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Episode 55 – Epilogue 

A swordsman always had to take care of their attire as well.  This was a given for a swordsman.

A brim hat.

The more feathers, the better.

The armor should be light.

So, there were lots of situations where I would wear attire made of regular fabric.

Of course, a coat was needed to enhance the look.

The lower half should be whatever.

Shoes non-slippery.

And if you grab the rapier, the symbol of swordsman, 

Then wear a long cape, your swordsman outfit is complete.

“Well, should we head out”

I went out.

Past a large hallway, I stood in front of a door.

Knock knock.

And I knocked lightly.

“I can go in, right”

I waited in front of the door.

I could have gone right in without knocking, but I was no longer such a person.

“Yes, come one in.”

When I entered, there was Arje, wearing a flamboyant dress with the help of maids, smiling.


When I greeted cheerfully, Arje looked over and smiled.

“Are you feeling alright You don’t feel sore anywhere”


I’m fine.”

“Really, I thought you were dead after turning into stone.”

I chose to return to this world, of course.

In reality or here, I was given the title of the greatest swordsman.

Still, in reality, there were so many who tried to assassinate me.

They would do the same if they were to find out that I returned.

No matter how much of a share I get for the book sale, I was sick and tired of a life being chased.

And here, there weren’t anyone trying to kill me, and there were so many people who loved me.

And to be the guard of the emperor! It was the greatest honor a swordsman would have.

Also, I didn’t have to worry about job security since the emperor was close to me.

“If the priestesses of the church of the emperor had not found the undoing spell…”

If I had not come back to the novel, the story would have described my death after turning to stone.

But since I returned, an explanation that the priestesses used their magic to bring me back was added.

“Didn’t you already know I don’t die so easily.”

When I replied confidently, Arje smiled graciously and pointed at my hat.

“How does the hat fit The tailor said that it was his first time making one for a rabbitman.”

“Ah, it’s perfect.

My ears are comfortable as well.”

It also was not so bad living as a bunny human.

Even to my own eyes I was so cute and pretty, and I loved these ears that I could flap freely.

“Empress Arberaj, it’s ready.”

The lady who was wearing a maid outfit walked out slowly from behind Arje.

“Great job, Miss Cream.”

Cream was on Pucci’s side, but she was forgiven by getting the position of the palace maid for the fact that she was held without choice.

It was nice to see that Cream looked satisfied as well.

It was nice to see her see to be honored that a half blood like her could work at the palace.

“Oh, right, Aris.

The kid named Jarrod wanted to pass this to you.”

Cream handed over the cold dagger.

“Oh, Jarrod.

He could have just given it to me himself.”

The empire also tried to give him a position for helping me, but he refused.

He said something like he didn’t want to shed animal fur in the human world and also to work under me.

Still, he left without a word.

“Do you know this He said that he will return after he becomes an admirable male bunny.”

“He said that”

“Oops, he said that it was a secret.”

Of course, Cream made it obvious that she said it on purpose.

“Well, to become a man, he should at least be like him.”

I looked outside the window.

There was Peter, with a load of logs in a carriage.

He was awarded for helping me as well, and it was that his village became the official lumber supply source for the palace.

“Aris, let’s go.”

Arje, who was done getting ready, went outside, and I started to follow her as her guard.

When we got to the presence chamber, there were countless people waiting for us. 

“I announce as the emperor.

I will end slavery in in this empire.”

The end of slavery was her priority.

Especially making an empire that did not have racism.

There would be a lot of tumult and chaos, but she will be able to make it even if it takes a long time.

“And we cannot let our guards against vampires.”

After dealing with Banu, the attitude towards them became serious.

There should be plenty of them in the human world, and since it was revealed that they were looking for a chance to take over the system.

The church of the empire will be able to take care of them.

“And we will also reform our navy.”

As promised, Mary will get her place.

Although it’s a little bit uneasy since she is a pirate, no one would argue since she managed to be the first to survive after attacking the capital and battling the navy directly.

“We shall obey.”

Tons of people bowed at Arje.

It felt nice, since I felt like I was getting bowed at while standing next to her.

“Your majesty, a messenger has arrived from Profin.”

Profin Was he from Andrew This was exciting news.  

“I understand.

I shall meet them soon.”

After all the pretty boring process was finished, Arje finally let out a sigh after relaxing her shoulders.

“Aris, this is pretty hard.

I wonder how hard it was for my father.”

“It’s alright.

I’m right by you.”

When I cheered her up, Arje suddenly stopped smiling and pouted.

“What do you mean, I’m disappointed in you, Arje.”

“What Why”

“At the award ceremony, when he asked what you wanted, I thought that you would mention my name.”


“That you wanted to get Pucci with me, not just mention Pucci.”

Arje was really disappointed about it.

Still, I didn’t really feel sorry.

“Isn’t it obvious Why would I mention your name”

Then Arje was very shocked to hear this.

“Is the relationship that we have nothing to you”

I wanted to tease her even more.

“No, I mean you are always next to me, so I have no need to mention it again that I need you next to me.”

Then Arje got her smile back.

“You really have a way with words.”

“I told you many times before.

A swordsman has to be good with words.”

Arje laughed after she covered her mouth.

Then, she looked at me with a serious face.

“It’s really sudden to say this, but…I want to continue this well going forward, Aris.”

If I were to tease her again, she would really get mad.

“I’m a little shy to say this suddenly too, but don’t worry.

My sword will always protect you.”

So my life was changed completely.

One with a happy ending.

-The End-


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