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Everyone present could tell that something was wrong.

Zhou Jingyun turned his head and was surprised to see the middle-aged woman.

He knew this woman.

She was the first businesswoman he got to know after he returned to China.

She was Zhan Wenxiu, 44 years old this year, and was the chairman of the Fengrun Corporation in City Z.

Her personal net worth was currently around one billion dollars.

If one only looked at wealth, Zhan Wenxius personal assets would not be ranked in City Z, and she was not among the top ten richest billionaires in City Z either.

However, Zhan Wenxius status in City Zs business circle was very special.

Zhan Wenxius father, Zhan Jianjun, was the founder and the first president of Z Citys Chamber of Commerce.

He was also the first president of Z Citys Entrepreneurs Association.

He also single-handedly helped establish Z Citys overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, he contributed greatly to Z Citys investment attraction.

Zhan Jianjun had made an indelible contribution to Z Citys business development over the past few decades.

Therefore, even though Zhan Jianjun had already retired, his influence was still not to be underestimated.

Zhan Wenxiu was Zhan Jianjuns youngest daughter.

Although Zhan Wenxiu did not inherit the family assets, she had started doing business with the support of her family when she was in her twenties.

She had walked her own path as a strong woman.

In Z City, although the Zhan family was not as influential as before, it was still the most influential family in Z City.

They were also the family with the most money.

As long as Zhan Jianjun was still alive, this would not change.

When Zhou Jingyun returned to City Z, he went to visit Zhan Jianjun with Zhou Mingfei.

This behavior was somewhat like paying respects to the most powerful figure in City Z.

Of course, they did not ask the Zhan family for help.

They only went to greet him as a junior in order to avoid any unnecessary friction in the future.

Zhou Jingyun also met Zhan Wenxiu by visiting Zhan Jianjun.

However, the two of them did not have any business dealings.

Zhou Jingyun did not like to socialize in private, so he did not see Zhan Wenxiu many times.

Therefore, he didnt meet Zhan Wenxius husband.

However, he knew that Zhan Wenxiu had married three times.

The first two marriages were very unsuccessful, and the third time, her husband married into the family.

When her husband married into the Zhan family, the outside world said that her husband was a very young gigolo.

At that time, Zhan Wenxiu often brought her husband out to participate in activities, but later on, she rarely brought him out.

Zhou Jingyun thought about Zhan Wenxius past, and then he suddenly raised his head to look at Jiang Tong.

Then, he quickly looked at the pale-faced middle-aged man behind Jiang Tong.

So… this man was Zhan Wenxius husband The gigolo who married into the Zhan family more than ten years ago So Jiang Tong was texting Zhan Wenxiu earlier, asking her to come over and catch the adulterer

Zhou Jingyun thought about it for a moment and felt that everything matched.

This prideful middle-aged man with no seemingly good qualities looked to be in his thirties, and he had gotten married in his twenties more than ten years ago.

Moreover, he was now middle-aged and had begun to gain weight, but he still gave off a handsome vibe to others.

From this, one could imagine that he must have been quite handsome when he was young.

Zhou Jingyun had also heard someone mention his name, he was probably called Wang Jun.

Zhan Wenxiu did not notice Zhou Jingyun, or rather, she did not look at anyone else.

As soon as she got out of the car, she stared at the middle-aged man who was her husband, Wang Jun! She brought her bodyguards and walked over with a very frightening aura.

When the young woman with heavy makeup saw that something was wrong, she immediately approached Wang Jun.

She hugged Wang Juns arm and asked sweetly, “Hubby, who are they Do you know them” She did not guess that Zhan Wenxiu was Wang Juns wife, because Zhan Wenxiu was in his forties while Wang Jun was only in his thirties.

The age difference was too big.

Wang Jun was almost scared to death.

He pushed the young woman away and even stood up to stand to the side.

He stood very far away from the young woman as if he was avoiding some plague.

“F*ck, what are you doing Are you sick Why did you push me so hard” The young woman wasnt a good person either.

“Little girl, this is none of your business.

You should leave,” Zhan Wenxiu said with an unquestionable tone as she walked over.

She did not want to find trouble with this girl because this was not the first time Wang Jun had been caught cheating.

She used to be very angry and hated these women who seduced her husband.

But after that, she understood that she could not blame anyone else.

Every injustice has its cause and every debt has its creditor, and she knew very well who she should hit!

“Who the h*ll are you Fat woman! You still want me to get lost I should be the one telling you to stop trying to scare me.

This is a society ruled by law.

Dont think that just because you brought so many people…” the young woman turned her head and scolded Zhan Wenxiu.


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