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Chapter 50 – A Duel at the Capital (1)

On the following day, even more people gathered at Alderoff Hall than yesterday.

I guess it’s because there are more people watching

“Participants come this way, please!”

I saw a woman gathering the participants holding a wooden sign as she struggled through the crowd.

“Is this the right place”

The woman smiled at my question.

“Ah, this is specially made for the participants.

The audience is not this way, but you have to go down that way.”

She must not think that I look like a participant.

“I am a participant.


When I showed her my ticket, her eyes widened.

“Oh, sorry.

I must have misunderstood, since I usually see big, scary looking men.”

I smiled back at her.

“If you are sorry, then grab me a juice when I reach the finals.

I think that a drink from a pretty girl like you will be worth more than winning.”

I hit on her without knowing.

Even though I am a girl now, habits don’t go away easily.

“Hmm Ah, yes.

Although we are of the same gender, this one made me a little fluttered.”

The guide turned red and started to flap her face with her hands.

Thanks to this, I was able to get a free drink.

“Thank you.”

I put the guide who fell to her knees and went towards the entrance for participants.

“Over here!”

When I entered, Mary and the pirates called me over to one corner.

“You are here early.

I thought since you guys are pirates, you would be late.”

When I greeted them, Mary smiled.

“We came early to check out who is here.

But all look pretty strong.”

As Mary mentioned, there were many participants, and all looked as if they would be good at fighting.

“Why Are you scared now”

From my provocation, Mary made a made a face as if I was ridiculous.

“Scared Who Me No I’m not a bunny.”

Oh, and she even managed to provoke me.

“A bunny is good on land, but I thought pirates are only strong on water and become weak on land.”

Mary smiled, as if she understood what I was saying.

“Make it to the main event, okay I always wanted to have a duel with our swordsman.”

So as Mary tapped on my shoulder and we exchanged funny talks, the guide entered the waiting room.

“The preliminaries will be fought according to the beginning and ending numbers.

Please find your match and have the battle at the match field.”

And so I looked around for my match.

1, 2, 3, 4…which meant that my match was..

“What My match is a girl”

A man who appeared as scary as a bandit commented.

“I guess.

The numbers say so, right”

When I waved the ticket, the man smiled from ear to ear.

“This is a sign of destiny.

Why don’t we end this and grab a drink later I will adore you.”

The match scanned me from top to bottom and made a dirty laugh.

“Sorry, I am going to make it to the finals.”

The man laughed out loud as if he didn’t take me seriously.

“I like that confidence! Then let’s do this.

If I win, I win you.

How about it”

I would have refused normally, but

“Sounds good.”

I promised, since I knew that wasn’t ever going to happen.


It was a good decision to participate.

I got lucky.”

And so we went on one of the many square battle fields with a referee.

“The game is simple.

Freedom to use any weapon.

The match is over if you step out of the field, let go of your weapon, or surrender.

We do not take responsibility for deaths, but since it is a battle held under the name of the emperor, please keep your manners as gentlemen.”

I tilted my head at the last part.

“But I am not a gentleman.”

Then pointed at the man in front of me too.

“And this guy is not a gentleman, either.”

From my comment, the referee made a flustered face, and the man laughed out loud again.

“I really like your personality.”

“…Anyways, please begin.”

I pulled out my rapier and pointed it towards my opponent.

“Arix Wafers.

I wish for a good battle.”

Then the opponent stopped swinging his giant ax, then smiled.

“You got it! I will teach you well with my ax!”

Well, to be more exact, I was a lady, not a gentleman, but I was more close to a gentleman than my opponent, and 


The time I had holding the sword was shorter than the time I spent chatting.

“…well, since he let go of his weapon, it’s Arix’s win!”

Even after the referee announced the results, the opponent just blinked, frozen.

“Sorry, but I don’t think that I can keep that promise.”

I turned around, giggling.

“Hey, you! Do you know who I am How dare you mess with me”

I could hear the angry voice of the man, and then a flustered sound of the referee.

I also heard the ax being dragged on the floor.

This guy couldn’t end things easily.


“I don’t know who you are, but I don’t go out with a man who is weaker than me.”

The end of my rapier was stopped right before I could stab the guy, and the man was frozen while holding his ax.

He had to tilt his chin all the way up to prevent getting stabbed.


Even though he did not touch the sword, the fire from the end still burned him.

He was rolling on the ground screaming.

“I can go now, right”

He was asking for it, so I didn’t care.

So, I asked the referee if I was released.

“Heh Ah, yes, yes.

Since the preliminaries still remain.

We will let you know once your next opponent is decided.”

And so I battled several more times in the preliminaries, leading to more people who got burnt after not accepting their speedy losses.

Well, a good thing towards the end of the preliminaries that less rude folks appeared. 

In the main battle that was to take place in the Colosseum and not the practice mathfield, all brute humans with rude manners had completely been eliminated.


“Since the weapon was flung out, it’s Arix’s win!”

“I’m impressed.

I thought at first that this was a lowly battle when I saw a young girl who had made it till here.”

A first win in the main competition.

A man of the same swordsman background applauded.

“Including your speech from earlier, you are closer to a swordsman than a pirate.

How about becoming one of us”

Trying to make a swordsman become a swordsman.

It was funny, but I held onto my laughter and shook my head.

“It’s okay.”

“How unfortunate.

Looking at your moves, you would have become a truly great swordsman.”

Well that’s because I always have been and always will be, so I just turned around without feeling a need to reply.


While I went to the waiting room, I felt lots of stares.

The audience, of course, would be looking at me, and Arje, who was sitting in the highest and most decorative place was also expected.

Arje would already have figured out who I was.

So what was this weird feeling Was it Cream

“Did you hear I heard that a dual specimen bastard made it to the main event.”

At that moment, I overheard something extraordinary from the conversations.


It appeared to be a bunny.”

Had I been caught

“From the guys who fought him, they said that he appeared to be a bunny, even though he was wearing a hood.”

A robe Then it wasn’t me.  But a bunny with a robe Was Cream participating To kill me Then that’s a relief.

It would mean that I had gotten a chance to battle that bunny assassin fair and square.

And so I watched others battle as I waited my time to duel Cream.

There were many who were strong enough to stir up my interest, but with the level of skills Cream possessed, she would not fall out in the middle.

“Let’s go Mary! You can do it!”

And among them was Mary, surprisingly.

While the other crew all were terminated, Mary made it to the main event.


It seems that if I get rid of the one in front of me, I will be able to duel with you.”

Mary also waved at me.

But when I looked at her opponent, I expected that she would not be able to have that battle with me she was waiting for.

“Is it Cream”

It was not the white robe that I was used to, but one with a distressed robe as if she had been through a lot appeared along with double daggers.

And her battle with Mary ended surprisingly quickly.

“This is not what I expected.”

Mary stepped back while holding onto her wrists.



I don’t think I can keep that promise.”

Mary looked back at me and smiled awkwardly.

But that was not the problem.

Even though the battle had ended, the double daggers of Cream were still planning to move.

And they had one goal.

“Watch out!”

I quickly ran to the top of the math dhiled, and swung my rapier before Mary’s throat was slashed with the daggers.

If it weren’t for the speed of a bunny, Mary’s life would not have been able to be saved.


The daggers of Cream that hit my ice dagger broke apart, and the other dagger that hit my rapier did not break, but was shaking as it struggled to defend my rapier.

“Why are you acting so rude It’s the end of the battle.”

I glared at Cream.


But Cream’s face was weird.

Cream had a smooth, white face like me, but now it was furry, like that of an animal.


You are in my way as always.”

Cream in the robe, I mean a man with a familiar voice backed up right away and walked over to the waiting room.

“Woah, I almost died.”

Mary rubbed her throat and let out a sigh of relief.

“But who was that Do you know him”

Someone I know….I did think of one person, no, bunny.


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