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“Didnt you want me to keep it a secret You dont believe me and its hard for you to believe me, so Im making you believe in me now.

Why are you still unwilling” Jiang Tongs words were very complicated and Xie Wenkai wasnt in the mood to care about what Jiang Tong meant.

He struggled and said, “What do you mean Let go of me first before you speak.” Xie Wenkai wanted to struggle out of Jiang Tongs embrace, but how could Jiang Tong be so strong!

“What do you think will happen if Zhou Jingyun finds out that I taught you how to play golf like this” Jiang Tong suddenly said with a smile.

In an instant, Xie Wenkai stopped moving and stopped struggling.

He knew very well what kind of man Zhou Jingyun was.

Zhou Jingyun was strong and had a strong desire to control things.

In other words, no matter what type of character Zhou Jingyun had, his girlfriend had an inextricable relationship with another man.

Even a man would not be able to accept it! Even if Jiang Tong hugged him and wanted to teach him how to play golf! If this matter was spread to Zhou Jingyuns ears, Zhou Jingyun would probably tear Jiang Tong apart alive!

Therefore, the one who should be afraid now was not Xie Wenkai, but Jiang Tong! Xie Wenkai immediately stopped struggling.

He should not struggle.

Instead, he should cooperate with Jiang Tong and take full advantage of her weakness! In this way, both sides would have something on each other, and it would be very fatal.

In that case, both sides would have a tacit understanding to keep it a secret.

Xie Wenkai thought through everything, so he stopped moving and didnt attempt to struggle anymore.

Originally, the bodyguards who were far away were very surprised when they saw that Xie Wenkai was meeting a woman today.

When they saw that Jiang Tong was actually hugging Xie Wenkai from behind and that Xie Wenkai was struggling, they hurriedly ran in this direction.

However, Xie Wenkai suddenly stopped struggling.

Not only did he stop struggling, but he also lowered his head to talk to Jiang Tong.

This made the bodyguards stop in their tracks, not knowing whether they should go forward… After hesitating for a moment, they still retreated.

At the same time, their expressions became very strange.

Who was this woman Why did she look very intimate with the Eldest Young Master Could it be that the Eldest Young Master was secretly dating her

“Arent you afraid that Ill call Zhou Jingyun right now and tell him what youve done” Xie Wenkai glanced at Jiang Tong.

When his eyes met Jiang Tongs bright and beautiful face, his frown deepened.

“Im afraid.

Of course, Im afraid.” Jiang Tong smiled.

Even though she said that she was afraid, there was no trace of fear on her face.

She shrugged and said, “Look, Im scared that youll tell Zhou Jingyun, and youre scared that Ill tell others about what happened to you.

That way, well be even.” As Jiang Tong spoke, she grabbed Xie Wenkais arm and held the golf club through his hand.

She aimed a couple of times, and then said, “If you dont say it, I wont say it.

Its the best result for me.

Now, youre not worried that Ill reveal your secret, right” She suddenly moved Xie Wenkais body, raised the golf club high, and swung it down again to hit the ball!

“Bang!” The golf ball was hit and flew out.

It drew an exaggerated arc in the air and flew far away.

It landed on the top of the grass slope in the distance and rolled down again.

Xie Wenkai looked in the direction the ball flew.

It was at least three hundred meters.

Jiang Tongs shot was very beautiful, and it was done in the uncomfortable position of hugging him.

“This is how you play golf.

Your pure venting style doesnt consider any techniques and you only use brute force.

It might have been very enjoyable the first few times, but after playing too much, you find that you cant hit the ball very far.

The golf ball might land even closer than before.

Youll feel very uncomfortable, and the effect of relieving your stress wont be so good,” Jiang Tong said while waiting for the service machine to set the ball.

Then, she hugged Xie Wenkai and swung again!

“Bang!” This shot was even farther than the previous one, but it was hard to say exactly how far it was.

It could only be calculated according to the distance between the two sides of the field.

Jiang Tong had skills in golf, but her physical fitness couldnt keep up, so she had no chance of breaking the world record.

However, it was still very easy to reach the distance of a professional player, and she could hit every shot.

“Are you… giving me your weakness on purpose” Xie Wenkai asked hesitantly.

He had too little experience with women, and he did not even have female friends of the same age.

He did not dare to get too close to women.

And now, although he had not met Jiang Tong for long, Jiang Tongs boldness when she suddenly hugged him, her meticulous care when she took the initiative to defuse the panic he was feeling and the unique way the two of them played golf together… Jiang Tongs actions left a deep impression on him.


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