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Feng Qianqian and the others were taken aback.

No one expected Lin Yi to say something like that.

“Sir, what did you say You want to buy a villa”

“Yes.” Lin Yi nodded.

“I remember you guys developed villas, but all I can see are flats.

Sorry, this is not quite what I was looking for.

I must have remembered incorrectly, Im really sorry.”


Not only did Wang Shengtao and his male colleagues laugh, but everyone else in the sales department also laughed mockingly.

“This guy is too interesting.

He cant even afford a flat, yet he says that hes here to look at villas.

Isnt this a joke”

“Hes too prideful.

The sales departments consultant already gave him a way out.

If it were me, Id just leave, but he still tried to dig up such an excuse.

I really dont know what hes thinking.”

At that moment, Wang Shengtao walked over with a smile.

“Sir, I wouldnt have said anything if you left just now, but I need to talk to you about buying a villa.”

Lin Yi raised an eyebrow and glanced at Wang Shengtao.

“What do you want to talk to me about”

“Youre not wrong.

We do have villas in Longjing Garden, but theyre all sold on the second floor.

Didnt you want to buy a villa If you do, Ill take you up there to take a look.” Wang Shengtao said with a smile.


The men started laughing.

This was going to be interesting.

They could not wait to see how this ended.

“Then lets go.

Take me there to take a look,” Lin Yi said to Feng Qianqian.

Feng Qianqian frowned slightly, not knowing what to do.

The cheapest houses in the house were all worth more than 200 million.

It would be a waste for her to bring him there to show them to him.

She didnt mind wasting some time on Lin Yi, but if she did bring him up, itd be exactly what Wang Shengtao wanted.

What should she do

She really didnt want him to embarrass himself.

“Why arent you leaving” Lin Yi turned to look at Feng Qianqian.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill bring you up now.”

Feng Qianqian had no choice but to bring Lin Yi up to the second floor when she saw that Lin Yi was determined to go.

She was thinking about how she could help him out.

She couldnt let him embarrass himself.

Behind Wang Shengtao and Feng Qianqian were the rest of the crowd, who all followed them upstairs.

They had nothing to do anyway, so they decided to go and watch the show.

Seeing the decorations on the second floor, the people who came up to watch the show were all amazed.

“The decorations on the second floor are too luxurious.”

“Sure enough, the place that sells villas is different from the place that sells flats.

They are on two completelydifferent levels.”

“As far as I know, the cheapest villa here is more than 200 million yuan.

They are all prepared for the rich.

Ordinary people like us can only come here to look around.”

“I guess this kid didnt expect the houses in Longjing Villa to be so expensive.”

“This is the price of bragging.

You have to pay for it sooner or later.”

Wang Shengtaos lips curled into a smile when he heard the discussion.

“Sir, didnt you want to see the villas All eight villas in Longjing are here.

Which one do you like I can show them to you.”

“I dont need you to show them to me,” Lin Yi said as he pointed at Feng Qianqian.

“Let her do it.”

Feng Qianqian looked bitter as she introduced.

“Sir, we have a total of eight villas in Longjing.

The most luxurious one is villa number one, priced at 360,000,000…”

“Alright, theres no need to tell me more.”

Wang Shengtao held back his laughter.

“Why dont you need to hear any more There are seven more to go.

Are you scared of the 360,000,000 Is that why you dont want to hear the rest”

“No, because Ive decided to buy this one.”

Lin Yi took out his bank card and handed it to Feng Qianqian.

“The password is 0000000.

Go prepare the procedures.”


The sales office on the second floor was completely silent upon hearing Lin Yis words.

One could hear even a pin drop on the floor.

Feng Qianqian was dumbfounded.

She even forgot to take the bank card.

“Sir, what did you say You want to buy Villa No.


“I came here to look at villas.

Now that Ive taken a liking to one, whats so hard to understand”

“Okay, okay… Ill go swipe your card right now and run through the formalities.”

Everyone froze on the spot when they saw Feng Qianqian leave.

They felt like they were hallucinating.

He didnt even look at a house worth 360 million yuan before using his card to buy it.

Was this for real

Was he sure that there was so much money on his card

After about 20 minutes, Feng Qianqian walked out with the receipt and bank card.

There were several contracts in her hands.

At the same time, there was a middle-aged woman beside Feng Qianqian.

“Hello, Sir.

Im the sales manager of Longjing Garden.

Congratulations on buying Villa No.


I hope you dont mind my not welcoming you.”

“Its nothing.

Its not a big deal.

Theres no need to apologize.”

The female manager revealed the most gentle smile in her life.

“Sir, please keep the card.

The contract has been printed out.

You just need to sign it.”


Hearing this, everyone present found it hard to believe.

She had even prepared the contract, which meant that the payment was successful!


This was a house worth 360 million.

Wasnt it a bit too extravagant to buy it just like that

One even had to pick up a cabbage and feel it without buying it.

Seeing Lin Yi buy a house worth more than 300 million, the womens eyes became even more unbridled.

They wouldnt be able to stop themselves even if their husbands were by their side.

Lin Yi took a pen and signed his name on the contract.

At this point, the house was his property.

However, when Director Shen came back, he had to transfer the house to his name to show his sincerity.

“Wang Shengtao, now you see it.


Lin is not only handsome, but also rich.

Even if you work hard for 100 lifetimes, you cant compare to him.”

“Just now you mocked Mr.

Lin for being poor.

I dont know who gave you the courage to do this.”

“You guys are just plain jealous!”

Wang Shengtao was so embarrassed that he could not speak.

He regretted it so much that he wanted to die.

Why did he have to act pretentious and mock him

Lin Yi was handsome and rich.

He was not worthy!

If he had not mocked him just now, this business deal would have been his.

He would have been able to get a commission worth hundreds of thousands!

Now, it was all gone!

“Wang Shengtao, you mocked Mr.

Lin just now!” The female manager said, “I dont think you want to work here anymore!”

“Manager Ma, I… I know I was wrong.

Please give me one more chance.

I wont do it again.”

“There are no more chances.

Pack up and leave!”


Wang Shengtao walked away helplessly.

He didnt blame Lin Yi, but he hated himself for trying to act cool.

Lin Yi smiled.

What was the point of this whole face Then, he thought to himself,

‘Ive finished buying the house, so now its time to buy the car.


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