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Chapter 35- To the Island of Lost Souls (2)

“Told you! You can hear the sounds.”

When the ship got to the front of the island, the other elves could hear the sound as well, and the elves who got tricked by me started to nag the other elves for not believing them.

“Didn’t you say that you just made it up”

Andrew looked at me for an explanation, after hearing the sound himself.

“Oh, wow.

You can actually hear things.”

I didn’t really have much to say.

I was surprised, too.

Was I really that good at guessing

“Anyways, what is that sound”

Andrew didn’t seem to have an idea of what the sound was.

“It’s giving me goosebumps.”

“It’s a sound that would curse those who hear it.”

The elves who were gathered on the head of the ship could at least describe it.

Although it was open-ended.

“Can’t you hear the sound of people crying”

Only I seemed to know clearly what the sound was.

“People crying”

I heard Andrew gulp.

With this and the general atmosphere of the island, it was as gloomy as it could be.

“Captain, how about we go back I think we shouldn’t have come here.”

The elves cautiously asked Bonnie, after seeing the island up close and hearing its sound in person.


Let’s just kill him and sell the bunny.

We will still make enough money.”

When one talked, others added.

“I see.”

Surprisingly, Bonnie nodded, as if he was in agreement.

Were we going to return just like that


But Bonnie grabbed the neck of the one who asked first, then pushed him off the boat.

Surprisingly, the elf’s body melted and his remaining skill floated then dissipated.

“Anyone else who disagrees”

Then the other elves all shut up.

“So how do we get inside that place”

One brave elf asked.

This meant that you couldn’t get in normally, since your bones and skin will separate and dissipate the moment you step foot inside. 

“That is what the bunny and that guy knows.”

Bonnie and the elves all looked at me.

To the elves, there was only one option.

“Then, release Andrew first.”

The elves hesitated from my command.

“Release him Why should I trust you”


You would use magic on us the moment we release him!”

The elves laughed as if I had said my plan to betray them out loud, but

“Release him.”

Bonnie ordered the crew to release Andrew, as if he trusted us.

“But if we release them, “

The elves were about to say something, but after seeing the cold gaze of Bonnie, they just walked up to Andrew and released him.

“Phew, I can finally feel alive again.”

Andrew looked at the elves while rubbing his wrist.

“You better not do anything stupid.

We will stab you right away.”

The elves threatened Andrew holding their swords and daggers, but Andrew still seemed relaxed.

“Don’t worry.

Since we have to get through there, it’s better to have as much crew as we can afford.”

The elves seemed to be relieved at Andrew’s words.

“Right Us skilled pirates would have a higher chance of living than dying.”

Then Andrew made a dumbfounded face again.

“I guess you didn’t hear me correctly, but what I meant was that it’s better to have others DIE instead of me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Andrew had a skill with words more than I expected.


Andrew passed the other elves with their stiff faces, and walked to the head of the ship.

“What are you waiting for Come on.”

Andrew scratched his head from Bonnie rushing him, then looked back at me.

“Hurry up here.”

I approached Andrew since he called me.


Andrew looked around, then grabbed one of my ears, and whispered.

“What should I do”

Andrew in the end of the novel knew what he had to do, but the current Andrew didn’t seem to have any idea.

“It’s simple.

You just look at the island, and say, ‘Mother, your son has arrived.’”

Andrew looked at me with a questioning expression.

“For real”

I held on to my laughter and nodded.


Andrew still seemed to be in disbelief, but knowing that the pirates were watching him, he looked at the island confidently.

“Mother! Your son has arrived!”

Andrew shouted towards the island with so much emotion as if he was a son returning home from a long dispatch.

“What is it”

“Did anything change”

But nothing changed, leading to more elves murmuring.


This was too funny, so I had to turn away and hold in my laugh, but some of it still escaped.


Andrew looked at me as if he had just gotten smacked across the face.

I really wanted to savor this face, but I whispered in his ears how to actually get in.

“If this is another lie, I don’t care about the island.

I’m just gonna give it all up.”

Andrew glared at me once, then shouted to the island once again.

“Island of lost souls, I have come forth to relieve you of your injustice, so please grant the entry of Andrew Coldriver of the Coldriver family.”


This finally worked.

The sound of crying stopped, and the fog covering the island all went away.

“It’s true!”

“Can we go in now”

The elves applauded at the sight, but still no one dared to get off.

They were definitely scared of becoming like the elf earlier.

“What is up with you guys Are there only scaredy-cats here”

I jumped off the boat like it was nothing, after a pathetic expression.

“See I’m fine.”

When I looked up at them after landing on the beach graciously, the elves just got ready to disembark.

“By the way, can you just release me already Until when do I have to go around tied up like this”

I twisted my body and emphasized the ropes around my body.


But first, you need to hand over your sword.”

Bonnie pointed to a pirate member to bring him my rapier on my waist.

“You are going to regret it.”

I warned them, knowing what would happen, but



The elf who ignored my warning screamed as soon as he grabbed my sword, and then shoved his burnt hand into the pile of snow.

“Told you.”

As I let out a faint laughter, Bonnie went over to the scarred elf with a cold expression.

“Hand me over your palms.”

Was he looking after his crew But Bonnie grabbed his hand again then placed it on the sword once more.


The elf screamed in pain, but no matter how much it burned, Bonnie used the other elf’s hands to grab and throw the rapier to the ground.

I didn’t know that he would do something like that for real.


Now, you may release her.”

The elves awkwardly let go of the knots over my body.

“Aren’t you treating your subordinates a bit too harshly”

For the first time, I felt sorry for the elf rolling on the floor grasping his hands in pain.

“A pirate is still a pirate without one hand.”

Bonnie spoke carelessly and went into the island with the other members.

“I feel like just standing here still would freeze me to death.”

The elves walked ahead while looking around the place.

“The temple will appear soon.”

I whispered to Andrew in secret.

“The temple What happens when we get there”

I told Andrew what to do once we reached.

“Is that the temple”

A moment later, the temple made of marble appeared in front.

There were two giant doors that stood as if it wouldn’t let us pass so easily.

“What do we have to do now”

Bonnie looked at Andrew.

“Like this.”

Andrew acted as if he knew the answer all along and then recited ice magic while he placed his hands on the door.


The door of the temple froze from Andrew’s magic, shattered like glass, then dropped to the floor.

“I’m glad my mana has recovered.

There was no need to wait until I could use magic again.”

I pretended to act excited as I watched him.

“You better.

If the magic hadn’t worked, what would have shattered is not the doors but him.”

Bonnie even expressed his relief in a violent manner.

“You sound scary.”

Andrew pretended to be frightened at Bonnie’s words.

Bonnie looked at Andrew once, then brought his subordinates into the temple.


As I was trying to step inside, Andrew held onto me.


“How do you know all this It’s as if you’ve already been here.”

Andrew’s confusion was understandable.

Still, even if I told him that I read the novel, he wouldn’t understand. 

“I will just say that I got a prophecy from the gods.”

Then Andrew made a questioning face.

“A god Which one”

“There is just something like that.”

I smiled at Andrew, then walked inside the temple.


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