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Around 3:40 pm, the three of them walked out of the restaurant and bade each other farewell at the door.

Zhan Wenxiu got into the car and left, but Zhou Jingyun didnt immediately return to the company.

He put his arm around Jiang Tongs shoulder.

Then, he turned his head and whispered to her, “Lets find a place to walk around and get some fresh air.” Jiang Tong didnt need to ask why.

Zhou Jingyun needed to sober up.

He didnt want to go to the company reeking alcohol!

Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong walked along the sidewalk and crossed the square to sit in the woods opposite.

This place was bustling with people.

Zhou Jingyuns bodyguards followed them from afar and did not get too close.

Zhou Jingyun didnt say anything.

He was so tipsy that no one knew what he was thinking.

“Ring ring ring.” Jiang Tongs phone suddenly rang.

She took it out and took a look.

A strange smile appeared on her face.

Then, she picked up the call and put the phone to her ear.

“Is this Miss Jiang Im Xie Wenkai.

Do you have time to meet” Xie Wenkai called a few days earlier than Jiang Tong had expected.

She did not know which day he would call exactly but she did not expect the call to come so soon.

He didnt even send a text message either.

It was clear how eager Xie Wenkai was to resolve this matter.

Two days were enough for Xie Wenkai to investigate Jiang Tongs matter clearly.

Back then, Zhou Jingyun only needed a phone call, and in less than an hour, Jiang Tongs information appeared on his desk.

Xie Wenkai could also get Jiang Tongs information with a phone call, but he would only obtain some basic information, such as Jiang Tongs age, educational background, and family situation.

Other than this basic information, there was nothing special about Jiang Tong.

Her background looked very, very ordinary.

In her 22 years of life, there was nothing worth mentioning.

If it wasnt for the 500-year cycle, Jiang Tong would have been a very ordinary ordinary person.

However, she had experienced the 500-year cycle… And most importantly, no one knew that she had experienced the cycle, this also caused her to be very different and mysterious.

After the cycle ended, Jiang Tong had experienced a lot of things, but these things happened recently.

There were only a few key people, so it was very easy to investigate.

The fact that Xie Wenkai was able to call her now meant that he already knew that Jiang Tong was Zhou Jingyuns girlfriend, and that Jiang Tong had a conflict with Qian Mang.

Thinking about it… Xie Wenkai should be even more panicked than yesterday, because he would have realized that Jiang Tong was not an ordinary person.

Jiang Tong was too ordinary before, and now she was suddenly too extraordinary.

This meant that it was difficult for him to use a sum of money or other threats or enticement to silence Jiang Tong.

Jiang Tong was someone that the Xie family could not directly deal with.

“Theres no need to meet,” Jiang Tong smiled and said, “Ive already said that I wont tell anyone about your matter.”

“No, Miss Jiang, I think we must meet.” Xie Wenkais voice was still calm.

“There are some things that we should talk about in person.

I dont know where you got the news from, but I think you might have some misunderstanding about me.”

“Youre so worried about me…” Jiang Tong smiled and sighed, “Okay.”

“Tomorrow morning at nine oclock, Jinsha Private Club.

Call me when you arrive,” Xie Wenkai directly told her the time and location of the meeting.

“Okay,” Jiang Tong nodded.

Xie Wenkai also hung up the phone.

Jiang Tong put the phone into her pocket.

Then, she heard Zhou Jingyuns slightly tipsy voice from the side.

“Who is it It sounds like a mans voice.” Zhou Jingyun could vaguely hear that it was a mans voice.

However, he could not hear what the man on the phone was saying clearly.

However, from Jiang Tongs words, he could tell that Jiang Tong knew something about the other party and that the other party was worried about her.

This situation was very befitting of Jiang Tongs identity as an intelligence dealer.

“Why You dont allow other men to call me” Jiang Tong tilted her head and smiled, “Are you jealous”

“Why would I be jealous” Zhou Jingyun smiled.

He was slightly tipsy and lost the cold vibe around him.

He was more intimate with her.

“Then why do you care whether it was a man on the phone” Jiang Tong raised her eyebrows.

“Cant I just ask Just treat it as a casual chat.

What, you have some business happening soon Someone asked you to keep a secret” Zhou Jingyun continued to ask.

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“Its not really a business, but it does have something to do with secrets,” Jiang Tong smiled.

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhou Jingyun followed up with, “Is that so Then tell me about it.”

“Youre usually not such a curious person, right This isnt like you.

Do you even want to know other peoples secrets” Jiang Tong teased.


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