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Chapter 53- To the Final Goal (2)

“What crazy bastards They are attacking the capital with one ship”

“Get the catapults!”

The soldiers were so occupied that they even had no interest when a prisoner walked by them.

I was also completely free from ropes.

“It’s the navy!”

From the cheers of the soldiers, when I looked outside I saw that the nation’s ships were heading to catch Mary’s boats.

No matter how famous Mary’s pirates are, it would be impossible to fight with all those ships.

“I gotta let Mary know that I escaped.”

Once Mary knew that I got out, she would quickly get away.

So, I picked up a rock nearby and threw it at the soldiers.

“Hmm Why is that outside”

“Get her!”

I said that the soldiers lost interest, but once they found out that I had escaped, they started to run over my way.

Still, a human cannot catch up to a bunny’s speed.

“Get her, I said!”

“How can we catch a bunny”

“Have you never caught one Corner it!”

And so I started to get hunted down.

I felt like an idiot, letting them corner me knowing their tricks.

“You have been surrounded!”

Somehow, they managed to get me into the corner, but


I quickly escaped their sloppy encirclement.

“Ughh! You are dead when we catch you!”

I heard the cursing and yelling of the soldiers.

Once I start running, I will find a way to escape the castle premises and get my weapons back.


When I managed to escape the castle and get to the open field, I saw soldiers with spears and arrows waiting for me.

Behind them were the doors, but they were firmly shut.

“Go back to the cells when we say it nicely.”

The officer in the front line warned me to go back.

But will anything get better once I return like this I will die a painful death either way.

“Would you go back”

I held up my fists.

It was no graceful thing for a swordsman to use fists, but I had no plans to die anytime soon.

I was always confident in my punches although they are not as good as my swordery.


The officer let out a signal as if he was too bothered, and the archers loaded their bowstrings.


The plan was simple.






It’s a really simple task.

You can do it, Arix.

I mean, Aris.

So it was at that moment when I ran towards them with my plan in mind.


The doors that were firmly shut behind the soldiers started to open by themselves.

“What the”

The officer and soldiers were flustered and turned around to look back.

On top of the doors was Cream, with her hood flipped back and looking down with her arm under her chin.

“It’s a bunny!”

“There’s more of them”

When the soldiers were surprised by the appearance of another bunny, 

“Move out if you don’t want to get hurt!”

There was someone coming with the horse carriage at full blast.


It was Peter and his horse Abarosa.

He was sitting on top of the horse, not at the usual seat, and although Abarosa seemed a little frightened, she was running the best she could as her owner directed.


The soldiers started to run away from the carriage, and they were in a frenzy.


Then, Cream threw her dagger as if she had been waiting for this moment.

The dagger must have been to block Peter.


When I thought that I had no chance to save him, 


The daggers pinpointed to the ropes typing the horse to the carriage.

It was not a bad throw.

It was only possible because she had aimed to throw it exactly there.


The carriage and logs that had lost its owner attacked the soldiers, and the scene was now a mess.


Cream helped me out again When I stared at her, she waved at me.

“Aris! Please catch it!”

Peter handed me a pile of goods wrapped in cloth as soon as he got off the horse.

“Heh How did you get these”

There were the clothes that I was wearing and my weapons inside.

“The lady with her bunny ears pointed down gave them to me.”

It was confirmed.

That bunny was helping me out.

“Follow me, Peter!”

“What You want me to come”

Peter freaked out when I told him to come inside.

“Hurry! I have something to do!”

I went back inside the castle.

“Woah, why are you heading back inside It was so hard to get through, you need to run now!”

Peter started to get flustered from voluntarily going back to hell.

“What do you mean why How can I run like this I need to get my revenge.”

So I stopped at the place that looked the most empty.

“Peter, please keep a watch.”

I changed my clothes right away.

A swordsman needs to have the right clothes.

“Miss Aris…ahrgghghg!”

When Peter turned to check on me, he was shocked that I was naked.

“I don’t care, so just watch out for the coming soldiers.

Block them if you can.”

“Hmm But how”

“Maybe you should hold onto their legs and beg.”

While I changed my clothes, I heard the sound of the soldiers inside the castle looking for me.

“Search this area!”

“Hmm Who are you”

I heard the sound of the soldiers approaching Peter.

“How did you get in here”

“Wait! Isn’t this the crazy guy with the carriage earlier”

“You! How dare you commit treason!”

From the shouting of the soldiers, Peter started to make sounds like ‘Uhh..mmmmm’ unlike the brave man he was earlier.

“I can hear rustling sounds behind this corner.”

“What’s behind here”


It was my mistake to put him in charge.

I was almost done changing.


Then I heard the tragic scream of Peter.

“Let go!”

“You cannot pass!”

“My pants are falling! Let go of me!”

Peter was actually doing what I told him to do.

That’s my boy.

“Just kill him!”

An order to kill him was made, and I held my sword up after finishing my wardrobe change.

When I turned the corner, the halberd of the soldier was dropping towards Peter’s neck.


I blocked the halberd with the dagger, and


The halberd fell into pieces in a pleasing way.

“You guys have the wrong guy.”

I defeated the soldiers with my rapier and dagger at a faster speed than when I escaped.

“Are you okay, Peter”

When I looked over at Peter after taking care of the situation, Peter nodded while zoning out, as if he had just come back from death.

“Good job.”

Peter made a weak smile from my compliment.

But when I came to think of it, just words weren’t enough for someone who had saved my life.

So, I took a deep breath and leaned forward towards Peter.


When I kissed Peter on the cheek, he was more shocked than death, and I got a little shy as well.

“For now, just be satisfied with this.”

“For now….”

Peter smiled brightly and got up as if he was fully recovered.

“What should I do next Feel free to order me around!”

But there was nothing else left for him to do.

“Good work.

Go on now.”

Peter stopped for a bit, but after accepting the fact that there was nothing left for him to do, he nodded.

“Well, then!”

Peter tried to turn away, but an arm reached out from the corner and ran with Peter.


When I went to the corner, Cream was looking at me while holding Peter from the back.

“Wow, even in this situation you do lovey-dovey things! Even if you are a bunny.”

Cream laughed at me, and I felt my face get warm.

“What the hell are you Earlier, you were catching me, but now you are helping me.”

Then Cream pointed at me.

“I think you will be able to defeat Pucci.

So, I made my bet on you.

So, please win for me.”

“You don’t plan on stabbing me in the back, do you”


There’s no way that I will betray the first rabbitman who called me as one of their own kind.

I am thankful instead.”

Cream pat Peter’s head as if she was shy after finally telling her true feelings.

“You, although I made you do it, you’re good at this.

Do you want to have a fun time with me”

“A fun time”

Peter smiled from ear to ear, but he got to his senses after seeing my frightful face.

“No! I will…”

This guy.

It’s not like I can ask him to return my kiss.

“Just kidding.

I will make sure that he gets out safely.

You go to the presence chamber.

Pucci is there.”

After I gave Peter in Cream’s hands, I headed over to the chamber as she directed.

“What are you guys Are you going to stop me”

The soldiers were waiting for me on my way to the chamber.

I got into my fight position and smiled towards them.

In such situations, you have to intimidate them first.

“I, Aris Wafers is the slaughter of elves, was chosen by the sun god, received the power of the Ice Queen trapped in Profin, is the champion of the emperor’s battle, and a swordsman who was publicly accepted to be in charge of the protection of lady Arberaj! Come forward if you are brave enough to fight me!”

When my voice rang across the hall, the soldiers looked at each other.

Even though they outnumbered me, would they be able to win a bunny with such a loud resume Well, at least they had that look in their eyes.

“Or, drop your weapons and move out of the way.

I will let those who do live.”

When I threw the carrot after the whip, the soldiers dropped their weapons and moved aside.

“Why don’t you act this nice normally”

I confidently walked through the soldiers and headed towards the chambers.

It was reaching the end.


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