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“Pa!” A loud slap landed on the young womans face.

Zhan Wenxiu didnt hold back her strength as she slapped her.

The young woman fell, knocked over the chair, and fell to the ground.

She was completely stunned.

“Get lost!” Zhan Wenxiu said coldly.

Not only was the young woman stunned, but she was also frightened.

She collapsed to the ground and shrank back.

Zhan Wenxius bodyguards immediately went up and dragged the young woman to the roadside which was more than ten meters away.

Then, they threw her down as if she was a piece of trash.

Zhan Wenxiu did not look at the woman anymore and directly took several steps toward Wang Jun.

“Plop!” Wang Jun, who had been acting like he was very outstanding ever since he came to the restaurant, immediately knelt down.

At the same time, Zhan Wenxiu directly picked up the kettle on the table and smashed it onto Wang Juns head the moment he knelt down.

Wang Juns head immediately bled.

“How many times has it been Huh How many times has it been Im spending money to support you.

Then you go off and f*king support other women.

Id rather f*cking raise a dog than you!” Zhan Wenxiu completely exploded.

She kicked Wang Jun in the chest, lifted the chair, and smashed it directly on his head.

The surrounding customers were all frightened.

The restaurants waiters ran over to stop her but were blocked by Zhan Wenxius bodyguards.

These bodyguards were still looking around vigilantly.

Whoever dared to take out their cell phones to film, the bodyguards would go over and dissuade them from doing so.

Zhan Wenxiu didnt let the bodyguards do anything.

She hit Wang Jun herself for a full ten minutes! Wang Jun didnt dare to do anything other than hugging his head and beg for mercy.

He also didnt dare to resist.

He was beaten until his head and face were covered in blood.

Finally, Zhan Wenxiu had hit enough.

“Take him away.” Zhan Wenxiu gestured to the bodyguards.

The bodyguards then went over to pick up Wang Jun and brought him to the car.

Zhan Wenxiu completely ignored the surrounding gazes.

She took out her cell phone and dialed a phone number.

It was this phone number that informed her to come and catch the adulterer.

She didnt know who this person was, but she guessed that this person must have been nearby just now, so she called to see if that person was still around.

“Ring ring ring.” Just a few meters away from her, Jiang Tongs phone on the table rang.

Zhan Wenxiu suddenly turned her head and saw Zhou Jingyuns back.

She didnt recognize him until she took a few steps forward and saw the phone on the table that kept ringing.

That was when she recognized Zhou Jingyun.

Previously, she was too angry and she was so focused on teaching Wang Jun a lesson that she didnt notice the people around her.

“Director Zhou, why are you here” Zhan Wenxiu was very surprised to see Zhou Jingyun.

She gave him a friendly smile and also glanced at Jiang Tong.

The phone that rang was placed in front of Jiang Tong.

Just moments ago, Zhan Wenxius face was dark and her anger soared.

Now, when she was talking to Zhou Jingyun, she revealed a very natural and very friendly smile.

It didnt seem like she was angry at all just now.

It was as though the incident where she hit Wang Jun had never happened.

Zhan Wenxius mentality was extraordinarily strong!


Zhan, long time no see.” Zhou Jingyun also stood up naturally and shook hands with Zhan Wenxiu with a smile.

Jiang Tong picked up the ringing phone on the table and hung up.

Then, she stood up as well.

“This is Director Zhous girlfriend, Miss Jiang, right” Zhan Wenxiu immediately glanced at Jiang Tong and asked Zhou Jingyun with a smile.

She knew that Zhou Jingyun had a girlfriend, and she also knew that her surname was Jiang.

Ever since Jiang Tong had a conflict with Qian Mang in the restaurant and it was settled inexplicably, Jiang Tongs reputation had spread.

Zhou Jingyun nodded and acknowledged Jiang Tongs identity.

“Hello, Miss Zhan.

Im Jiang Tong,” Jiang Tong smiled and shook hands with Zhan Wenxiu.

“Miss Jiang is really beautiful.

Director Zhou is so lucky.” Zhan Wenxiu immediately began to praise Jiang Tong and even smiled at Zhou Jingyun.

The Zhan family had a unique position in City Z, and everyone in the business world of City Z respected her.

Almost all the big businesses were her friends as well, but regardless of whether it was her or Qian Mang, they were all cautious towards Zhou Jingyun.

Zhou Jingyun had brought gifts to visit her father, Zhan Jianjun.

He was very polite and well-mannered, but that was towards Zhan Jianjun and not towards her, Zhan Wenxiu.

Zhan Wenxiu was not the person who inherited Zhan Jianjuns business, and she was not the most important person in the Zhan family either.

Therefore, even Zhan Wenxiu had to maintain a good relationship with Zhou Jingyun, the eldest son of the Zhou family and Zhou Mingfeis biological older brother.

She could not easily offend him.

Zhan Wenxius interpersonal skills were similar to Qian Mangs.


“Director Zhou, are you here on a date with Miss Jiang” After exchanging a few pleasantries, Zhan Wenxiu changed the topic.

“Then earlier… was the text message I received from Miss Jiang”


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