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Chapter 48 – Back to the City!

“Where did you get these logs of hardwood”

“The woodworkers of my village chopped them.”

“You didn’t cut these from Lauren Forest, right It’s illegal.”

“Of course not.

These are from Spike Woods.

Look at them.

The color inside is white, too”

“That’s true…but how is the inspection Did you find anything”

“No, sir.

There are only trees here.”

“Okay, pass.”

“Thank you.”


After the boring conversation between the guard of the palace and Peter, the carriage started to move again.

“Woah, woah.”

The sound of the carriage stopped, as if he had stopped driving.

“Miss Aris, it’s okay now.

You can come out now.”

I crawled from between the piles of logs.

“Phew, I thought we were gonna get caught!”

Hiding between the logs was only possible because of my increased flexibility as a bunny.

Otherwise, my back would have killed me.


It was fortunate that the logs were white inside.”

It was true.

The white robe blended well with the white logs.

“I am sorry that I didn’t get to formally thank you after the elves.”

When I scratched my head while laughing, Peter shook his head.

“No, there was no other choice at that time.”

When I saw Peter again, he had matured more since the last we met.

It hadn’t been that long. 

“But how did you distract the elves”

Most of the elves had followed Peter.

Their speed was not for an ordinary delivery boy to outrun.

Also, that female elf was so obsessed that she even found us in the end.

“My Abarosa is so fast that she can outrun those elves.”

Peter spoke confidently, as he petted the horse. 

“Abarosa That’s the name of the horse”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

The name of the horse who drives a carriage was grand.

“Is it a bit weird”

Peter’s voice lost confidence. 

“Yes, and you still have a long way to go in making your lies natural.”

If it was truly an elf that could outrun those elves, it would be in the fields as a racehorse, not some carriage horse. 

“I was going to act cool after rejoining you, but I guess I can’t fool you.”

Peter scratched his head awkwardly.

“I was able to escape with the help of the villagers who were searching for me.”  

“Is that so I am glad.”

What would have happened if he had not run into them A guilty thought started to creep in, but I decided not to think negatively.

The result was good.

“So, why are you entering here in disguise I heard news that the princess is back.”

I made a serious face at this question.

“Something did happen.

I have never seen you make a serious face.”

“What Someone might actually think that I’m never serious.”

“No! I didn’t mean that!”

I laughed at his reaction and explained to him what had happened in Zeros and what my plan was.

“For a regular person like me, your plan sounds suicidal.”

Peter was in a dumbfounded expression.

“Right But I will still do it.”

Then Peter shook his head.

“I see, people like you who make history are truly different.”

Then I smiled at him.

“Then how about you also go down history as the person who helped me become famous in history”

Peter started to shake his hands as if he had understood what I had said.

“What No! I cannot do such things!”

“Why Since you already got me this far, you cannot go back.”

“This was the easy part, but I am sure that I won’t be able to handle what is to come after this.”

But Peter had no choice but to help me.

“Fine, then.

I will have to tell Victor.

What you did to me that night in the carriage while I was sleeping.”

Peter’s mature face started to crinkle and turn red as I pretended to cry and mentioned the time he tried to touch me.

“Fine! Please don’t tell Victor, I will do whatever you tell me to do!”

“There we go.

That’s more like it.”

As I smiled from ear to ear, Peter let out a loud sigh.

“So, what is the job you want me to do”

I help Peter’s hands as a response.

His hands warmed up, and I heard his heart beat loudly.

“I want you to do that.”

So I got out of the alley with Peter and got to the main road.

“Why are you so frozen Just act naturally.”

“Huh But that’s…”

What I was going to do was to pretend to be Peter’s girlfriend and get to the port through the main road.

I could have traveled alone, but it was not a good idea to go around Zeros alone as a dual specimen. 

“Act more like a couple.

This chance might not come again!”

Although the white robe covered my ears, the wanted posters all over town had me drawn in a white robe.

Of course, the drawing did not resemble me at all.

I am not that ugly.

Still, just the white robe alone will stir up attention.

So, if I were to pretend to be human like now, I should be under less questioning.

“Okay…s…sweet heart”

But I had no idea that Peter would get so nervous.

“What Why are you acting as if you have never even talked to a girl before”


Peter did not say anything.

I smiled at his reaction.

“What Is it for real”

“Stop making fun of me.”

Peter started to look as if he was going to cry.

Did this mean that I would have to lead, coming with more dating experience Of course, since my experience was that of a man, I wasn’t sure if it would help.

“Baby, let’s go to the port there.

I want to see the beach now.”

I clinged onto his arm and got close to him.

He turned red up to his ears, and it seemed like even his hair would turn red.

Still, he seemed to have gained confidence from the jealous stares around him.

“Yes We..let’s ..yes.”

By the way, I was pretty good at this.

I guess it didn’t matter anymore about me being confused about my sexual identity.

“Peter Why are you walking like that Oh, am I too close”

Peter’s walk started to get funny.

I got detached thinking that it was because I was too close, but he still could not walk straight.


“Ah, no! Let’s go! Don’t worry about me!”

Peter got flustered and tried to walk straight, but soon…I could tell why.

“Was it too much stimulation”

When I whispered into his ears, he plopped right down onto the ground.

“Sorry, you just smelled so nice when you got close.”

I squatted next to Peter and tilted my head.

“Smell You should call it scent.

If you call someone smelly, you will get dumped!”

“Ah Yes! Scent!”

I helped Peter up after giving him dating advice.

“It’s not like I can help you calm down, right”

As if he understood what that implied, Peter’s eyes started to twitch.

“No! Of course not! I mean, I will walk ahead!”

Peter tried his best to walk normally.

The stimulation to a newbie might have been a bit too hard.

It was fun to tease an innocent girl as a man, but it was fun the other way around as well.

“Wait for me!”

So I arrived at the port following Peter, and right away I found the pirates.

“Good job, Peter.”

It was a good time to let him go now that I had found the crew.

“Is my job over”

Peter, who was refusing the task earlier, was now sad that it was over.

Although I did mention getting him involved, it was not good manners to drag him into something when all he wanted to do was sell lumber.

Since he had already risked his life once before.


Peter’s first love ended very quickly.”

When I purposely spoke in an exaggerated storytelling tone, Peter sighed.

“I am sad.”

Then I pat him on the shoulders.

“Still, I got here safely thanks to you.

It would have been hard without you.”

When I finally talked to him seriously, a smile finally appeared on Peter’s face.

“Um…if we do meet again, can I confess my feelings toward you”

Although he was still shy, he had manned up a bit.

But, what should I tell him

“I will think about it, after you gain some dating experience and become able to handle me.”

It won’t be possible, right

“Thank you.

Please take care, then.

You cannot die!”

Peter’s face got fierce as if he was mad that if I were to die.

“Can’t you tell by now I don’t die.”

I parted with Peter, who was determined with his ambitious goal.

“Hi pirate friends!”

When I greeted as graciously as Arje would, the pirates who were talking amongst themselves turned around and looked at me.

“What do you know It’s the bunny!”

“What about the princess Is she joining us into the navy now

The pirates looked with excited faces.

“Yes, I believe that you came here to bring good news.”

Mary seemed to be full of hope.

“Yes, but I have one request, Mary.”

“To me If it’s a weird one, I won’t let you off easy even if you are friends with the princes.”

“It’s fine.

It’s a simple request.”

I looked at the decorative clothes that Mary was wearing.

Ones that a swordsman would wear.


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