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Episode 31 – As Sparkly as Ice (1)

Since pirates are killed the next day after they get caught, we started to follow Andrew to the giant castle after sleeping at the crash pad that Bob prepared for us.

“Why are castles and temples so high up in this place”

Arje again panted for her breath as she climbed.

It was that mask of hers making it more suffocating.

“Does that lady always complain so much”

Andrew laughed from seeing her struggle.


“No, it’s because she doesn’t have much energy.”

From my words, Arje looked up for the first time in a while.

“It’s not that I am weak, it’s just that you guys are way too full of energy!”

As Arje said, although she was a sorceress, she should at least have enough stamina of an average person.

“But still, even when I look around, you are the only one dying.”

That was the problem.

The people in the Northern region were really strong, and this made Arje look even weaker.

I was an exception being a bunny.

“By the way, are all these people climbing with us on their way to watch the pirates get executed”

Arje changed the topic after realizing that what I had said was not wrong after looking around.


Probably because Mary and Bonnie are no ordinary pirates.”

“They are no ordinary pirates”

Arje questioned by description.

“Mary, the Queen of the Sea, and Bonnie, the Prince of the Sea.

The infamous pirates were caught at the same time, which makes them a top source of entertainment.”

Andrew introduced them in a very corny way.

“We are going there to SAVE Mary, not watch a show.”

Arje corrected Andrew as she caught her breath.

“I know that…although,  I think you might faint before we even get there to save them.”

Andrew smirked.

“I cannot believe that HE is the son of the Ice Queen.

Not possible.”

Arje shook her head.

Being the son of the Ice Queen was something that Andrew hid from everyone.

After failing to make the world frozen like the Northern region, the Ice Queen sent her only relative and child to the temple.

The only people who knew were a few high priests, and he was being raised as a priest to keep things secret.

That was the story.

The Ice Queen was truly cold as ice, and she even froze her own time and stopped aging.

Her heart in the end was removed and sealed at the island of lost souls.

That was the story.

The reason that Andrew was so impolite unlike as described towards the end of the novel, was probably because he acted that on purpose so that people would not question his identity.

“Yes, isn’t it surprising Then can you be my maid”

Well, actually, he might just actually be a jerk.

“Shut up.

You are really a low being.”

Arje complained, and Andrew laughed as if he was happy.

“By the way, why didn’t anyone catch these famous guys till now”

Andrew stopped laughing at my question.

“The reason is obvious.

They are backed by some people.”

Someone who watches the back of pirates

“Who are they”

Instead of a reply, Andrew just smiled.

“I will not tell you, because it ruins the fun.

You will find out later anyways.”

How playful.

As we approached the front of the castle, a large crowd had already gathered, and Mary and her crew were tied up and placed on top of the stage.

“I don’t see any elves, though”

I didn’t see any elves.

Were they going separately

“They probably got out already.

With a deal.”

Andrew looked towards some place.

There was a person with a hood who was talking with an old priest.

Could it be….

To find out, I approached them and focused on my hearing. 

“I was able to live thanks to you, old man.”

I could hear the frivolous voice of a man inside the robe.

“Pleasure to work with you, captain.

Please keep quiet this time.”

Then I heard the voice of the old priest.

From the conversation content, I figured out that the man in the robe was Bonnies, and that he had made a deal with the priests.

Also gathering hints from Andrew and the current situation, the people who watch the back of Bonnie’s crew were surprisingly the priests of the temple.

Although I didn’t know what they would receive in return from helping the elves.

“Quiet You want me to keep quiet after my subordinates froze to death in the mountains It’s obvious that the bastard in your care did that.”

The pirates that Andrew froze probably died.

What a pity.

“About that….I will have a talk with him.”

“I hope that he is not there next time.”

“I will think about it.”

“Fine, since it’s a great day, I will change the topic and focus on watching that damned bitch die.”

The man in the robe turned and made eye contact with me.

His face was very bright and seemed as if a cool breeze was coming out of his face.

“What is it, Bonnie”


I saw a woman with a very interesting appearance.”

Bonnie smiled after noticing me.

I smiled back.

I didn’t smile back because I liked the attention, but it was a sly one foreshadowing the darkness that was about to ruin his day.

“Do pirates get interested in women even at a time like this I don’t understand.”

“I mean if you saw her, you would too.”

I walked back to Arje and Andrew after hearing a compliment that wasn’t that much of a pleasure to hear.

“Did you get any of that”


I think there was a deal with that grandpa up there.”


And they always make me the bad guy.”

Andrew grumbled as if he didn’t like this situation.

“Now, we will start the execution of pirate Mary and her subordinates.”


At last, the execution began.

Unlike the frightened subordinates, Mary was focused on one man in a shiny outfit after looking around.

“Wait! Why are we the only ones getting killed How about that bastard, Bonnie”

Mary hurried to look for Bonnies, but

“Although getting rid of you would only be a tip of the iceberg of the numerous pirates out there, I hope that this will momentarily bring peace to Profin.”

The man in the shiny attire only continued his speech after ignoring Mary’s question. 

“You guys! Did you plan this together What the hell is this HEY!”

Mary kept screaming, but it was only heard with my ears.

The others were not even listening as they cheered on.

“Please proceed.”

Mary and her subordinates were forced to rise, then got roped around their neck.

“How are they killing them”

“By hanging them, if you can’t tell.”

Andrew replied simply from Arje’s question.

“What should we do then”

Arje asked hurriedly, but Andrew just shrugged.

“Hmm…Got anything, bunny”

Andrew looked towards me instead.

“Ice… wouldn’t ice do”

I didn’t know if it would work.

Still, if they were to be hanged, I could only think of this way.

“Ice What do you mean”

Arje didn’t seem to understand, but

“Haha, that sounds good.”

Andrew understood right away, and stepped forward.

The guards blocked him, but after he waved his symbol of priesthood on his neck, the guards moved out awkwardly.


“Isn’t he that troublemaker”

“Why is he getting up there”

“Because he’s a priest.

Wouldn’t he be wishing them their last farewell”

“That guy was a priest”

From the conversations around, it was certain that Andrew was not regarded as a traditional priest.



As the floors sank, Mary and the subordinates all fell…or were supposed to, but they froze in mid-air as if time had stopped.

“What the”

Mary, who had her eyes closed, looked around then looked below her feet.

There was a giant platform of ice that Andrew made working as their support.

“Arje! Draw attention!”

I got out my rapier for the first time in a while, and Arje started to shoot out light.


“My eyes!”

“It’s the pirates’ crew!”

The people started to run or were suffering from the bright light that Arje formed.

“Move if you don’t want to be killed!”

I marched forward waving my sword, and the soldiers stepped back.


I went over to Mary and cut off the ropes around the crew’s neck.

Mary looked in awe.

“Do you know what difficult time I was having last time trying to convince them that they should trust you”

She was about to cry, unsuited for a pirate.

“Talk about it later! We have to run now.”

I looked back.

Aside from Arje making a scene, the soldiers and priests were approaching to stop the pirates from escaping.

Although we were outnumbered, I looked at them and thought:

‘This is doable.’


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