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Chapter 43 – To the Island of Lost Souls (1) 


Andrew let out a difficult breath, tied to the center of the ship and looking uneasy as if he got beaten up since the last time I saw him.

“I’m glad that you are still alive.”

I spoke to Andrew while circling him, who was tied to the pole unlike me.

“How did you do it”

“Do what”

“What did you do while I was gone to be able to walk around like that and save me from getting killed”


Andrew seemed confused.

“I did a trade.”

Andrew turned to a surprised face from my simple answer. 

“Trade What trade With that elf captain”


Then Andrew’s eyes started to roll around visibly as he was thinking about everything. 

“To trade with that captain to save my life…you barely even know me…”

It was understandable for him to be deeply touched.

I had saved his dying life.

“So you should be grateful.

I saved your life.”

Andrew nodded.


I will not forget your sacrifice in saving my life.”

My sacrifice

“What do you mean It wasn’t like that.”

Then, I was dumbfounded at what Andrew thought I did to trade with the captain and it made me blush, but I glared at him with a poker face.

“Then what else would you trade other than your body You don’t have anything.”

Andrew made a flustered face back at me, but it didn’t take long to a face that seemed to say, ‘no way.’

“You did not tell him about the island, did you”

Andrew was still full of disbelief.

“But it’s true That was the only option.”

Andrew gaped his jaws wide open.

“You told him about that Fine.

Probably that was the only detail you exposed.

So that the island can take care of getting rid of those guys.”

As Andrew nodded, as if he was understanding, he suddenly stopped his head.



Still, that shouldn’t convince them to change their route all of the sudden.

What did you do to trick them”

I felt sorry to ruin his surprise, but

“I also told him about your relationship with the Ice Queen.”

Andrew started to shake his body out of the knots as if he were shocked.


“Are you out of your mind How could you sell that information so that you could live”

Andrew still could not use magic from not recovering fully, but there was a want to kill in his eyes.

“And I was crazy enough to follow this crazy bunny.”

Then he even started to regret following me.

It was funny to see his monodrama moment.

“You are making a show.”

As I laughed at him, Andrew made a super angry face and looked at me.

“A show”

“I had no intention to sell you, neither did I tell them so that I could survive on my own.”

Then, the gaze on Andrew’s eyes eased up a little bit.

“What are you talking about This is not funny.”

Then I pointed to the sea instead of answering him.

“We are going to the island.”

“…so you changed your plans to go with that elf instead of Mary”

I think he finally understood.

“For now.”

“For now”

This was my plan.

If we take Bonnie’s pirates to the island of the lost souls, Arje and Mary would be there, too.

There is a chance that they wouldn’t but smart Arje would know to meet me there. 

So, my first goal was to buy time and

“We still have to keep the promise of finding the heart.”

And the second was to get the artifact.

“I see.

So, that was your plan.”

Andrew finally understood my course of action.

“So, this crazy bunny will use you as a key then dispose of you into the sea afterwards.”

Still, because I was hurt from his words earlier, I decided to keep on bringing up the part where I feed him to the fish.

“Uh, sorry about earlier.

I think I was a little out of my mind.”

It was my first time seeing Andrew apologize.

I thought he was going to come up with some excuse. 

“So, are you going to follow this crazy bunny”

When I mentioned the word ‘crazy bunny’ again, Andrew broke a cold sweat.

“I said I’m sorry! I won’t say such things like that again and trust you until the end.

I promise!”

“As you should.”

I was satisfied at his announcement, and decided not to question him again.

“What’s so funny, you two”

Two elves came up to us as if they were interested in our conversation.

“We were just, you know…talking about the island of lost souls.”

When I told them the half-truth, the elves smirked. 

“Yes, it is the order of the captain, but to be honest I just want to tie this bunny up and have fun.”

The elves looked at me creepily. 

“Play What do you want to play with Cards”

I knew what they were referring to, but I didn’t give in.

“Acting innocent.

You should know as an adult what I’m talking about, no”

I just shrugged at their words.

“Then why don’t you go complain to Bonnie No, actually, you should just kill Bonnie and become the captain then.”

I came out a little strong hoping that they could just fight amongst each other and reduce my workload, but unfortunately the elves refused.

“You want us to go against Bonnie You are a clueless bunny.”


If that was possible, we would have tried ages ago.”

From their words, I could tell that Bonnie was a powerful elf.


It would be nice to try a sword battle with him later on.

“So you guys just came over to watch me

The elves laughed again at my question. 

“Kind of.

We also came to tell you that we are almost arriving at the island.”

When I looked towards the ocean from their words, I could not see anything. 

“Where I don’t see anything”

“You don’t It’s right there.”


Then the elves started to laugh at me again.

“Oh, right you are not an elf, so you wouldn’t know.

We elves have splendid eyesight.

Unlike you mortal losers.”

The elves laughed as if discriminating other races was part of their code. 

“Yeah, I guess my eyes aren’t as good as yours.”

But I was not a person who would lose for anything.

“But don’t you hear that sound”

The elves shook their heads into different directions as if they were trying to find something, but they looked back with a frown after failing. 

“It’s just the sound of the sea.”

I shook my head.

“Do you think I am such an idiot who wouldn’t be able to tell that basic fact I can hear something extremely odd.”

Then I pointed to my ears. 

“Look, you can see that my ears are reacting to the sound and flinch every time,”

I concentrated to make my ears move, then heard a flap.

“Is it for real I don’t hear anything!”

“What is it Is it something serious”

The elves got scared as if they were freaked out by the fact that only they couldn’t hear what was going on.

I couldn’t believe that they called themselves pirates.

They would have been all dead if I could use my sword.

“What You cannot hear this loud sound Is something wrong with your ears”

Since I couldn’t use my sword with the knots, all I could do was play around with my mouth to fool them. 

“What about our ears”

The elves seemed upset. 

“Oh, right.”

I purposely made it look like I just understood their situation and nodded. 

“You guys don’t have as good ears as us rabbit men!”

Then the elves froze up as if they got smacked with their own mockery. 

“You bunny bitch!”

The elves started to walk towards my way as if they were going to harm me.

“If you have time to take out your anger on me, you should focus on the fact that there is a strange sound around.

You guys might know it, but this sounds seriously bad.”

The elves hesitated. 

“That is true.”

“Let’s check quickly.

The bunny comes after.”

The elves ran somewhere in a rush, then shouted to the other elves that there was a strange sound.

Still, it was funny to see the other elves yelling at them for saying nonsense since they couldn’t hear anything.

“Whether it’s seeing something or hearing something, I have no idea what is going on.”

Andrew chuckled, being the only human on board. 

“So, what is that sound you hear, Aris”

I just shrugged.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know”

Andrew looked at me with a confused face.

“There isn’t anything to hear.”

I had just pretend to hear something to trick the annoying elves. 

“….tell me again, are you a conwoman or a swordswoman”

Andrew shook his head. 

“Didn’t you know Swordsmen have to be good at bluffing.

It’s part of the skillset.”

I smiled brightly and looked over at the direction to which the elves pointed.

“Oooh, I see it now.”

I could finally see the island with my own eyes.

Even from afar there was a lot of creepy vibes coming from the island.


Surprisingly, there was some weird sounds coming from the island as well. 


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