the Xie familys power to investigate Jiang Tongs identity.

If he could investigate, his mother could too.

His mother would soon find out who Jiang Tong was and find her.

Most importantly, Jiang Tong not only wanted to run away by herself, but she also wanted to pull him along.

Xie Wenkai was completely stunned.

If they ran away together, wouldnt it be even harder to explain Knowing that his mother was bringing people to find him, he still ran away with Jiang Tong.

This was something that Xie Wenkai didnt even dare to think about!


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