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Chapter 45 – Where is this

I did not know how long I had been here, but when I woke up I was sitting in a luxurious room.

There was a big bed, vanity, and a private bathroom that reminded me of a room made for a princess.

I also did not starve, as I got a boiled carrot from the small opening under the door here and then. 

But this did not make me happy at all.



The door was tightly shut, designed to be locked from the outside, and there were no windows that reminded me of a private cell.

This was exactly a prison.

Still, if I had committed a crime, I would be in a dark prison cell, not locked up in this fancy place.

What had I done


I could not remember anything.

What did I do in the past


Although I wanted to ask why I was locked up in here, no voice came out.

I must have been a mute since before.


I took a long breath and stared at the weird looking sword on my waist.

It was pointy, maybe so that it can stab things Why did I have this kind of weapon Also, why would they let me have this sword in such a place if they were locking me up There must be some reason, but I don’t think that I have lived an innocent life. 


At that moment, the small door made for sending food was open.

Was it lunchtime already Ever since I got here, my sense of timing also dissipated with my memory.


But what entered through the small whole was a dagger that appeared to be cold from its blue color.


I ran to the bed immediately after getting scared at the dagger and pulled the cover on top of me.

My body was shaking helplessly, but after realizing that nothing happened, I got out slowly and grabbed the dagger.

It was cold. 

The dagger was as cold as ice.

Why was this placed inside

And so I observed the dagger here and there.

I didn’t remember anything, and this dagger’s design was so intricate that it was more of an artwork than a tool made for killing.


At that moment, I dropped the dagger.

Before I had noticed it myself, I was naturally swinging the dagger around to give it a test, and it felt so natural that I did not come aware of it.

This made me get goosebumps.

Who the hell was I A murderer A serial killer I was scared to find out.

And so as I was having a panic attack,

Dddddk! Clank!

With the sound of a lock opening, a scary-looking man came inside and glared at me.


I hid under the sheets as I got so scared, but

“Get out immediately!”

He forced me out by dragging me by the arms.


My legs were so shaky that I could not move them, but I had no power to resist.

“Let’s go!”

I didn’t know where we were going, but it didn’t seem to be anywhere nice.

I thought of the rapier and dagger in my chest.

If I were an assassin in the past, wouldn’t I be able to do something to save myself”

I tried to grab the dagger in my chest.

“What the hell are you doing Let’s hurry!”

But the man had an annoyed tone and it made me shrivel.

Of course, a scaredy-cat like me would not be able to kill anyone.

No way.

So I had no choice but to follow the man through a long hallway.

I could see some other dual specimen women who were locked up in cells crying or lying down without hope.

These people…they must be slave traders.

So was I going to be sold off in some slave auction For real

“It’s this bunny The special item for the day”

How long had I walked There was a giant door, and in front was a man with his arm crossed who smirked at the sight of me.


This bunny just flowed downstream.

It was great luck.”

I flowed down Was I on a river

“But is it alright Shouldn’t we notify him first Is it okay to just sell it off without him knowing”

Who were they talking about

“All our job is to get the money.

Leader will know what to do about it.

Also, although he is one who knows everything, he won’t find out about this.”

Someone who knows all….it sounded familiar, but I couldn’t recall anything.

“Yeah, you’re right.

It’s almost time to close up.

Let’s let her out.”

So, the door slowly opened, and I had to close my eyes from the bright light that faced me.

“Today’s final item! This is one that will make you all scream, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime specimen that you might never see again!”

With the introduction of the broadcaster, the many who were in masks in the audience cheered from my entry.

“That’s right! This is one of the rarest dual specimens, rabbitman.

On top of that, she is cute.

It’s perfect for a pet or a maid.”  

And so while there were various conversations about me, there came up a question that made me speechless.

“That bunny, is she a virgin”

From that question, my face turned hot.

What the heck was he asking

“That is something that the bunny can answer herself.”

The broadcaster made a sick smile and threw the question at me.

“How…how can I answer such things!”

When I managed to squeeze out a voice, the crowd laughed.

There was no one on my side.

“Well, that’s what the bunny says.

Interpret it your own way.

Let’s begin the auction.”

The price they called multiplied many times.

I didn’t know anything about human money, but from how the numbers changed, I knew that it was a big amount. 

“So, does anyone else have something left Anyone else”

The last man who called out the price was a big, fat guy that made my face turn pale.

He would need three chairs when others need one.

He was to be my master No way.

To be with him for life…please someone save me.

“Then we will close off…”

So it was the moment unlike my expectations when I was to be sold to the fat man.

“I will pay five times the price.”

Some woman with a calm voice called out a higher price.

She was in a white robe and mask, and I could not tell if she was a nice person from just listening to her voice, but something about her voice made me feel a sense of longing.

“Hmph! Five times this price Unless you are from the emperor, you make no sense, kiddo.”

Others laughed as well.

It must have been such a senseless price.

“We will ask the lady one last time.

Do you really have that much money Then we will have to see the money first before the sale occurs.”

The broadcaster seemed to have doubts as well.

“To be honest, I don’t have that much money.”

As soon as the crowd listened, they booed.

Tragically, that woman didn’t seem to have enough money.

“I just didn’t like the fact that our Aris would be sold off to that man.”

Aris Was my name Aris Ah…my head hurt suddenly.



Take her outside.”

The broadcaster frowned his face and ordered to take the girl out, and the nearby men approached her.

“Now, get out before you get hurt.”

Their voices were frightening, but the lady stretched out her arms and placed them on the chests of the men.

“No, the ones who will get hurt are you guys.”

At that moment, white lights started to come from her hands.


With a loud sound, the two men who approached her were set on fire.

“It’s a sorceress!”

The inside of the building became chaotic in an instant.

There were people trying to run away and others who flew out after trying to stop her.

“Damn it! Did Pucci send her”

The broadcaster shook as he mentioned the name Pucci.


My head hurt even more, so I had to cram down.

Something that was foggy in my head started to clear up.

“Bunny! What are you doing Let’s go.

If you come with me, you will get plenty of carrots!”

The broadcaster tried to lure me in to take me back, using carrots as bait.


“Yes! Carrots! You love carrots! Because you are a bunny!”

When I didn’t stand up right away, the broadcaster screamed and tried to force me up.

But that was his mistake.


I kicked him in the balls as soon as he got me up.


The broadcaster grabbed between his legs and rolled on the floor.

This feeling…yes…it had been a while.

“You are mistaken.

I don’t like carrots.

You should have led with steak.”

I laughed at the broadcaster and let out my rapier and dagger.

The warm rapier and cold dagger made me rethink myself.

I was no scared bunny, and I was different from the dirty bastards such as assassins or murderers.

“My name is Aris Wafers! If you want me, try to defeat me!”

I am a swordsman.

Not just any swordsman, but the world’s best.


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