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At around 8 am, Jiang Tong drove out.

When it was close to 9 am, she punctually appeared at the Jinsha Private Club for the appointment she had with Xie Wenkai.

At the entrance of the clubhouse, Jiang Tong dialed Xie Wenkais number and said, “Im here.”

“You may come in directly, Ill let the front desk know.

Come to the golf course.

Im in Area A.” Xie Wenkais voice was as calm and cold as it was the day before.

He hung up after saying that.

Jiang Tong drove into the front yard of the Jinsha Private Club.

The front yard was a huge parking lot.

The Jinsha Private Club was located in the suburbs, but it was not too far away, it was adjacent to the main city.

This place was a very high-end private clubhouse.

The most important thing was that this place was big, very big!

The Jinsha Private Club was different from the Lihao Ballroom that Zhou Mingfei operated.

The business nature of the Jinsha Private Club was stronger.

In short, this was a club for the rich.

It did not look very tall, but it occupied a large area and was very well-designed.

Not only did it have food and lodging, but it also provided swimming, fitness, bowling, tennis, golf, and other entertainment.

They also provided 24-hour concierge service.

This was a high-end business clubhouse that only accepted members and did not accept any individual customers.

Only by applying for a card could one enjoy the service here.

The lowest-level gold card here costs 200,000 dollars a year.

200,000 dollars was only the money for the card.

The expenses were calculated separately.

There was also a diamond card that cost 1 million dollars a year.

Similarly, there was also the highest-grade black card.

A black card was not something that could be obtained just because one had money.

Those who did not have enough status or did not have anyone to recommend them would still be unable to get a black card.

Members of different levels enjoyed different services in the Jinsha Private Club.

According to what Jiang Tong knew, Xie Wenkai had a black card here.

A black card member could bring an unlimited number of other people here to eat and spend.

At the same time, they could use all the entertainment and leisure facilities here.

There were many luxury cars in the parking lot, but because the parking lot was too big, it was still a little empty.

Jiang Tong randomly found a spot to park the Lamborghini and walked in.

She didnt need anyone to guide her, she was very familiar with the way! After entering the hall, she went straight to the front desk.

Jiang Tong had been here many times before.

In the five-hundred-year time loop, there was a time when she often came here.

Although it cost 200,000 dollars to get a card and Jiang Tong didnt have that much savings at that time, she was able to mortgage her house and borrow money from usury.

After completing the procedures, the money was directly transferred to the account.

It could be done in less than a morning.

These were completed especially fast.

Because time would reset every day, Jiang Tong never thought about what to do when the money ran out.

However, when she came to the Jinsha Private Club, she did not need to spend money to get a card every time.

She had snuck in numerous times.

After practicing all her skills, it was not difficult for her to sneak in.

She had once fully enjoyed the leisure and entertainment of the rich people in the upper class.

“Miss, please show me your membership card.

Is this your first time here Do you want to familiarize yourself with the environment first” The receptionist asked with a smile.

“I have an appointment with someone.

His name is Mr.

Xie Wenkai,” Jiang Tong said with a smile.

“Please wait a moment.” After the receptionist said that, she lowered her head as though she was going to check the records.

“Miss Jiang, is it” At this moment, a middle-aged woman in a business suit walked quickly to the side.

She was very beautiful and elegant.

She was the front office manager of the Jinsha Private Club.

“Its me.” Jiang Tong looked at the front office manager and replied to her.

“Miss Jiang, this way, please.


Xie is waiting for you.” The front office manager immediately led the way.

She didnt know who Jiang Tong was, but she knew who Xie Wenkai was.

They naturally could not be sloppy and negligent with Xie Wenkais guest.

Because this place was very big, Jiang Tong followed the manager of the front hall for a few minutes and even sat in the buggy for more than ten minutes before she saw Xie Wenkais figure.

The first floor of the golf course was facing the golf course.

It was only nine oclock in the morning, so the golf course was empty.

Jiang Tong got off the buggy and looked at Xie Wenkai who was standing far away, swinging the golf club and hitting the golf ball.

“Miss Jiang, Mr.

Xie is waiting for you over there,” said the manager of the front hall.

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“Thank you,” said Jiang Tong.

She put her coat away and walked over with one hand in her pocket.

Xie Wenkai was wearing sportswear.

He stretched out his arms and held the golf club.

He measured the golf balls on the service table and swung the golf club fiercely.

Bang! The white golf ball was sent flying far away.

Jiang Tong walked a few meters behind Xie Wenkai and turned her head to look at the golf ball flying away.

She said with a smile, “You played well.

You are half as good as me.” Then, she looked at Xie Wenkai.


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